Two years had passed since their encounter on the roof, but things had gotten better. Their life was not perfect not by a long shot but they had each other. Their relationship had blossomed to something bearable. Okay, something beautiful but House would never admit it. After all, he was still a horse's ass. He will still reminded on a daily basis by many around him.

Allison never expected him to change and in most ways he never did. But he did begin to allow people into his life. He missed that. He had never been one with tons of friends but all humans need companionship. He even visited his parents in Florida.

She would not move in with him. She spent the night several nights a week but she refused to live in the townhouse. It was a matter of principle for her. She wanted it all. Not just a commitment by sharing the same living space. She wanted marriage and the whole kit and caboodle. This scared the hell out of Greg House. He could live with someone but marriage was until death. He firmly believed that. That is why he had not married Stacy because deep down he knew it would not last. He would be fifty in three years so I guess he had to make a choice. Okay, he had already bought the ring. He was not a stupid man and he wanted her at all costs.

He loved her more and more every day. He had only told her a few times how he really felt but she knew it by his actions rather than his words. She seemed to be satisfied by that. When they made love, which was often, sometimes twice a day, he gave her his all. There were times he thought he would explode because of the heat between them. Cameron was a very passionate woman as he found out a few weeks after the "roof incident" as they called it. She made him wait. They had made out, necked, and touched but she would never allow him to do her until one night she grabbed his hand and led him into his bedroom. He never looked back.

He had lived his life in fear too long. He realized that and he now was going to take the plunge. He knew she suspected something. She was not stupid either. However, she did not know when or where.

They may never be happily ever after but they could be happy.