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Chapter 11 I Want To Hurt You! But I would get hurt too!

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Quote of the Chapter:

"Why fight your own battles when you can have some idiot do it for you?" –I forgot who said it…maybe a politician? XP

Naruto didn't scream obscenities and run like he felt he should have. No, he calmly turned around and began to walk down the other side of the street. Who was he to yell and scream at someone he barely even knows? He almost did go ballistic feeling like he did and all. He felt like the new kid at school who just got punked.


"Arg" Naruto screeched and he ruffled his blonde locks as he stomped down the street back home. He began to recall the last moments of his life to find out where it all went horribly wrong.


When Sasuke said he was fine not banging the blonde's brains out he was lying. Sasuke got his nookie on frequently but with this stupid soccer games, he had not been able to demand it from anybody. He would have demanded it from the blonde but since they just met, he rather wait until the time is right. After all with all these bored people dragging their feet around here it's surprising to find someone who's still a virgin.

Wondering around the town's shopping district Sasuke saw a girl whom he recognized from school.

'Hmm, haven't tried her yet.' Sasuke thought before he decided to engage her in a conversation.

Yes, Sasuke was bisexual.

Since he was a genius and had lots of time on his hands, and because he didn't waste it on plotting revenge ("Damn Itachi why are our parents still alive!? And why are they always vacationing in Florida!?), he was able to discover the wonders of the opposite sex. Not only the opposite sex but sex in general for that matter. Apparently, men and woman have glory holes.

He wasn't one for nostalgia but he can still remember he first, a girl about his age.

She had pink hair and pretty eyes but for the fuck of him he couldn't remember her name.

It's not like it matters anyway.

As he talked with the girl he didn't noticed the blonde had unexpectedly walked up on him right abut the same time as when he place his hand on the girl's thigh.

Flashback end


"I'm such an idiot!" Naruto growled and before he broke into a run he heard someone answer him back.

"Everyone knows you are but at least your shoes are on the right foot."

Naruto stopped in his tracks to turn around and stare at the voluptuous mouth those words had formed from, "What the hell are you doing here Sai?"

"Uh walking?" Sai answered back. He noticed that the blonde seemed kind of on edge right now. "I was going to the movies do you want to come?"

Naruto weighed his options. Go to the movies with a creepy jackass or go home where all my valuables are and where there's a creepy looking kid who has no eyebrows.

"Alright I haven't seen anything in a while so I'll go."

Sai put on a mocked shocked expression, "Oh my god! You would want to spend time with me!?"

Naruto blushed from embarrassment, "Shut up!"


Neji having nothing better to do decided to let himself be drag by his cousin to the Library. Hinata was oozing with passive disappointment after having found out the book she was looking for was out of stock at the bookstore. So now they're trying the library.

"Hinata, I doubt Wallflower would be here so why don't you just look for something else, perhaps a self help manual?" Neji really did not want to go outside but little by little he was starting to feel more like himself.

"Maybe you should get self help books of your own; maybe in the love department?" Neji's jaw metaphorically dropped, he knew she had it in her to be an ass but now she decides?

"Maybe you should bring that humor in with you to school" Neji said pretending to look fiction books in the s section, "Then maybe your friends would appreciate you more."

Hinata's face silently turned red as she searched the comic section, when did he become such an asshole?

'Well two can play at this game!' Hinata thought.

"It's funny how you talk about the appreciation of friends." Hinata spoke as she strode over to the fiction section were Neji was. "When I cannot recall the names of yours."

Hinata choked down a laugh when she saw her cousin's left eye twitch.

"Hinata sometimes you can be so insufferable," Neji spoke with a sigh.

"It must run in the family I supposed" Hinata closed her eyes as she said this in mock supremacy.

Then they both looked at each other and laughed.


Naruto and Sai got in the theater before the movie preview began and sat in the middle of the empty audience seats.

"Hey" Naruto said as they put their junk food in order, "Thanks for paying. I promise to pay you back sure enough."

Sai waved his hand in the air dismissively, "Don't even worry about it. Watching your cute little butt climb upstairs was payment enough."

"Tch!" The blonde huffed to hide his blush. They sat in comfortable silence for a couple of minutes till Naruto spoke again, "Hey-um how did you know?"

Sai raised an eyebrow, "Know what?"

"You know" Naruto looked down at his hands as he wrung them. Then that previews came on.

Sai smiled, "Ten-Ten told me this would be a good movie, and you know how she loves Korean horror films. They're more depressing then they are scary."

"You know what I mean!" Naruto hissed as he punched him in the arm.

"No, obviously I don't" The lights began to dim and the movie started. The movies opened with her girl calling her friend on the phone. Then becoming entranced with a pair of pink shoes by the subway. She then picks them up and tries them on.

"Ewe," Sai cringed, "Why would you put on some shoes you find in the subway, she's like asking for hepatitis." The woman sitting in front of him turned around in her seat and shushed him.

"She's just mad because she came to the movie theatres alone" Sai whispered.

"Sai" Naruto whispered softly, "How did you know that you like guys?"

"What, I can't hear you" The woman in front of Sai turned and shushed him again. When she turned back Sai flipped the bird.

Sai then cocked his head to the side as if to indicate "what?"

Naruto huffed and spoke louder but through clenched teeth, "How did you know that you were fucking gay?!"

"You're fucking gay?" Sai said confused. Everyone in the theatre turned the head from the gruesome foot chopping scene to stare at them. Naruto sharked back in his seat hopping it would swallow him whole. Sai just smiled awkwardly.

"Is there a problem here?" the usher spoke in a perfect whisper.

Naruto just shook his head, too embarrassed for words.

Sai waved the usher off, "wonder what that is about?"

"You tell me" Naruto grumbled.

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