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Chapter One: The Second War

Three figures stood around a large wooden table. The room had maps of the world covering all the walls. Computers were set up against two of the walls, the screens flashing occasionally. The map in front of them was of the entire United States. A few of the major cities were marked with red flags. The two men leaned on either side of the table, glaring at the map before them. The young woman tapped her nails on the table.

"Have we gotten word yet from our fellow Ministers?" The woman asked in a quiet voice.

"None. It seems that no one can penetrate the fog. Whatever it is isn't helping us any," one of the men said.

"I still believe that the ship was destroyed by magic. You know that Britain has been having trouble with…Voldemort I believe is his name," she said quietly.

"That doesn't explain what we are encountering," the second man said.

"Didn't Britain warn that their Dementors had gotten out of hand?" The first man asked.

"They did," the woman said. "When they mate or spawn or whatever it is that you want to call it, is usually done in thick, cold fogs. We have already had to evacuate half of our coast and we are sending our people further into the depths of the land. If we keep this up there is no doubt we will be surrounded. We've already lost three cities already. We have almost hit fifteen thousand deaths."

The first man slammed his fists into the desk. "Why here of all places?"

"We are rising quickly in our magical conquests. We almost tie with the eastern hemisphere," the second man grudgingly said.

The three lapsed into silence. None of them knew what to make of this. There was nothing this serious that they had yet encountered in their time. They couldn't even fathom what this could mean to their people or to the world.

Suddenly a young man burst through the door. "Sorry Madam, Sirs, but there is a visitor here for you."

"Tell them we are not seeing visitors," the woman told him.

"I am sorry Madam, but they insist on seeing you."

"We do not have time," she snapped.

"Well I am sorry Madam, but I do not believe that My Master would be too pleased with hearing that," a new voice said from the doorway. The three figures turned their wands on this new figure. "You shouldn't do that. Like I said, my master would not be happy."

"Who do you serve?" The second man asked.

"The man who will save the world. My master, Harry James Potter."

"Potter?" The two men asked.

"Yes, I remember hearing about him," the woman said suddenly. "He was the one who had taken down Voldemort in his first rise. Though no British Minister released the exact details of how this was accomplished. What does he want?"

"He has come to inform you that you will be requiring some assistance. He is willing to help you in exchange for help as well. My Mistress is more than willing to provide plenty of people. She is quite adamant on helping any person she is able to."

"Who is your mistress?" The second man asked.

"My Mistress is Miss Ginevra Molly Weasley."

"Who is she?"

"One of the most powerful witches in all of England," the woman said with a slight smile. "The Potter boy is very famous and his girlfriend. They have been teaching at one of the most prestigious schools in all of England. Also he is only sixteen and she just turned that."

The two men exchanged glances. "What shall we do then?" The second man asked.

"I will take their offer. We could use all the help we can get. Dementors are a nasty bit of work and I do not fancy losing so many people these days. Go tell him that we shall take his offer and we would love to have him here in the states."

The figure bowed. "They will be most pleased. I shall send word immediately and you should be expecting them within the next twenty minutes."

"How is that possible?" The first man asked bewildered.

"My Master and Mistress have their ways Madam, Gentlemen, please excuse me but I must pass word on immediately." The figure bowed out of the room.

The three gazed at the door. "How can two so young be so powerful?" One of the men asked.

"I do not know, but they must know something we do not," the other man said.

"Power has limitations, they just haven't found theirs yet," the woman said with a slight grin.

"Well I don't like it. No child should be that powerful," the first man growled.

"Child?" A voice said from the door. "I can't believe he just called us children. Maybe we shouldn't help them. It's not nice to speak like that to people who are only trying to protect others."

"Now, love, you shouldn't jump to conclusions. We should make them sweat it out," another voice said from behind them. The three spun to face the four-cloaked figures.

"I agree," one of the figures, said. It was balancing one of the smaller cloaked figures on its hip.

"I'm hungry," the other smaller figure said.

"You just ate."

"But I'm still hungry," it whined.

"Alright, settle down children or we will take you home," the fourth figure said. "I'm glad you got our message."

"Isn't it like late at night there?" One of the men said.

"Not sure, we haven't been in England since school ended."

"Where have you been?" The second man asked.

"Our business," Harry said as he pulled the hood of his cloak off. With a wave of his wand, chairs appeared in the room. Harry promptly dropped into one of the chairs. The second small figure pulled off her hood, revealing light red hair and dark green eyes. She had to be around six. It took her only a second to take one of the seats beside Harry. "I'm Harry Potter, this is my fiancé Ginny Weasley, and my two daughters, Karen and Lily."

