Hello! This is my first pikmin story, but I'm pretty good at writing.

To those of you who already know me…look, I'm sorry I haven't been writing stuff for a while now. I just can't seem to get anything done. But I did this and that's just as good, right? Right?

Anyway, this chapter tells the fate of the Empress Bulblax. The next chapter will be in the point of the Burrowing Snagret. There are references to the first game that I'm sure I must've got wrong. So don't flame me because of one mistake.

P.S. everyone will refer to other species by their names. So deal with it.

Chapter 1 – Fate of the Empress.

Has this ever happened before?

He was nowhere to be found. None of the other Bulborbs have seen him. I was getting worried…

The Grand Emperor Bulblax had disappeared from his resting area ever since that flying metal object soared through the clouds and was never seen again. It left with an odd creature, something like an alien. I remember back before my destined impregnate, he led a squad of Pikmin, nearly an army. I had heard from the other Bulborbs that the pikmin seems to have been dominating other areas of the forest with potential power; rumor had it that they were the ones who took out the Cannon Beetle tyrant who disappeared as well.

I began fearing for my existence. The Snagret brothers were gone; the Beady Long Legs had vanished, the Puffstool had disappeared, and the heir to the Cannon Beetle's title had disappeared too! Every animal that came in contact with these pikmin had disappeared on the sight. Some say they were killed on the spot, others say they ran away to the farthest edge of the woods, never to be seen again. I was an exception though. I dug underground because my body was soon swelling with embryos and I didn't want to fight. Plus, I had eaten a very weird object, out of curiosity; I wasn't feeling so good…

Ever since, I have lain here, motionless, hoping that I could give birth soon to my new children larvae. I was one night away from the day I would give birth to a massive squadron of Bulborbs. Well, I was really hoping to lose this weight. I've become an Empress Bulblax, and this girth is what I get for claiming this title.

Since I'm all alone in this cavern, I spend most of my time sleeping. I would depend on other Bulborbs to bring me food if I were ever hungry. But….yawn…I'm already getting sleepy. Better rest for tomorrow…

"Look at the size of that!"

"It's pretty fat."

"I don't like this…"

"We can take it on!"

"It's bigger than us you moron!"

"Never stopped us."

"C'mon! Let's get it!"

I woke up to the sounds of beatings upon my soft flesh. I uncurled myself only to come face to face with an entire squadron of pikmin. And in front of them, was their leader, accompanied by someone like him but more bluish.

I was socked to see that the rumors were true. These pikmin were led by a leader. The same person who must've killed off the Grand Emperor! And now, they're here for me! I was in big trouble here. Because of my massive body, my legs cannot reach the ground. I wouldn't be able to just walk up to them and eat them. I needed these guys away from me as fast as I could.

I was disturbed from my train of thought as their leader began throwing pikmin at my face. They clouded me like a swarm of Spectralids over a flower swollen with nectar. I shut my eyes and tried to shake them off, but I had little movement in my large body and I could barely move from side to side. There leaves pounded at me mercilessly, I could feel them beginning to penetrate my skull. I was on the verge of throwing them all off when something very heavy landed on my head. The force was absolute; it felt like he threw ten pikmin at once!

With my remaining strength, I threw off all the pikmin from my face and saw each one lying down from the force of the shock. Their leader blew a loud whistle and they all scampered to his side. He was positioned and ready to throw at me, but I was smarter than to just hold still.

I shoved my entire body to the right, causing me to roll to the other side of the cave. I collided with the wall unexpectedly causing some squirting sounds to go off in body. I realized I had crushed some embryos in my body; I was such an idiot! Quickly, I rolled back to face the pikmin once more, but I rolled too hard and collided with the other wall, crushing more embryos in the process. Cursing to myself, I rolled at the right speed to stop and directly face them.

Suddenly, I was overcome with pain and nausea. The pikmin assault to my head was pounding like mad, and the embryonic juices within me began to mess with my system. I was feeling real sick…

But that didn't stop them from jumping to my head. Once again they resumed pounding into my fractured skull as I was helpless. I was beginning to lose conscious as my bodily system slowly died. The embryos within me reacted to the deathly shut down my body was consumed with as they exploded one by one. I could feel my egg sac shrinking away as well as my life. The agony, the pain…I couldn't take it anymore!

I let out an enormous roar, telling the pikmin I had given up. The last of my breath was followed by the implosion of my egg sac, the metallic component jutting out of my body as well, and soon, all went white.

I couldn't breathe, I couldn't move, my eyes hung downward looking at the pikmin who sealed my fate. My body had been diminished, returning to the size I was before my maturity. I could feel them picking me up as others were lifting the mechanical object I spat out.

Was this meant to happen? Was this my fate from the beginning? Were these pikmin destined to become the most dominant species on the planet? If so, then I must've been in their way. And as for every occasion, anything in the way must be taken care of, and I was.

But it wasn't fair! These pikmin had no hopes of survival from the beginning. Some guy comes out of nowhere, enslaves these pikmin, and dominates the animals of this land. It's not right! My species had worked hard to get to where we are now, and for what? To be used as fertilization for beasts who were destined to fade from this planet? Dying in their name is the worst fate of all.

To die in their name is dying as weak, simple prey.

Next chapter: The fate of the Snagret ambassador…