Story: The Reunion

Author: Her Guardian Angel

Disclaimer: I do not own Peter Pan, or any of its characters.

Peter and Wendy Reunited

Peter was laying in a bed, his hair plastered to his face, his skin a pasty white, and his lips were taking on a blue tinge. His chest was rising and falling, his breathing raspy, there was the girl who had handed her the letter; sitting by his side crying.

"You can't leave me Peter." The girl cried, "I just got you and father back, I couldn't stand it if I lost you again."

Tinkerbelle was floating around Peters head, her light a red color, screaming cuss words at Peter. Princess Tiger Lily was sitting in the corner, holding his flute to her heart saying the prayers of her people, as a tear streamed down her cheek.

"Peter!" Wendy screamed, rushing over to the bed, throwing herself on him sobbing quietly. Peter weakly placed a hand on her back and used the other to make Wendy look at him. "You can't die on me Peter; I love you, you are the only one for me. Peter please." Wendy begged.

"Wendy?" Peter whispered, not entirely sure that what he was seeing, hearing, was real. "That really you?"

Wendy's heart broke when she saw the disbelief in his eyes, but as his eyes began to close and his hand began to lower to the bed, in an act of desperation, Wendy placed her head on his shoulder and looked at where his eyes would be if he wasn't looking at the ceiling. Both Peter and Wendy, as Peter slipped into death, had a moment of Deje-vu.

"Peter. I'm sorry. I must grow up. But… this is yours." Wendy whispered shakily.

Instead of Hook pulling her off, he placed a hand on her shoulder and nodded at her, a tear streaming down his face.

Looking back at Peter, after placing her hand curled up next to Peter's ear, she slowly placed her lips next to his cheek and whispered steadily. "This belongs to you… and always will." Pulling back, so she could look into his eyes, she brought her hand to his cheek, laying it flat upon his skin before bringing her head down for a kiss.

This time, though, instead of giving Peter a chaste kiss, she gave him a full kiss, one that included tounge. He responded his hand going to back of her head, the other going around her waist. Hook raised an eyebrow before shooing everyone out of the room, and grabbing an angry Tink on his way out. Closing the door behind him, he had a large smile grace his lips.

When Wendy pulled away from the kiss, Petter looked her in the eyes and blushed as he said. "I am in love with you Wendy Moira Angela Darling; and NOTHING will ever change that. Not even death."

Wendy looked blissfully happy. "I'm in love with you too Peter, and look forward to growing old with you by my side."

"I'm sorry Wendy." Peter gasped, "but truly living, that is one adventure I will not be able to experience."

Wendy searched his eyes, confused as to his meaning. A single tear streamed down of his face as his lids began to fall. Wendy's face flashed with confusion and then panic as Peter stopped breathing. Outside, clouds appeared that were not there before, and thunder clapped, lighting violently hitting the ground, seemingly in anger and grief.

"NO! Peter!" She screamed, grabbing his shoulders and crying into his chest. Tink flew into the door through the lock, and landed on his forhead before she too began to cry. Remembering the story of how Peter brought Tink back from the dead, Wendy began to chant through her tears.

"I do believe in Peter Pan. I do. I do." She sobbed, knowing that if he didn't come back to her, that she would have to go to him, and even though death would be an awfully big adventure, it was one she wasn't ready to experience. "I do believe in Peter Pan. I do. I do." As her tears hit Peter's face, Wendy sat up still chanting; she chanted a little louder to the heaven's her head thrown back so she was looking at the ceiling. The others came in, not sure what to do.

Patty, who had come up behind Wendy, suddenly felt Peter calling to her and joined in the chant. John immediately joined in, followed by Slightly, Hook, Smee and Princess Tiger Lily. Even Tink had began to chant; and across town in their small house, the other lost boys began to chant, and dance to the tune. Wendy's parents, and children all over the world began to randomly chant, as well as other adults and teenagers who hadn't quite grown up all the way.

It was the biggest reminder of ones child-ness throughout all the universes in the great expanse of space. All of Neverland, as well as every other planet containing creatures that dreamed and could talk, chanted with Wendy that night. For hours all of existence chanted, and as the chanting finally died down. Wendy feeling happier than she had in years, chanced a glance at Peter.