(Kitty, Mokuba, Ryou, Joey and Yugi are playing in a swimming pool, laughing and splashing each other. On the side Kaiba is reading a book and Bakura and Atem are once again chasing each other, hoping to get revenge against the other.)

Bakura: (his hair turned pink) YOU LITTLE…WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU-

Atem: (laughing his head off as he jumps into the swimming pool and uses Ryou as a shield) Now, now, Tomb Robber…haven't you ever heard that revenge will get you nowhere?

Bakura: (on the side on of the pool) FUCK THAT! COME BACK HERE SO I CAN KILL YOU!

Ryou: (sighs in aggravation) Can't you two ever stop fighting? This day is supposed to be for fun.

Bakura: It will be fun as soon as I get that royal asshole's neck in my grasp!

Kitty: (snappish) Oh, be quiet! You know I'd never let you kill Atem-chan, Bakura, so just GET A GRIP!

Everyone: …

Kitty: (crosses her arms) You know, if you had not been threatening Atem-chan and had asked politely, I would've changed your hair back to normal.

Bakura: W-WHA? Really?

Kitty: Yeah…but now I don't feel so inclined.

Bakura: (whining) Oh c'mon, Kitty…I can't go around like this! No one will take me seriously, and if I can't steal, I'LL DIE OF HUNGER! (looks absolutely pathetic)

Kitty: (ponders this for a moment and then sighs) If you promise to be even-tempered until we get home…then I'll change your hair back.

Bakura: (jumps into the air elatedly) Hallelujah!

Kitty: (sighs again as she swims to the edge of the pool) Oi…Kaiba-kun.

Kaiba: (looks up from his book in annoyance) What?

Kitty: Put your laptop down here, will ya?

Kaiba: (does so) What for?

Kitty: Swimming with you all reminded me of my latest fanfic, and I need to post it.

Atem, Yugi, Mokuba, Bakura and Joey: (excitedly) FANFIC?

Ryou: You started another?

Kitty: Yep! It's another shonen-ai fic!

Atem, Bakura and Joey: (groans)

Joey: Ya mean one of those kinds of fics where I get paired with Kaiba?

Atem: Or Yugi has to cheat on you to be with me?

Bakura: Or I have to fuck my ninny Hikari?


Bakura: (cowers)

Kitty: All of the above, actually.

Kaiba, Bakura, Atem and Joey: (turn green)

Mokuba: (laughs) Actually I kind of like these fics, nii-sama: it'd be fun to have Joey-kun for a brother too!

Kaiba and Joey: Don't ever think that will actually happen, Mokuba. (glare at each other)

Yugi: So what is the parody of, Kitten?

Kitty: (grins) I'll give you a hint… (comes out of the water to reveal a green fish tail where her legs should be)

(…The sound of silence…)

Atem: Finding Nemo?

Kitty: (annoyed) NO! The Little Mermaid!

Mokuba: Ooh, we're all mermaids?

Kitty: Mermen, actually. Can't have you all getting a sex change.

Kaiba: Thank goodness: otherwise I'd have to sue you.

Yugi: (glares) You're not suing my Kitten! She can write anything she wants.

Kitty: (pecks Yugi's cheek) Thanks, dear. (ahem) Anyway… (grins) I believe I've gone into my story quite enough. (types a few things on Kaiba's laptop and then clicks the mouse) Alrighty, my wonderful readers…R&R my latest Yu-Gi-Oh shonen-ai parody...Namonaki Ai!