Chapter One-Straight to the Horse's Ass

Allison Cameron was sitting on her cream-colored couch nursing a hot, steaming cup of tea. The rain was tapping lightly on the window pain. She had rushed home from work and changed into her lounging clothes. She was exhausted both emotionally and physically. They had just closed a hard case. House became unbearable towards the end. It had taken two weeks to come to the correct diagnosis.

She put the cup of tea down on her coffee table and let her head fall back onto the couch. She let out a long, audible breath. Allison felt like she had been holding it in all day. It had been a hard week and an even harder year. Her emotions were in turmoil. She could not seem to find peace.

What was wrong with her? The question she had been asking her self for weeks. She knew the answer. House. It did not matter what she did it always came back to him.

She tried to forget him but she could not help herself. Last week, she even had a date with an attorney she met at the hospital. It was a disaster. She cringed inside just thinking about it.

She was trying to move forward in her social life. She had been exchanging regular e-mails with Sebastian Charles. He was more than interested, that was obvious. He would be in town next month and he wanted to take her out to dinner. Sebastian embodied everything she should want in a male. The doctor was renowned for his generosity and hard work. He was gentle, kind, good looking and rich. What was her freaking problem? God, she was an idiot.

Cameron's thoughts always came back to House. She knew House found her attractive and regardless of what he said, he did have feelings for her. She had always clung to that. She was an expert on that part of it. She had dealt with it her whole life. There had been plenty of admirers over the years but Greg House was different. He saw more than just her looks. However, he was not a typical male by any stretch of the imagination. Allison did not want typical. She wanted someone that kept her on her toes. She wanted a challenge. She had learned to thrive on it. House was sometimes cruel but he pushed her. Her skills as a doctor had improved immensely under his mentoring. Furthermore, she had a voice.

Life could not continue this way anymore. However, she did not know what to do about it. He knew how she felt. What more could she do? There was no one she could talk to about this. The few friends she still talked to, lived in another city. They would not understand. You had to know House. She felt defeated and lonely. This is what her life had come to at thirty years old. A lone tear fell out of the corner of her left eye. Allison sniffed and decided at that moment, that something needed to change. There had to be someone she could confide in. A person that understood the situation. But who? A knowing smile grew on her lips. Wait…there was someone she could talk to. She could go straight to the horse's ass.