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Dark Secrets

Chapter 1: I'm In Heaven!

"Move out of my way Granger," he shoved her to the side as he passed. She gave him a glare but he just kept walking, Crabbe, Goyle, Pansy and Blaise snickering and following after him.

He didn't want to go back to school this year. It was his seventh year, and he had been chosen as Head Boy. It pleased him, of course; however he already knew who the Head Girl would be. Perfect, know-it-all mudblood Hermione Granger. He couldn't wait until the final war when the Dark Lord would finally destroy the famous Harry Potter and his leader Albus Dumbledore. The old fool.

He grabbed his left arm almost unconsciously and glared at Parkinson as she opened her mouth to ask him what was wrong. She immediately closed her mouth and Draco opened a compartment door that had some third years occupying it. Hufflepuffs. They whimpered as they saw the Slytherins and quickly scurried out of the compartment to go find a different one. He smirked his famous Malfoy smirk and sat down. Pansy tried to sit next to him but he shoved her away, a cold glare on his pale face. She was always so desperate, hanging off of him. She only wanted his money and power. Draco was the Slytherin King. And the son of the Dark Lord's most powerful servant, Lucious Malfoy.

He settled himself down and prepared to take a short nap and the compartment doors opened, revealing none other than Potter, his red head friend, Weasley and the Mudblood.

"Sod off, Potter," Draco grumbled, not even opening his eyes.

"Sorry, Malfoy," Granger murmured, and grabbed her two best friend's arms, ignoring their looks of alarm at her backing down to Malfoy. Draco smirked, however he, too, was wondering why she had just apologized to him. But, he wasn't one to complain. Maybe she finally realized she was lower than him and that she mustn't talk to him.

Still smirking, he felt himself drift off to sleep.

Ron and Harry gaped at her.

"Why did you let him talk to us like that! We saw how he shoved you earlier; he had no right to do that!" Ron raged.

"Really, it doesn't matter. Engaging in an argument would just be pointless and immature, especially on the first day," Hermione protested. Really, she was just too upset to even bother with Malfoy. She sighed. She really was not looking forward to going back this year. She had been chosen as Head Girl, not to anyone's surprise, and she was glad for that; she just wasn't ready to go back and face her friends. She had told no one what had happened to her; not even her own mother. It was her secret and it would remain that way. The only good thing about going back was it would get her away from him. Because of her life at home, she put all her focuses into school, which really was the only reason her grades were so high, of course that, and the fact that she actually gets her homework done.

"But Hermione, he hurt you!" Harry cried.

"I'm fine, Harry. Please, I appreciate you worrying but really, I'll be all right," she said, allowing a little desperation to flow into her voice. The boys immediately dropped the subject and started talking about Quidditch; a topic in which the Gryffindor girl hated. So she grabbed a novel and started reading.

The compartment door opened and Ginny came in. She sat down next to Harry, her hand resting on his knee. Over the summer, Harry had confessed his feelings for Ginny and they had gotten together – finally.

"Hello Ginny," Hermione greeted, after realizing she had said hello to her.

The compartment door opened again and a second year told Hermione she was to report to the Heads compartment for a brief meeting with McGonagall. So the girl slowly put her book away and left the compartment, making her way to the Heads compartment. She saw Malfoy enter up ahead of her and couldn't hold in a sigh. Of all the people to be Head Boy, it just hadto be him; a death eater. She was going to be sharing a common room with a death eater. Great.

"Granger," he greeted coldly, his piercing gray eyes glaring angrily at her.

"Malfoy," she replied just as coldly and took a seat across from him. This was going to be one heck of a long year. It would be a horrible year, for sometime during it, was bound to be the final war. Where either Harry would fall to the hands of Voldemort or Voldemort would fall to the hands of Harry. She personally didn't know who would win, but of course was voting for Harry. If Voldemort won, than it would be the end of the Wizarding world.

