Main Title: Truly Madly Deeply
Author: Mrs Mustang
Disclaimer: Don't own, never have, and never will. This is for entertainment purposes only and not for momentary gain. So don't you sue me. Thank you.
Main Genre: Romance
Main Pairing: Roy Mustang/Edward Elric
Main Rating: M, for sexual content.
Main Warning: Yaoi, yadda, yadda.

Title: When Two Become One
Genre: Romance/Angst
Pairings: Roy/Ed, implied Maes Hughes/Roy Mustang
Rating: M, for sexual content.
Spoilers: End of series spoilers.
Summary: As any other human, Roy was not able to control his own feelings.
Author's Note: Yo-ho! Long time no see. I haven't written anything in a while because I've gotten addicted to Photoshop and forgotten all about it. Sorry. For those of you who have read Love Takes Two, a series of Hughes/Roy one-shots, this is the same, just a series with Roy/Ed one-shots instead. And if you haven't guessed it yet, this is the first one. When the next will be up, I have no clue. Hopefully soon. I've been working on another one, but it's going nowhere. But anyway. Here's fic #1! Hope you enjoy.

When Two Become One

For someone who was known for his ability to charm any woman, Roy Mustang could love faithfully and unconditionally. But ironically, it wasn't a woman who got the stallion to his knees. It came as a big surprise to him that the one who would get him head over heels in love would be Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist, a person he hadn't even thought of when he considered his potential dates.

Well, not until he had grown up to be Amestris' most appealing living creature anyway.

It had all started with the swaying of hips.

"Calm down, Fullmetal."

"Calm down? CALM DOWN?" he shrieked, almost hurting the Colonel's ears. "You calm the fuck down! No one called you a girl!" the boy moved closer. "Do I look like a girl? NO! Do I dress like a girl? NO!"

It had been on the train on the way back to East City that one of the conductors had mistaken Ed for a girl. He had just politely asked if 'the lady' wanted anything else after Ed had paid for their tickets.

Of course, the conductor was in hospital now, and Ed had been escorted with an embarrassed Al from East City's railway station to the Military's Head Quarter by Second Lieutenant Jean Havoc and a handful of soldiers. Needless to say, Edward was not in a good mood when he came to the Colonel's office later that day to give him his report.

"Do I walk like a girl? NO! Girls walk like this!" he said, turning around and walking towards the door and back again; hips swaying womanly and seductively.

It was then that Roy started to think of Ed in that way.

It despised him at first, the way he thought of Ed. He was a fifteen year old boy for god's sake. Roy was an adult and he should know better. Should know better than lust after a boy half his age. But he couldn't help himself really. So every time Ed was on his way out of the office, Roy allowed his eyes to automatically fall on the youth's leather clad ass.

But one day, when Ed was on his way out, he had turned around again, because he had left his coat behind, and found the Colonel staring.

Roy was pretty sure then, that Edward would transmute him into something ugly, but that's not what happened at all. Ed simply asked why he was staring at him like that. And to a simple question, Roy had a simple answer.

"Your ass is what people nowadays call hot. And people stare at hot things."

"Well, it's not my fault that you find my ass so appealing, you perverted Colonel Bastard. Just like it's not your fault that you're so fucking pretty."

Whether they liked it or not, it had all been set then.

Edward didn't want to jump straight into sex, and Roy respected that, so they started with kissing and touching, which soon enough developed into something more intimate. But that was not the only thing that moved forward. As any other human, Roy was not able to control his own feelings, and for the second time in his life, he found himself hopelessly in love, ironically neither of those he had been in love with, was women.

Of course, this was something he wanted to share with Ed, even though he might not fully understand the meaning behind the words.

"I don't want you to feel like you owe me something because I tell you this, Edward. I'm telling you this because you deserve to know, and because I want you to know it; I love you."

"I love you too."

Roy had not expected a reply like that. But even though Ed said he loved Roy, Mustang wasn't entirely sure if Edward really knew what the words meant. Edward didn't know anything about that kind of love, or at least Roy thought so. For all Mustang knew, he was Ed's first crush. And it worried him, but at the same time he enjoyed being Ed's first. But whether Ed really loved him or not, Roy decided to make the best out of the time he was given with the boy he loved so dearly.




"About tomorrow …" he started, eyes flickering away from the raven haired man who he had laid his love on. His fists clenched in the fabric of Roy's trench coat as he laid his head down on said man's chest. "I'm going to have to do something terrible dangerous, and the chances of surviving-"

Roy frowned. "Edward, don't talk like that. It's going to be fine."