Ginny pulled back her hood, revealing her dark red hair and chocolate brown eyes. The other little girl removed her hood to reveal her own light red hair and dark green eyes. "No they aren't mine before you ask," Ginny said. "I just turned sixteen, they are Harry's aunt's children." She set the girl down before she moved to sit beside Harry, the little girl sitting on the other side. With a wave of her hand, she indicated for the others to sit down.

"My name is Michael Wellington, this is my partner Samuel Morse."

"And I am Head of the Ministry in the U.S and my name is Lucile Potter." Harry frowned. "Yes, I am related to Potter line in England, which you are apart of."

"But how? Dumbledore told me that there wasn't any other relatives around."

"I'm just an aunt by marriage. My husband is part of the family. It's nice to meet you though."

"Who is your husband?"

"His name is Harold," she said with a small smile. "He is at work right now or I'd let you meet him."

"How did we never know about it? I mean you are head of the Ministry?"

"My husband is a very private man and I don't go by Potter unless it's with those I know. We felt it would be better for me to use my maiden name. Though Harold only got to meet your father a few times, we didn't have much contact with the family."

Harry nodded his head, Ginny setting her hand on his leg. "I believe we have business to discuss?"

"Indeed we do," Sam said. "We've lost three cities to that 'fog' and we are getting close to having fifteen thousand people dead on our list. Do you have any way to help us?"

"We do," Ginny said as she stood up. "Harry and I have a new network of trained workers. We have been training them personally and wouldn't trust anyone else to handle the work. The number of Dementors are vast, maybe in the thousands by now."

"So it really is Dementors?" Michael said.

"It is. Apparently Voldemort is going for the younger countries or those that haven't been involved in the wars. Our second-in-command has confirmed that it is in fact Dementors that have been destroying your cities. We came to the states almost immediately to situate a new place for our base of operations."

"You two seem to know a lot more then you are letting on," Sam commented.

"Of course we do," Harry said slowly. "I've been fighting Voldemort for the past six years, isn't it?"

"It is," Ginny said as she gazed fixedly at the map.

"We know how he works and what he is thinking. We have had our fair share of encounters with him and we don't intend to let him win. It's going to be hard, a lot of people will be lost. He is doing this slowly he has too. We took out sixty of his men in one shot."

Ginny sighed heavily. "How is the Muggle government covering things up?"

"A dangerous virus by terrorists," Lucile said. "We've evacuated over ninety percent of the coastal areas, we are still working hard to get them out. We have to do something fast."

"That's what we are here for," Ginny told them. "We've got sixty trained already, but that's not going to take out the Dementors. Our second-in-command came across a time bubble spell. It allows a certain amount of time to take place within the bubble with little time passing in ours. The spell only lasts so long and can only allow so many people within it."

"So what are you proposing?" Michael questioned.

"Training, lots and lots of it. There are thousands of Dementors within those fog clouds," Harry said. "That many will probably put anyone at the end of their lives. It's an overwhelming feeling. We are going to need everyone you can get to do this. Also our people, who they are will be kept secret. Right now Voldemort believes Ginny and I are back in England. If word gets out things could go very wrong."

"That will not be a problem. We will make sure that no word gets out," Lucile said promptly. "Where are you two staying?"

"Just in a hotel," Ginny said as she pulled Karen into her lap. Karen snuggled up against Ginny's chest, letting her eyes shut.

"Then I would love for you four to stay with my husband and my children. I know Harold would love to have you over at the house."

Well? Should we go stay? Ginny asked. It would save us a bit of money and it would be easier if they had a floo. This whole cross continent thing is really starting to get to the girls and me as well.

Alright it wouldn't be that bad to do it. We still need to talk to some of our agents to get some people out here to train them.

We aren't?

No, I think we need a bit of a break, what do you think?

Works for me. "Thank you for offering," Ginny said with a smile. "The girls are pretty exhausted and it would be nice to get some rest."

"It's no problem at all," Lucile told them. "I want everyone we can get to get to those cities immediately. I want no one left behind in them. All the remaining cities will be evacuated before midnight tonight. I don't care how many people it takes I want it done. Then round up our best Aurors and anyone who is good enough, we have got to get all this training down."

"Yes Ma'am," the two men said before they hurried out of the room.

"We have a long night ahead of us. Follow me to my office, we can floo to my house from there."

"Thank you," Harry said as he picked Lily up in his arms. Ginny rose easily to her feet, despite having to balance the small six year old in her arms.

They followed the woman down the halls of the U.S. ministry building. No one spoke on the way, afraid to wake up the sleeping children. Finally they arrived in a large room. It had three computers set up at the desk, two large maps on either wall, a large desk in the middle of the room, a giant fireplace off to the side, and two large windows.