She looked up from her hands and noticed Malfoy staring at her. She glared and looked away. He was such an arrogant prat, and she was going to have to live with him all year. Hopefully, he wouldn't try to kill her while she was sleeping. She peeked at him from the corner of her eye, dismayed to see he was still staring at her. Well, she could play at that game as well. His platinum blonde hair was no longer slicked back but cut to his ears, with his bangs splayed over his forehead. His chin was still pointed, and his face still pale, but Hermione couldn't deny he had very captivating eyes. Despite that they were always glaring at her. She sighed again.

Draco couldn't keep himself from glancing at Granger. Something seemed off about her. She still looked the same, with long brown curls flowing around her shoulders in a curly mess. Her face was less round as she had grown up, as had everyone, and her eyes were still the boring brown. But it was her eyes that were keeping his interest. Was it his imagination, or was the fire gone? Did her eyes seem dull, lifeless? Had she been hurt? He didn't know, but she didn't seem her usual busy, bossy, know-it-all self. At the moment, she seemed deep in thought and he couldn't help but wish to read her mind. Then he sighed too. From what he knew about her, she was probably just worrying about what duties she would have, and what classes would be like.

After what seemed like ages, McGonagall finally entered the compartment.

"Sorry I kept you waiting. There were some problems with the prefects," McGonagall told them. "Now, Mr. Malfoy and Miss Granger; I understand that you two are of different houses and do seem to rival each other, so I haven't the foggiest as to why the Professor Dumbledore would have paired you together. But, it was his choice. He seems to want some inter-house relationships. But back on topic. You are Head Boy and Girl and will be expected to get along while at school. You will have to share a dorm, which will be on the seventh floor. You will each have your own rooms, arranged to your liking. You will decide on a password once you arrive at Hogwarts. Your duties will be given to you, but your main responsibility is to keep the students in line and hand out the prefect's duties. You also have my permission to arrange for three dances sometime during this year. Now, do behave and no hexing each other," McGonagall finished sternly, not even cracking a smile. She turned on her heel and paused as she reached the door. "And you'd best be changing into your robes, we will be arriving shortly."

Hermione stood up, and started to leave. She winced, as she felt familiar pain flood her shoulder, where she knew a bruise had formed. She mentally slapped herself as hot tears stung her eyes. She ignored Malfoy's questioning glance and continued out of the compartment to go change.

"Mione, are you alright?" Ron asked her during the sorting.

"What? Oh yeah, I'm fine," she replied with a puzzled frown.

"Oh, right. I saw you wince and you looked like you were in pain, but I'm glad you're okay," he said shrugging. She winced. She'd have to be careful; she didn't want her friends worrying about her. She tuned out as Dumbledore began his speech. It was the same thing every year. Normally, she would listen, but she really wasn't in the mood today.

"…And the Head boy and Girl this year are Draco Malfoy of Slytherin and Hermione Granger of Gryffindor," there was a slow applause and Malfoy and Hermione stood up. The Gryffindor received many pitied glances from her friends. Everyone knew how Malfoy could be. "Now, tuck in." Dumbledore smiled. And the food magically began appearing. Hermione wasn't really hungry so she didn't take much.

After the feast, McGonagall led Malfoy and Hermione up to their new dorm. Hermione let Malfoy pick the password, not wanting to argue. The password wasn't too bad though, but easy to figure out - Firebolt.

As the portrait opened, Hermione gasped in amazement. The common room was large and spacious, with 2 couches and an armchair and a brilliant fireplace right in the middle with a blazing fire already alit.

There was a large staircase at the back of the common room. There were two large bookcases on the left of the room. The common room was decorated in red and green colors. Malfoy didn't even stay in the common room, he just walked up the staircase and went to his room, and Hermione heard his door slam minutes later.

McGonagall left them and Hermione went up the stairs to my room, which again made her mouth drop in amazement. The room was decorated in red and gold colors with a large queen sized bed in the middle, and a large window off to the right of the room which had a perfect view of the lake. There was a bathroom to the left of the room and Hermione went to check it out. It was large with a gigantic bathtub and a separate shower. She noticed another door and realized it led to Malfoy's room.

With a content smile, she left the bathroom and went back to her room, with one thought on her mind as she collapsed in the queen sized bed; I'm in heaven!

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