A/N: Okay, okay. I know I really should be working on writing the next chapter of Bring It but I've haven't had any motivation lately. However, I've been inspired for the longest time to do an ItaSasu fic so here it is. :3 I may or may not continue it, because it was originally supposed to be a one-shot. If I do decide to though I have a definite plot.

Also if you're wondering, Sasuke is ten and Itachi is fifteen.

Lightning cracked, a fork of luminescent gold illuminating the dull sky in shades of bright yellow, disappearing as quickly as it came in return for an angry clap of thunder as it rang out over nature's din, sounding much like an angry monster as it roared and violently rattled the windows of houses below. Clouds with grey underbellies blocked what little moonlight the melancholy night had to offer, stars hidden firmly behind the blotchy substance—it was a terrible storm indeed.

Sasuke huddled under the covers, burying his face in the soft pillow in an attempt to block out the chorus of rain rattling the panes and drumming against the roof but to no avail, the noise only seeming to grow in volume as he did. He whimpered, clutching the sheets and turning his head to side, noting the eerie shadows dancing across his walls and moving to get up, immediately shrinking back when a particularly frightening figure darted across the floor and vanished into a corner. He froze, wondering what that could've possibly been and then, making sure nothing else would appear he slipped out from under the covers and padded quickly over to the door, flinging it open and running down the hallway in his haste to escape his room.

It was quiet, but that was only to be expected since everyone was fast asleep. Or so Sasuke thought as he peered into his brother's room, contemplating whether or not to enter or take refuge in his parents' room instead; his decision was soon chosen for him as Itachi shifted and sat up, staring at him with half-lidded eyes and stating blandly, startling Sasuke, "What is it, otouto?"

He jumped, calmed himself and whispered in a meek voice, "May I sleep with you, nii-san?" He flushed; clearly embarrassed to be asking such a question—Itachi probably thought that he was weak, inquiring childish things like that. He probably thinks that I'll never become a great shinobi if a simple storm scares me, Sasuke scolded mentally, shuffling his feet nervously and awaiting an answer from his stoic sibling.

Itachi arched a fine eyebrow, but he couldn't resign with the look Sasuke was giving him; he'd deny him training, but it wasn't in his nature to refuse a request if he was uneasy or anxious. Perhaps it was the "brotherly bond" their mother always mentioned when she spied them together outside, lounging about when Itachi was free of missions or practicing skills, which Sasuke always gawked at and declared proudly that someday he too would be able to learn them. Itachi always smiled—a small, ghost of a smile but a smile no less. Sasuke never failed to notice.

"Aren't you a little too old to be sleeping with someone?"

Sasuke shook his head vigorously, opening his mouth to say something when a loud boom of thunder sounded and made him emit a rather undignified sound that was akin to a squeak and clutch at the doorknob, looking with a pitiful expression at Itachi who merely rolled his eyes skyward as if seeking help from above. Sasuke was surprised when he scooted over and patted the space next to him, muttering irritably, "Come."

The younger male quickly made his way to the bed, climbing onto it and snuggling under the blankets, murmuring, "Thank you, nii-san." He didn't expect an answer—Itachi merely grunted in response and Sasuke felt him shift and then fall heavily beside him, his face turned to the back of his head. Itachi was breathing slowly and Sasuke could feel his breath tickle his ear each time he exhaled. It was almost relaxing.

Sasuke turned and slid closer to Itachi's warm body, nuzzling his chest. He never bothered to wear a shirt when he slept, so he was cold having been without the heat of the covers. The older tensed, and then hesitantly wrapped his arms around Sasuke's slim waist, hands gently caressing his skin as if afraid to hold him tightly lest he bruised the pale flesh. Sasuke sighed contently, pressing closer and falling into a light slumber.

It wasn't long after before Itachi began to become anxious; the hormones he'd been ignoring his teenage life flared to the surface, making him sweat profusely. Of course he'd had dreams and done things every boy his age would but he felt wrong, reacting this way to his brother, but his thoughts constantly kept drifting to his slender figure, his pretty features and face that mirrored his own, and the silky tendrils of black hair. Without knowing Itachi subconsciously began to pet Sasuke's hair, earning an incoherent grumble and a leg thrown around his, locking them together.

Itachi hadn't the faintest idea Sasuke liked to cuddle, and so intimately at that. If anything he was becoming more like himself each day; quiet, brooding, and secluded. The only people he talked to nowadays was him and his parents, which worried Itachi. He didn't want him to be like him—he wanted him to be sociable, to live his life out to the fullest. Itachi was playing a dangerous game by becoming the captain of an ANBU squad. He was constantly risking his life everyday, and sometimes he wasn't even sure if he'd come back alive. He'd always dreaded the thought, of not being only to say goodbye to Sasuke.

He was stirred from his thinking when Sasuke suddenly pressed himself flush against him, and it was at that moment that he froze completely and all intelligent thought disappeared. At any other time it'd be all right for him to have Sasuke against him like this, but it was only because he'd rubbed against him did Itachi push him away and jump out of the bed, still quite shocked and angry at himself for actually liking it.

While he was struggling to calm himself Sasuke took the time to grudgingly roll over and blink owlishly at him, drawling sleepily, "What's wrong, nii-san? Why did you get up?"

Itachi cleared his throat, hoping it wouldn't crack and stated, "Nothing." Great, he sounded exactly the same. He mentally congratulated himself.

Sasuke let an arm fall over the side of the bed. "Are you sure? Your face is red."

He groaned low enough so that Sasuke wouldn't hear, glad that the rain was still beating a melody upon the side of the house. "It's nothing, really. I just have a small problem I need to take care of." He emphasized "small" with a slight hiss; yeah, right. Small wasn't the right analogy in his case.

