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"Hmmm…" I sighed, twirling a strand of hair around my finger, Harry and Ron exchanged looks

"So. Who is he?" Harry asked, Ron nodded slightly, I blinked


"The guy. That you're thinking about. Do we know him?" Harry grinned at me, I blushed

"I have no clue what you're talking about boys. Now. If you'll excuse me. I'm going to the library."

I stood and picked up my books, starting out of the great hall.

I had no clue why I couldn't get the kiss out of my mind; it wasn't even GOOD.

Ohoho. You shouldn't lie to yourself; it could become a nasty habit.

The irrational side of me chided. The rational side rolled its eyes

Shut up. You're not supposed to come out unless we're fawning over Lockhart…remember?

Forget Lockhart the loon, there's a new blonde to fantasize about.

Yeah. And this one doesn't wear hair curlers.

I blinked as both sides of my conscience agreed.

Wait wait wait. We're ACTUALLY considering that I LIKE Draco. Bloody. Malfoy.

I interjected

Why not? He's a dish.

Yeah. Plus, he seems to like you quite a bit. Oh and, talking to yourself is a sign of insanity.

I rolled my eyes and slammed open the door of the library, earning a glare from Madam Pince.

Damn. She really needs to get laid.

I blushed slightly and veered towards one of the back, more hidden tables.


Thanks for that mental image.

My irrational side practically grinned

No problem.

I sighed and cleared my head, forcing all thoughts that were not wholly mine out of the picture.

Sitting at the table I pulled a book out of the pile and started reading.

"Well, well, well." An icy voice muttered "if it isn't the mudblood…"

"Parkinson. How are you?" I asked politely, not even looking up at the blonde girl

She sneered

"Well…better then you'll be." She stated, whipping out her wand in a matter of mere seconds. I didn't bat an eyelash.

"Been practicing have you?" I asked boredly, she sneered a little more

"Let's see…STUPEFY!!" She shouted, I blinked and pulled my wand out as fast as I could

"Protego." I stated calmly, Parkinson dodged and was about to shout something else when a voice interrupted her

"Expelliarmus!" I turned after Parkinson was knocked unconscious to see Draco Malfoy striding forward with anger blazing in his eyes.

Ooh la la. He's so sexy when he's angry!

I couldn't help but roll my eyes. Draco strode over to Parkinson, clearly seething

"You crazy pug bitch!"

A calm voice interjected

"Now now Draco, you best keep it down, Madam Pince is back at her desk."

Draco's eyes snapped onto the shadows and I couldn't help my heart from skipping a beat, his eyes slid onto me and he sighed

"Theodore, come out, you're scaring Granger."

I blinked as a tall gangly midnight haired teen stepped out of the shadows. My brain automatically registered him as Theodore Nott. Son of a death eater within Voldemort's inner workings. Though, to my knowledge, the hazel eyed young man was not a death eater himself.

He's not bad looking himself.

I sighed

Damn. Are we just getting our bloody hormones?

Draco looked me in the eye

"Are you alright Granger?"

I nodded slowly

"I'm fine."

Theodore frowned

"You're bleeding. You must've been hit by the wood shards when the stunning spell hit that bookshelf." He stated, stepping forward. But I saw Draco discreetly wave him off from the corner of my eye; he blinked and smirked oh so slightly "Then again, I'll just bring Parkinson to the Hospital wing."

Then with a flick of his wand and a quiet 'mobilicorpus' spell, Theodore was gone, Parkinson floating after him.

I looked back at Malfoy, and though I normally would have kept my wand out, I slipped it back into my pocket, somehow sensing that Draco would do me no harm.

He was still looking at me silently, I perked an eyebrow

"You're awfully quiet Malfoy." I stated, Malfoy shook his head slightly and strode forward, taking his wand out and placing it at my temple, I felt a slight flicker of fear, but I tried to hide it the best I could. And it seems I did it well enough, because Draco smiled slightly and muttered a quiet spell. I winced as the magic cleaned out the cut and quickly healed it.

Draco sighed slightly

"I'm sorry about Parkinson. She's a bit…mad really." He said, pulling away and slipping his wand back into his pocket

"I kind of knew that Draco." I stated, not even acknowledging the use of his first name. He smirked and leaned on the table, crossing his arms

"Its Draco now huh?" He asked, I blinked

"Well, I suppose. Seeing as how you saved my life oh valiant knight." I replied sarcastically, his eyes sparkled with amusement

"You're entertaining Granger…" He paused and ran his fingers through his hair "Hermione that is."

I perked an eyebrow

"You know…its nice hearing you call me something other then 'Mudblood.' Or Granger." I said. He sighed, but smiled slightly

"I'll just have to do it more often then won't I?"

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