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"Rainy Nights."

By 'Ayumi'.


Chapter one:

"Illusions under the Rain."


It was a rainy night; cold, but very quite and pleasant.

And she couldn't help feeling a little nostalgic, while watching the rain fall from the window of the room that was assigned to her. It reminded her of the home of her youth, the plains of Sacae.

Lyndis sighed. "There's no use on thinking about that... Not now."- she whispered to herself.

The young Lady of Caelin looked at the rain one last time before she lay down on her bed and tried to get some sleep. They were going to set out to Bern first thing in the morning, and Mark was very serious when he said that. So, Lyndis tried, very hard, to get some sleep, but failed. Sitting up in bed, she looked at the rain again, as if it was calling out to her to go out there and feel it, like she used to do back on the plains.

Oh well... I am not going to get any sleep anyway... May as well do some training in the mean time, she thought.

Lyndis got up and went to pick up her things. She put on her boots and a cloak, grabbed her Mani Katti, left the room, and went to the backyard of the castle.

After speaking to the Archsage Athos, they were transported to Pherae. Eliwood and company had decided to stay for the night and leave at dawn, thanks to Lyndis and Hector. They had convinced Eliwood, saying that one peaceful night of good rest wouldn't hurt anybody; so the young Lord of Pherae agreed. And there they were, resting, preparing for their long journey to Bern.

Everyone but Lyndis.

The Lady of Caelin was standing in the backyard, in the middle of the rain. And, even though it was cold out, she felt warm inside; she remembered all those times her father sparred with her on rainy nights like this one back in Sacae, even if it wasn't at midnight. He would always say that it was the best way to improve her sword skills and instincts, as well as her senses. After all, you could never know when a bandit would attack, especially on dark nights. Lyndis missed those times. She missed her father... her family and tribe.

The Sacaean girl felt the tears coming, but bit them back. She had promised she wouldn't cry again, but... Lyndis shook her head furiously. No, she wouldn't cry, not now, not ever again.

I'd better start training. It will be good to clear my mind of these thoughts for a while, she thought. Then casting one last look at the cloudy sky, she began to train.

While she swung her sword, cutting the enemy in her mind, her thoughts wandered from the training to a certain red-haired Lord of Lycia.

Lyndis stopped suddenly and, slowly, she brought her sword up, so it was right before her eyes.


He was very important to her. Eliwood had changed her opinion about the Lycian Lords, or any Lord. He was everything but what she used to think about the nobles. He had believed in her when she thought no noble would. He had helped her when she needed it the most.

Lyndis lowered her sword and walked towards a bench nearby; she felt the cloak heavy on her shoulders, so she took it off. Even though it had done a good job by keeping her dry, it didn't matter to her at the moment. She wanted to feel the rain. After a few moments she was soaking wet, but she didn't care... Lyndis wanted to feel close to her father again, even if was just once. She looked up to the sky, feeling the drops land on her face.

Her thoughts wandered once again to Eliwood.

He had helped her not once, but twice. And she was sure that he would do it again if he had to. He was so kind, so selfless, so honorable, so loving, and so... so perfect.

That's why she loved him so much.

It doesn't matter anyway... He already has someone to love... He already loves somebody else, she thought, feeling as if her heart had been stabbed.

Lyndis didn't know since when she loved him, but it didn't matter to her. After all, she believed he wouldn't return her feelings. Suddenly, Lyndis felt a hand on her shoulder, making her jump away, a little afraid. The green-haired girl turned around to see who it was, only to find Eliwood smiling sheepishly at her.

"Eliwood... D-don't do that again! You frightened me."- she said.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you, Lyndis."- he said, the smile never leaving his face.

Lyndis shook her head. "It's all right. Don't worry."- she said and turned her gaze towards the sky again.

Eliwood moved to stand by her side. He couldn't help but notice how beautiful she looked in her Sacaean dress; it fitted her perfectly, even more now it was soaked, just like his cloak. He could not deny it; the sacaean girl was indeed beautiful. Her pretty face with those big green eyes, her little nose and her kind and lovely smile; her long green hair and her slender body that, even through the fights, had no scars. To him, everything in her was perfect.

"What were you doing out here?"- he asked, though he knew the answer; he had been watching her from his room before to decide in joining her.

"Oh, not much... I was training and thinking..."

"In the middle of the rain?"

Lyndis laughed a little. "Yeah... I know it sounds odd, but... I used to do it a lot when I was on the plains... The only difference is that in Sacae rainy nights are usually warms."

"Ohh..."- he replied, following her gaze.

There was a moment of silence, where the two of them were, secretly, enjoying being next to each other.


The young woman of Sacae turned to look at Eliwood, who was smiling down at her. "Yes?"- she asked.

"Do you want to spar?"

Lyndis was surprised. "Now?"

