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Summary: Naruto is the new kid in school and doesn't know anyone. The cheerleaders need another guy on their team and Naruto is the perfect guy. When Jealousy rises and plots begin to formulate, will Naruto ever get to survive high school?

Warnings: Cursing (Yay!) Yoai/Yuri (Yay!) Straight peopleness (Yay!) written by a fangirl/Narutard who has too many men chasing her believe it! (Coughs) I'm mean dattebayo!


Prologue Time to chat!

Sai picked the dirt from under his nails as he listened to the girls' conversation

"Arg! What are we going to do?" Sakura groaned, "We only have six days to find another guy"

"Yeah" Ten-Ten agreed, "The sand squad is going to complete and we need 6 members to do our routine"

"W-w-what are w-we going to do?" Hinata asked. Ino remained cool and flipped her hair back. Sai snorted.

"Don't sweat it you guys" Ino said, "We start looking right after our morning classes, we'll be sure to have plenty of people dying to sign up."

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Sakura looked anxiously at Ino, 'I have to find a member before any one else! That way I can be the team captain next year! Then Sasuke will definitely love me! Hell yeah!' Sakura thought

Chapter 1 Tsubasa Wa Yume (My wings are my dreams)

"Okay everyone I want you to meet your new classmate" The teacher said and the boy blushed slightly from embarrassment.

Sasuke observed the boy that stood next to Iruka-sensei. He was out of their blue and white school uniform wearing a (excruciatingly) bright orange tee-shirt. He wore semi-wrinkled blue jeans that were one size bigger than being suffocatingly tight. His skin was kissed by the sun giving off a fresh from the beach tan look. He wore a nervous grin and soft baby blue eyes. His hair was sun bleached blonde and he didn't even look like he brushed it in the morning. He snorted as he looked at the boy. He looked stupid, but for some reason he felt a little drawn to him. He seamed to have a glow about him.

"He just came from home schooling and…" Sasuke was disrupted by his observation when a flying piece of paper landed on his desk. His pale hand pick it up and saw that it read 'open.'

"…He will be joining us for the rest of the 11th grade school…"

Sasuke un-crumpled the paper to read it and saw that it was Kankuro's handwriting. Why the hell is that kid even going to this school? He doesn't even live in this district.

Iruka caught Sasuke reading what appeared to be a passed note, "Mr.Uchiha, can you share with the class what's so important that you chose not to pay attention?"

Sasuke still kept on his board face, even though he was still curious about what Kankuro wrote, "I was paying attention."

"Oh really" Iruka said making a face, "Well then can you tell me what you have in your hands?"

Sasuke's eyes flickered from the paper to the teacher, then to the nervous boy in front and right back to Iruka, "Its garbage."

Iruka put his hands on his hips; 'well then would you mind reading what you have on that paper then do you?"

Sasuke sighed, might as well, "Hey that boy looks retarded. We should go smoke your brother's weed later." He said in his normal monotone voice.

"Do you know who wrote that about Naruto?" Iruka was upset.

Sasuke looked at Naruto. The blonde exchanged his blushing for an amused smile, "No"

"The class stays an extra five minutes after school" They were many reactions such as 'aws' and 'tchs' along with 'fucks.'

"Now then" Iruka said smiling and completely ignoring the students' reactions. He wasn't going let this teens scare him, "Would anyone like to show Naruto around the school?" Iruka's eyes scanned the class his eyes landing on a petit apricot hand, "Thank you Sakura for volunteering."

Sakura got up and left the classroom. Not without passing a blushing glance at Sasuke of course. Naruto took one look at her and blushed. She was like a pink haired goddess.

And she was just as beautiful in the front as she was in the back.

"Hi" She said offing her right hand, "My name is Sakura."

He beamed as he took her hand and shook it, "My names Naruto."

"Sasuke didn't write that by the way." Sakura said as they wandered through the halls, "It was someone." Sakura had to defend her Sasuke even if her reputation was in jeopardy.

He laughed as he scratched the back of his head, "Oh I know, I saw the paper fly by."

"Good" Sakura said satisfied then looked at him thoughtfully. He had on a loose orange shirt but it didn't hide the fan that he had a lean if not slightly feminine body. He was shorter than Sasuke, but taller then her. Naruto felt uncomfortable about her gaze. He felt like a doll which was being inspected for any damage. "Have you ever done any aerobics or gymnastics?"

"Er" Naruto was caught off guard by her comment. He blushing when he realized she was still waiting for an answer. "A little but just at home."

Sakura smiled 'hell yeah' her inner self screamed. "Are you interested in any after school activities or clubs?"

"Not really" He saw her frown a bit "But I might be."

Naruto gulped as she smiled eerily, "How would you like to be a cheerleader?"

"What!" Naruto said embarrassed, "Is that some sort of a joke?"

"No, Not at all." She tried to explain. "We need one more member or we can't do our routines for the soccer games coming up next week"

Naruto fidgeted, he always liked how the girls got to spin around and secretly wanted to do so himself but, "don't you think that's sort of embarrassing? I mean I am a guy and all."

"We already have a guy on our team." Sakura said, "At least meet the team and take this into consideration first."

Naruto nodded.

"Good then meet me by the giant London Plane tree after school" And with that they went back to their classes

Sasuke watched as they left the classroom to tour the school. He had a strange feeling Sakura was up to something.

"All right class" Iruka said attracting Sasuke's attention, "I'll see you during advisory and I'll hand out your outlines for the project then."

Sasuke left and headed to one of his least favorite classes; drama.

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