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'Smile for me.' 'Please, don't do this. Not like this.' 'What do you expect, Sakura? a bed with roses? words of love?.' 'I expect you to love me, Sasuke-kun.' 'Aa... you already have that, Sakura'


Blood everywhere.

- Oh kami, please no, oh no, this is not happening...

- Sakura...

Weak voice. Onyx, pleading eyes. Slow breathing and his heart beat fading...

What have you done?

- Shhh... don't talk. Don't... don't waste your energy. I am going to look for help. Just... stay, okay?

- Thank you...


- Don't say that. Don't leave me. We... we will get through this. We will live together... we'll have lots of kids and we will be happy. Please... just...


-Saku...ra... I

- Oh no, don't say it. Please. Anything but that. I refuse.


- Please... no... I don't love you! I don't! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!

More tears.


- I... love... you

- NO. If you love me, STAY WITH ME!

And he smiles. For the last time

God... it hurts... it hurts a lot.

- You said it... You said we were going to be happy. That you would return. That you wouldn't die. You said you wouldn't leave again. You said you would stay with me forever. Please... stay...


- DON'T LEAVE ME. Please... stay... stay with me...



I was watching an AMV, and it wasn't sad, but the music... oh god the music was perfect... and in the time i was watching it (it wasn't even a SasuSaku), this lines appear in my mind.

Hope you like it, and i hope i don't have horrible grammar mistakes. (because i know i have some)

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