Eliwood nodded, smiling playfully. "Yes, now. I always wanted to train in rainy days when I was a child, but my mother wouldn't let me. Now I have my chance and I would like to take it."- he said, waiting for a minute, and then he spoke again. "So? What do you say?"

Lyndis smiled up at him. "Let's go."

They walked to the center of the backyard and began to spar. If she had thought about it, she would have realized that this was a lot like the times she used to spar with her father, but she was too busy having fun.

"You have gotten better since the last time we sparred, Eliwood."- she said, blocking an attack.

Eliwood smiled brightly at her. "I could say the same to you."- he replied.

Neither of them cared for the rain or getting soaked anymore.

Eliwood took off his cloak and prepared to block what would come.

Lyndis grinned and charged at him. Then, suddenly, the lady of Caelin stopped in the middle of her attack. She blinked once, twice, and still couldn't believe her eyes. There, in front of her, was her father, smiling tenderly. The surroundings changed as well; they weren't in the castle anymore, they were in Sacae, in the plains... in their home.


Eliwood relaxed his stance when he noticed the strange look on Lyndis' face. "Lyndis?"- he called her, but no answer came.

For a moment, Eliwood could have sworn that he saw pure happiness in her eyes, something not common in her, even if she was a cheerful girl; but soon it was replaced for a mixture of confusion, surprise, sorrow and happiness. He closed the distance between them and stood right in front of her. Lyndis still had that look on her face and it was almost as if she hadn't noticed his presence yet.

The girl dropped her sword, relaxing her stance. To her, the man standing there was not Eliwood, it was her father. She took a step closer to the one she believed her father, reaching out to touch his cheek.

It can't be...

Lyndis swallowed hard. "Daddy...?"- she whispered.

However, Eliwood heard her. Daddy? She... thinks I'm her father...?, he thought. The redhead felt her soft hand on his cheek and decided he had to talk. "Lyndis? What is it?... What are you talking about?"- he asked, grabbing her hand.

Lyndis jumped slightly, snapping out of her little trance. She blinked a few times, looking at Eliwood confused, not understanding what had happened. A crash of thunder brought her back to reality completely.

"E-Eliwood?... But... How?... You weren't... I was..."- she said, looking around her. "A castle? Where's my...?"

Eliwood dropped his Rapier and took her other hand, giving them a little squeeze. "Lyndis, tell me. What is wrong?"- he asked concerned.

"It can't be..."- she whispered.

"What?... Please, tell me..."

The young Lady looked up at him with a sad and confused expression on her face. "He was here, I swear! And we were back in Sacae, I..."

"Calm down. What are you trying to say? Who is he?"

"My father!!"

With that, Eliwood was even more confused than before. "Your father?"

"Yes, he..."- Lyndis paused, realizing what she was saying; she groaned. "Ohh... Father Sky and Mother Earth, I imagined it everything, it was all in my mind, but... it seemed so real..."- she said, more to herself than to Eliwood.

The young Pheraen Lord grabbed her by her shoulders. "Are you... trying to say that... you saw your...? But... that's not... possible, he is d—... gone..."

Lyndis seemed lost for a while, then she looked at the ground, feeling the oh-so-familiar sorrow. "I... I don't... know..."


Eliwood felt how his heart broke slowly at that moment. The Lady of Caelin wanted to cry and he knew it, but he also knew that he couldn't do anything to change that, even if he wanted to, and he hated to feel so helpless.

"I miss them, Eliwood... I miss my father, my mother... my tribe... so much that it hurts."- he heard her whisper.

Eliwood felt a sudden longing. He longed to be able to bring Lyndis' parents back to life. He knew if he could, he would give all the gold in Pherae and more to make her happy again, truly happy. Eliwood moved his arms around her thin waist, bringing her close to him, so she could rest her head on his chest. It was a good thing he wasn't wearing his armor.

Lyndis tried to suppress a sob, but failed miserably. The bout of sobbing didn't last long, and then she began to cry silently.

The young man tightened his embrace a little, pulling her closer to him; there were only a few millimeters between them.

"Shh... shh... It's okay... It's all right... Just let it out..."- he said, rubbing her back, trying his best to comfort her.

Lyndis buried her face deep in his chest, clutching at his shirt and crying harder; all her confidence and cheerfulness gone.

They stayed there, standing under the rain, for a couple of minutes. Her heartbreaking sobs, the sound of the rain and his comforting words were the only things that were breaking the silence of the night. Lyndis' sobs were dying with every tender word that came out of Eliwood's mouth. After a few moments, her sobs died completely.

"Thank you... Eliwood... I feel so much better now..."- she said weakly, once she stopped crying, and pulled away a little, still not breaking the embrace.

Eliwood smiled down at her, brightly. "You are welcome... Now, we better go back inside; the last thing we need now is to catch a cold, don't you think?"- he said.