Sasuke seemed to brighten, completely awake. "Can I help?"

Itachi stared at him as if he couldn't believe what he'd just said, and then shook his head. "No, no. You can't. No."

Sasuke's lip trembled and his voice wavered, "But… I want to help nii-san. You always help me with stuff, so why can't I?"

Itachi massaged the bridge of his nose wearily, then knelt and gripped Sasuke's chin tenderly in his hand, coal eyes peering into an identical set. "Are you sure you want to help me?" Oh god, what am I coming to?

"Yes!" Sasuke's reply was enthusiastic and eager, and Itachi briefly wondered how he was so innocent before sitting beside him, simply quiet for a few moments.

"Get on your knees in front of me, otouto," Itachi spoke up, still unsure of his demands. Sasuke dropped to the ground and in between his legs, looking up to him with bright grin, making Itachi's resolve shatter and crumble. He'll stop if he wants, right? Itachi slipped his sweatpants slowly down his hips and off his legs, throwing them carelessly aside. He glanced hesitantly at his boxers before those pooled at his feet, shuddering as the cool air hit the heated flesh of his erection.

Sasuke inclined his head to the side curiously, exclaiming, "It looks painful!"

Itachi almost burst out laughing at his ignorance but caught himself, stifling the chuckles with a cough. "…in a way."

"How can I help?"

He considered it for a second, and then said flatly, "With your mouth. Also, keep your voice down. We don't want to wake up kaa-san and tou-san, right?"

Sasuke nodded understandingly, reaching out and tentatively touching his arousal, simply palming it at first. Itachi sucked in his breath, leaning back when Sasuke licked timidly at the tip, tasting the bit of salty precum that'd gathered at the top and drawing away; he wasn't fond of it, but as he studied Itachi's expression he promised to make him proud. Leaning forward he pressed his soft lips against the head and opened his mouth, engulfing only what he could lest he choked.

Sasuke stayed like that until he felt Itachi buck slightly and then began to move up, lapping at the underside. He wasn't sure what exactly to do, so he pretended Itachi's shaft was a lollipop and treated it as one, alternating between sucking and licking.

Itachi's senses had long since shut off when Sasuke had taken him in his mouth and it took all his willpower not to grab his tresses and thrust forcefully into his mouth, and he was finding it increasingly hard not to moan should he wake their parents. He instead chose to clench the satin sheets and pant, watching with glazed obsidian eyes as Sasuke worked him to completion with his inexperience. Damn if it didn't feel wonderful though and the thrill of his brother doing it only added to his growing pleasure.

Sasuke gripped what he couldn't get in and stroked lightly, perking up when he heard Itachi grunt. He was beginning to understand what his aniki liked and what pleased him. He placed his other hand on Itachi's leg to brace himself, feeling him tense beneath it.

Itachi felt the familiar tightening in the pit of his stomach and bit his lip, completely forgetting about being gentle as he entangled his fingers in Sasuke's spiky black locks and slammed his cock to the back of his throat. He saw him blanch and gag but brushed it aside, only concerned with reaching his release as soon as possible and whispering almost inaudibly, "Sasuke…"

Sasuke struggled to keep the tears that'd sprung unbidden from falling, trying to keep from pulling away as Itachi harshly pulled him down, struggling only slightly and relenting when he heard his name. It was when a sticky liquid unexpectedly shot into his mouth did he swallow and cough violently, wriggling away from Itachi, a trickle of cum running down his chin from the amount he didn't drink but had instead decided to spit onto the wooden floor.

He wiped it away and felt a hot blush rise and tint his cheeks a light pink as Itachi gazed at him dazedly, the lust in his eyes dissipating as he strove to clear his mind, pulling up his boxers nonchalantly and beckoning for Sasuke to lie down, neither exchanging words—it was an awkward moment, mainly because Itachi felt guilty for defiling his otouto like that, for stealing his first sexual experience. He hadn't been expecting to do it, hadn't even wanted to, but his animalistic side had gotten the best of him.

When he was comfortable Itachi turned towards him and kissed him chastely, something he'd always done since Sasuke was five that supposedly helped him sleep, though he doubted it. Sasuke had always wanted his attention and affection and this was one of his clever ways he earned it. Sometimes Sasuke would want him to help him with homework, if only to have Itachi simply touch his hand to retrieve the pencil or to cover it with his own as he helped him to write a certain phrase. Although he acted agitated, Itachi would never admit he liked to assist him.

However, Sasuke whimpered when Itachi pulled away and immediately locked lips with him again, desperate for his touch. Itachi was, to say the least, shocked at his behavior as he'd never done this before but used his courageousness to his advantage. He slipped his tongue into his mouth and smirked when Sasuke began to shyly respond.

Sasuke felt as though the rain was in sync with his heartbeat when Itachi actually paid heed to his bold move instead of shoving him away. This was his first real kiss aside from the accidental one at school, and he absolutely loved it. Itachi's taste and especially his gracefulness even when they were together like this was ecstasy to him.

When they broke apart for air Itachi ruffled his hair fondly and turned on his side, and Sasuke did the same, pressing his back against his and staring out the window.

The storm wasn't quite as scary as it was now that he was with Itachi, and it almost seemed relaxing, soothing even as he watched the droplets of water cascade against the glass and slide down in rivulets, forming patterns and intricate designs as they weaved together. Sasuke's eyelids dropped and he muttered something under his breath, but Itachi heard it. His apathetic façade fell apart as he smiled knowingly.

"I know otouto. Goodnight."