"Let me just grab a few things before we go. The kids should be home or should be home soon. My husband won't be home till late though," Lucile called over her shoulder as she disappeared through a door.

What do you think Gin?

I think we can trust her, for now. We still have to be cautious. Has Ron replied back yet?

Harry pulled out his HG and looked at the screen. It showed up blank and he shook his head. "Oh well, I don't expect to hear from them soon."

Ginny nodded her head and moved to stand closer to him. She wrapped her only free arm around his waist, leaning against him. He smiled and kissed her forehead. The two stood like that for a few moments before Lucile returned.

"Ready?" She asked with a smile.

"Yes," Ginny said.

"Alright then." Lucile headed over to the fire and threw some dust on it. The flames turned green and she stepped in, grabbing a handful of floo powder. "Thirty-second street," she called and disappeared.

"I'll go first," Ginny warned as she stepped into the fire, keeping a tight grip on Karen.

Harry laughed. "Good."

She smirked before disappearing as well. Harry went next and called out the name. He stumbled out of the fireplace and lost his footing yet again. Ginny caught him around the waist, almost knocking all four of them to the ground.

"Aren't you glad I went first?" Ginny said with a bright smile.

"Very glad," he said with a grin as he straightened up. They were standing in a small den that was not overly decorated. Lucile waved them to the door and into the brightly lit hallway.

"I have a room for your girls and for you two so you're in luck."

"Thanks again," Harry told her.

"It's no problem, you are family after all." They continued on down the halls until they reached a door. Lucile opened it to reveal two beds. The walls were white, with a few pictures here and there. It was overall more of a plain room. "The girls can stay here. My girls live down this hallway as well so they won't be alone."

"This will do," Ginny said as she headed to one of the beds. She pulled the sheet back and gently laid Karen down in the bed. It only took her a second to remove her shoes and cloak. With that done she pulled the covers over the sleeping Karen. Turning she moved to take Lily from Harry, who only smiled softly at her. She repeated the same process with Lily before turning to move to stand with Harry.

They took one last look at the sleeping girls before heading out into the hall where Lucile was waiting. Harry was careful that Lucile didn't see him wave his hand at the door of the girl's room. Ginny grinned slightly at seeing this. Lucile led them through the house to another larger room.

"You two can stay here. I'll send someone to wake you when its time for dinner."

"Thanks again," Harry called to her as he entered the room. It wasn't overly decorated. The colors in the room were more of darker colors. He noticed a lot of metallic greens and dark reds.

"Interesting choice of colors," Ginny mumbled as she kicked off her shoes and dropped her cloak on a chair.

He laughed. "No more interesting then the ones we have back home."

Ginny stuck her tongue out at him as she moved to climb into the large bed. She had already changed her clothes. Now she was dressed in a t-shirt and pair of dark red shorts. She stretched out on the bed, closing her eyes as she enjoyed the soft bed. "The bed is a lot more comfortable then ours. Harry we really should get a new one."

Harry groaned. "I like my mattress, besides I am your mattress."

Ginny sat up, leaning on her elbows as she gazed at him, a twinkle in her eyes. "You're right, I really should get you replaced."

"Ha, ha, ha," he said as he rolled his eyes. He kicked his shoes off, leaving them beside Ginny's, and set his cloak beside hers as well. In a swift movement he tossed his shirt into a bin on the other end of the room. Ginny rolled her eyes at this.

She pushed the blankets back and then pulled them up around her, her eyes following the progress of her fiancé. Harry moved to the trunks that Dobby had dropped off when Harry had left him a message. Inside he dug around the trunk. Ginny and Harry generally shared a trunk, seeing how they were usually together. He pulled out two wands, tossing one to Ginny, who easily caught it and set it on the nightstand.

"Will you come to bed now?" She complained. I won't get any sleep unless you do.

Harry chuckled and straightened up. You won't get any sleep if I am with you any way.

Ginny couldn't help the grin that spread across her face. Oh trust me I would.

What's that's supposed to mean?

Nothing, she said slowly. Harry glared at her but moved towards the bed. He moved to the other side, pulling the blankets back and set his glasses on the nightstand beside Ginny's and his wand. Once he was settled, he pulled Ginny back against him, where she pulled his arms tightly around her.


Much, much better, she told him as she turned to give him a quick kiss. Now we need to get some sleep, I plan to go help with the evacuations tonight.

I figured you would, would you like some help?

No, I think you need to spend some more time with the girls. I'll be fine.

If you need me just tell me.

You know I will, Ginny told him as she kissed his arm. Harry smiled and kissed her neck, before settling down to sleep. Ginny smiled when she heard his breathing even out, indicating he was fast asleep. She sighed heavily and closed her eyes. It only took a moment before she too was fast asleep.

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