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Summary: Does Sam have anything to do with why Danny is losing control of his powers?

On with the story already? Well…okay…



"Okay class, you'll have one hour to finish the test. Get your pencils ready." He starts to pass out the tests.

Danny is searches for a pencil but realizes that he has forgotten it in locker. He turns to his best friend, Sam Manson.

Danny whispers "Sam…can I borrow a pencil?" He gives her the puppy-dog eyes.

She gives in to the look "Fine…" She grabs a pencil and hands it to him. "Here."

When she passes the pencil to him their hands touch briefly. It was still enough because Danny loses control of his powers and disappears. Luckily it only lasted for a second, so no one saw it. All through the test the two of them just sit, silently trying to figure out why he had suddenly lost control of his powers like that.

After the test, outside at lunch, Danny, Sam and Tucker are talking about what happened in Lancer's class.

"It was so weird. I asked Sam for a pencil. Then when she handed it to me, her hand touched mine and I just lost control."

"Coincidence I guess."

As Sam said that they both noticed that they were touching each other's feet. Danny once again, disappeared and this time he begins to float as well. Thankfully, after he left the ground, their feet were separated so he fell back down with a loud "Thud."

"I don't get it" said Sam, confused.

"Me neither. Can you two come over to my house now? Maybe we can find something out over the internet."

"Count me in Danny." Sam said, excited about being able to cut school.

"I can't, Grandmother's birthday party." Tucker shudders at the thought. He walks away leaving Danny and Sam alone.


Sam is on the computer reading something. Danny is pacing back and forth behind her.

"Danny! I think I found something. It says here that when a ghost is feeling a new or powerful emotion, then he can lose control of their powers for periods of time."

'But it only happened around Sam. Is friendship a powerful emotion? No, and it's not new either. I'm not angry at her…Love? Oh…love-its love. Wow…um-love.' Danny thought to himself.

"I don't-um-get it. It's only happened twice though."

"Yah…well. Wait. Only twice. But that would be the two times today that I was-"

"Touching me?" She nods "Yah…I know."

"But-oh-oh wow. It's me isn't it?" She asks nervously.

"Yah…sort of" I answer. "And that powerful emotion-it's-it's…"

"Oh…wow. Its love isn't it?"

Danny smiles and pulls her out of the chair. He holds close to himself.

"Yah. I always said that love was a strong word…but it fits." Sam smiles and blushes.

"I-I-I love you t-too Danny." She says nervously.

Before long they realize that they are leaning in. They kiss. As they do, Danny accidentally floats them all the way up onto the roof. Sam smiles at him before she turns around to look up at the stars. Just then Danny puts his head on her shoulder and his arms around her waist from behind.

"I'd make a wish, Sammy. But my wish has already come true."

Sam whispers back "I know, me too." She looks back up at the stars after looking at him. "I'm with you…"

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