All He Could Do

By: Eclipse Bloodmoon

All he could do was hold her

When they abused her, lied to her, even raped her, he held her. When she believed that she was worthless, he held her. He told her that he loved her, and that he would kill for her. When she cried in the middle of the night, he held her. When he found her in the garden, trying to kill herself, he held her. Though an older man hurt her, he fought- to hold her.

When she screamed at him, he held her. When she told him to leave her alone, he just held her tighter. When she lost control, and made him bleed, he only held her. Even after she attacked him- breaking bones- he held her.

When she was too weak to leave her bed, he stayed to hold her. While she vomited in the bathroom, he was there to hold her head. After she ran away, he found her- to hold her.

Always, he held her. Now she is dying, over-burdened by the responsibility she was born under. All he can do- all he ever could do- is hold her.

So that what he did. He held her even as she died. And his heart grieved for her. He had long known that he couldn't live long without her, she who was his heart.