Silver and Rubies – Amaruk Wolfheart

Spoilers: Original Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street musical.

Warnings and Pairings: None and none, really. If you decide to read anything weird into this, it's all on you. o.O;

Notes: I fell in love with the musical quite some time ago and wrote this little bit long before I saw the more recent movie adaptation. However, this ficlet could easily fit within the movie too, as I see it. It formerly resided in the Musicals/Plays section but I decided to move to Movies. Enjoy!

-Rutile's Spectacularly Amazing Disclaimer- Seeing as this is the author's first foray into the musical world, I suppose it is my duty to be slightly more patient with all of you. The author doesn't own Sweeney Todd or anything associated with the name in any way, shape, or form. The End.

"My lucky friends
Till now your shine
Was merely silver.
You shall drip rubies,
You'll soon drip precious rubies…"

Silver and rubies.

The perfect combination.

The most beautiful sight an eye can behold: glistening silver dripping precious rubies.

Silver glistens. It glistens and gleams and shines in the light with a life of its own.

Silver listens. It listens and smiles and thinks on what is said, planning plans of its own.

Silver pretends. It pretends and hides and feigns innocence, cloaked as jewelry or silverware, when its true form is sharp and deadly.

Silver speaks. It speaks and whispers and sings for the gentle touch of precious rubies.

Rubies glow. They glow and glint and hint at the life concealed within.

Rubies wait. They wait and hum and bide their time, for they have not the freedom they desire.

Rubies murmur. They murmur and shift and sigh to be released from the veins that they pulse through, that imprison them so wrongly.

Rubies pine. They pine and wish and sing for the loving caress of glistening silver.

Glistening silver dripping precious rubies: the most beautiful sight an eye can behold.

The perfect combination.

Silver and rubies.

"At last my arm is complete again."