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Neji lay his head on Tenten's shoulder. They had just finished chugging two pints each of chocolate milk in an effort to wash away some of the hotness, but to no avail. "I say we kill Hanabi." Tenten growled.

Neji nodded; she could feel his head move against her. She glanced down; his lips were slightly swollen from the spices, and parted as he breathed. They were so inviting…without thinking, Tenten brushed her lips to Neji's, her arms slipping around his waist.

Startled, Neji jerked at first. Tenten's lips were so soft and warm against him, her breath burned with spice. Her arms were warm and strong around him. He wrapped his arms around her neck, allowing her to kiss him, tugging her down on top of him as he lay back, letting Tenten have her way with him.

Tenten would have deepened the kiss, had not a lunch lady's whistle sounded, signaling the end of lunch and start of afternoon classes. Grumbling, looking thoroughly put out, she straightened her and Neji's clothes, and ran her finger's lingeringly through Neji's silky, long hair while Neji felt around, cleaning up their lunch.

His cheeks were pink as, hand in hand, Tenten lead him back into school, his heart completely in her hands. He was still just learning to fly, testing out his wings. But when he was ready to soar, Tenten would lift him up into the highest clouds. She would be the wind beneath his wings.



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