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It's Hard to Bleed this Pretty

By: Mousecat08


Lucius Malfoy was not to be disobeyed. No one knew that better than his son, Draco Malfoy. At the tender age of five, Draco was well acquainted with the back of Lucius's hand, as well was his snake-handled cane. On one occasion, when Draco was eight, he'd been beaten so bad, he had to be sent to St. Mungo's. His father had said it was an accident Draco had, while he playing on his training broom. They were skeptical, but they let it pass, because Lucius knew the right people. Just like they let it pass when he was ten. He'd come with his entire body covered in bruises. His arm was broken, his ribs were cracked, and he had an especially peculiar indent in the back of his neck. The puckered skin resembled that of a snake. The medi-witches ignored the abuse, because Lucius was a powerful man, and frankly, they just didn't care. No one cared.

That's how Draco grew up. Believing no one cared. His mother didn't care, because she was just as afraid of Lucius as he was. And certainly his father didn't care. He was the person causing the pain. So Draco suffered alone. The abuse continually got worse, until the day he entered Hogwarts: Until the day Draco was finally free from his father. Only he wasn't as free as he thought. That just made Holidays worse.

The summer after his first year at Hogwarts, Draco was punished worse than ever. A stupid, little Mudblood had beaten him in all his subjects. While he tried to explain to his father that he was second in all his classes, it made no difference to Lucius. Draco was introduced to the worse pain he'd ever felt. While some will tell you that physical pain hurts the worse, Draco would beg to differ. Lucius performed the first act that would cause Draco years of psychological damage.

Lucius, as a Death Eater had learned several things about torture, including the fact that each person is different. Each person's definition of torture is different form the next person's, and Lucius knew exactly what would affect his son. Using a simple binding spell, he rendered Draco immobile. Draco's eyes bulged as his father slowly took off his robes. With a flick of his wand, Lucius had soon striped his son of his robes, revealing a beautiful purple colored skin, with the occasional patch of pale white that had seemed to escape the beating. This was the reason Draco dreaded coming home. This is the reason he stayed at Hogwarts for winter holidays his second year. He would do anything to escape the pain. He would do anything not to be raped again. What Draco wanted, and what he received where two different things. He would never get what he wanted. As long as Lucius was still living, Draco could not be safe.

It's Hard to Bleed this Pretty

"What are you looking at Potter?" Draco sneered at his fellow fifth year. How could Snape have paired me with Potter? Draco thought to himself. I'm obviously the better student. "If he was trying for inter-house unity, he should have at least paired us up with people on our own level." Draco smirked at Harry. Insulting Harry Potter was definitely one of Draco's favorite pastimes.

"And who exactly do you consider 'your level'?" Harry grinned as he thought of what to say next. "Perhaps you's be better suited with Crabbe or Goyle?"

"Better them than you." Draco winced at his pathetic come-back. Crabbe and Goyle were the worst potions students, next to Neville. Don't let Potter get to you. You're better than him, and you know it. In an instant, Draco noticed the mistake Harry was about to make. Potter was just about to put too much moonstone into their Drought of Peace. This will get Potter in trouble for sure. Draco laughed at his own genius.

Draco waited until he knew it was too late to stop Harry from adding the extra ingredients, and finally told him what he was doing wrong. "That's way too much powdered moonstone." Draco's feeble attempt to prevent Harry from adding almost double the amount of moonstone needed, resulted in a horrible pink explosion.

"You idiot! This is my favorite robe." Draco was about to strike Harry with his fist, but was intercepted by Harry's potions book. Holding his book like a shield, Harry dodged yet another blow, and pulled out his wand.

"Potter! Malfoy!" Severus Snape, the Potions master, stood from his desk, and beckoned for the boys to come over. "You have ruined your potion, attempted to kill each other, and pulled out a wand in my class."

"But sir, I had to or he-," Harry tried to explain why he had pulled his wand out, but was interrupted by a very angry potions professor.

"No 'buts', Potter. You could have killed Mr.Malfoy. Fifty points from Gyrffindor. And you," Snape said, turning to Draco. "Wipe that smug expression off your face. For attempting to physically harm another student, fifty points from Slytherin."

"But Professor I-", Draco began.

"Do I look like I'm in the mood to argue?" Snape stared at the boys, as if to dare them to speak up. "Both of you have detention Friday evening from 8:00 to 10:00. You are to meet me in my office at 8:00 sharp. No exceptions. And yes, Mr.Potter," Snape said turning to Harry, who was about to interject. "I am aware that Gryffindors have a game that day. You'll just have to suffer through it. Now, I want you to join the rest of your class mates, and clean up your mess."

When they returned to their stations, they realized that their mess was already gone. Draco saw Granger waving at Potter from across the room, and assumed that she must have cleaned it magically while they where talking to Snape.

"This is all your fault," Draco said to Harry once they were out of hearing shot form Snape. "If you hadn't or added the extra moonstone we-,"

"You can't pin this on me. You're the one who got violent. Oh forget it. It's never your fault." Harry took a breath and continued. "Mr. Perfect Malfoy. No wonder you don't have any friends. Unless you count Crabbe and Goyle. I suspect a brick wall would be better company. No one likes you, and you don't even seem to care. You really must be heartless."

They worked the rest of the class in silence. Draco didn't want to admit it, but he was stung by Harry's harsh words. Could Potter be right? Do people not like me? I know Gryffindors don't like me, but could he mean Slytherins as well. Draco wandered off to his next class with a heavy heart, and plenty to think about.