"Let me finish, please," he replied softly. "What I was going to say; I might not live through it, and because of that I want nothing left unsaid or undone." Edward tilted his head up at Mustang, eyes filled with sincerity. "I've been there before, and then I lost my arm and leg. Who knows, I might lose my life this time," Ed looked away again, his head falling back on its place on Mustang's chest. "I'm scared, Roy."

"I know, Edward," he answered, hugging the boy closer to his body, almost afraid to let him out of his grasp. "At some point in our lives, we all have to do something scary. I wish I could tell you that everything will be okay, but I choose to be honest with you. There's no telling what will happen tomorrow. As you put it so nicely, who knows, you might lose your life this time. But then again, there's no telling what will happen. You might come living out of it too. But most importantly, do not lose faith in yourself, Edward. Because you are doomed if you do. Remember why you are doing this, and for who and then we will all pray it will be alright."

"You're right," Edward sighed.

"Aren't I always?" Roy said, tuning up the mood. Edward chuckled and slammed his fist playfully on Mustang's chest.

"Bastard," he said. "My Bastard, though."

"Your Bastard," Roy agreed, kissing Ed's forehead, then lower and lower until he found his lover's mouth, which he invaded with his skilful tongue. The boy in his lap melted into the breathtaking kiss, head falling backwards as Roy started to drop kisses down the Fullmetal's throat.

For Edward and Roy, there was no place that their sexual activities could not take place. Even now, when they were outside on the countryside (Risembool to be exact), on a blanket, only a few hundred meters away from the Rockbell's house, behind a bunch of bushes, they would let their bodies melt together as one.

Roy adjusted their position a bit as he laid Edward down on the blanket, and laid himself on top of the older Elric, his body grinding against the smaller man's as he kissed his way down Ed's body while he undid Edward's leather jacket, and dragged the tank top over his head.

Edward found Roy's kisses endearingly teasing, he could tell so by listening to the boy's whimpers as he continued his journey down Ed's body.

Usually, Ed would complain when Roy went the slow and more passionate way, but not today. Today Ed let Roy make love to him, today Ed let Roy slide slowly in and out of his body, and it touched Roy's heart.

"Uh … ah! Ah! Roy!" Edward moaned as Roy's cock hit that special spot inside his body, his eyes rolling in unknown directions.

Although Roy wanted this moment to last for eternity, it had to come to an end, like everything else. He could feel himself getting closer to an orgasm, and so he seized his hand around Edward's erection and pumped it in tact with his thrust. In a few tugs, Ed came beautifully all over their chests, screaming his name. And as his lover's ass tightened lovely around his length, he came too, and spilled his seed deeply inside the young boy's body. There was a moment of pure bliss before Roy was sent back to reality, to the beautiful boy lying under him, waiting.

He fell panting on top of Ed, careful not to break the small boy's body. It took a few moments before he managed to move, but when he could, he rolled off Edward and dragged the teen close. They exchanged some sloppy afterglow kisses before the cold night air hit them hard on their exposed skin, and because Roy didn't want this perfect moment to end just yet, he took a hold on his coat and wrapped it around their most sensitive areas. Other body parts such as arms and legs wasn't that important. Yet.

Edward snuggled against his chest, his breath warming the skin there. There was a loud sigh coming from the boy before he spoke. "That was nice."

"It was," Roy agreed and started to rub Ed's back to keep him warm.

"I love you," Edward whispered, and for the first time, Roy believed every word.

Roy Mustang had it all. He had looks, he had charm. He had rank, he had power. He had a sexy lover half his age who loved him with all his being. But that didn't last too long.

He lost the one he loved. Ed was gone. Edward had disappeared through the gate, and given everybody Alphonse in return.


Sometimes it was hard, other times it was not so hard. Living without Edward could be hell. It was worst at first. The first year. He had many sleepless nights then, filled with cognac, tears and sorrow. But he moved on with his life, with his career, because never would anyone live to see The Great Roy Mustang fall. He had become a General by now, and was almost as far up the military ladder as he could get.

Edward was always lurking around in his thoughts, mostly when the loneliness caught up with him, and because he was strong, he kept on moving forward, but still not leaving Ed behind. Though his lover was gone, didn't mean that he had left Roy completely. Ed was with Roy every day, every night, because in his heart, the Fullmetal Alchemist would always remain.