The young Sacaean woman blushed and laughed heartily, but slightly. And the young Lycian Lord enjoyed every single moment of it; he just loved her laugh... he loved it when she laughed.

"I guess you are right. We should go inside... and change our clothes, we're soaking wet."- she said, smiling amused.

Her response brought Eliwood back from his daydream. "Yeah... Come on."- he said, grabbing her hand.

They picked their stuff and went inside the castle. Her room was on the second floor, while his was on the third floor. They stopped at the top of the stairs and just stood there for a while, unsure of what to do next.

"Well..."- Lyndis began. "I think here is my stop."

Eliwood nodded and released her hand, not really wanting to let her go.

"Good night... and thanks again, for everything, Eliwood. I really needed a shoulder to cry on..."- she said and began to walk away.

Eliwood watched her go and on a sudden impulse, he went after her. "Lyndis, wait!"- he said, grabbing her arm.

The girl turned around to see him, very confused by his action.

"Ehhh... Hmmm... I..."- he blurted out, blushing furiously. He knew he was probably as red as his hair. "Uhh..."

"What is it?"- she asked.

"Well, ahhh... I was... thinking... Uhh... We are both soaked and since... ehhh... you probably don't have any other... clothes... I thought that maybe you..."- he said.

"Yes?"- she said, trying to encourage him.

"That you... could come up to... my room... I could lend you some dry clothes, so... you won't catch a cold..."- he paused a moment to look at her, then he looked at the wall by his side. "I have a fireplace in my room, you can dry off your clothes there, if you want to..."- he added and waited for her response, feeling more than a little embarrassed. What will she think of me now?, he thought.

Lyndis looked at him mesmerized. He looks so cute when he blushes!, she thought, she realized she had been staring at him and then blushed slightly herself.

Fortunately, Eliwood didn't seem to notice that. "So, what do you say?"- he asked, breaking the silence that had formed between them, staring intensely at the floor.

The green-haired girl blushed even more. "I... I-I think it is okay..."

Eliwood looked up, not bothering in hide the happy smile on his face. "Really? Is that a yes?"

Lyndis nodded, blushing, if it was possible, even more.

"Let's go, then."- he said, taking her hand.

He liked that warm feeling that he felt every time he held her hand. And, unknown to him, Lyndis felt pretty much the same.

"You know?"- Eliwood began, while they walked to his room. "I was hoping that you would agree to come with me, I... I wanted to talk with you for a while longer."- he told her.

"Uhm... I, actually, wanted to talk... with you for a little while, too."- she admitted.

When they got to his room, Eliwood became quiet all of a sudden.

"Hey, what is—?"- Lyndis couldn't finish her sentence, because a hand shut her up; she looked at him.

The red-haired youth shook his head, leading her into his room. "I'm sorry about that, but... Hector's room is across the hall and I don't want to wake him up or..."- he said, after shutting the door.

"Or he will be here in no time to interrupt us, is that it?"- Lyndis said, smiling.

Eliwood smiled shyly. "Yeah... Uhh... I'll lend you one of my shirts, that should be enough, right?"- he walked towards his closet.

"A shirt will be fine."- she replied, taking off her boots.

Eliwood came back with a shirt in his hands. "Here."- he said, handing her his shirt.

Lyndis took the shirt from his hands, squeezing out a weak thanks. She was about to change her clothes, when an odd feeling made her stop. She looked up to see what was making her feel like that, finding Eliwood staring at her. She blushed a deep shade of red.

"Hmm... Eliwood... Could you...?"- she said, catching his attention.

Eliwood seemed confused at first, but then he realized what he had been doing and he blushed as much as Lyndis. "Oh! I-I am sorry!"- he said embarrassed and turned around. "I'll light up the fireplace... Let me know when you are done."- he walked to the fireplace and started to light up the fire.

Lyndis changed her clothes quickly, not wanting to repeat the little scene; she untied the ribbon holding her hair up, so it would dry off too. When she finished, she walked up to Eliwood and patted his shoulder. "I'm done."- she said quietly.

Eliwood turned around to see her, blushing slightly. He was greeted by a beautiful sight.

She wore one of his white silky-shirts, it came down to the middle of her thighs; her long and beautiful green-hair fell free around her back. To him, Lyndis looked pretty cute and pretty sexy, but mostly sexy and very, very desirable, especially with the slight blush spread across her pretty face.

He stared at her mesmerized. After a few seconds, he snapped out of his trance and stoop up, feeling nervous.

"Uhh... Well... Ahh... Put your clothes close to the fire... I'm going to change."- he said and went to his closet as fast as his legs allowed him. Calm down, Eliwood, you invited her here to talk, because you want to know more about her, right? You want to know her better, he thought, pulling a light-blue shirt and a pair of blue pants out of his closet.

He changed his clothes and then went back to Lyndis' side.

To be continued…

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