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Chapter five:

"No more holding back, just say the words"


So immerse he was in his thoughts, he didn't realize the strength with which he knocked —more like banged— at the door.


Eliwood opened his eyes slowly, feeling a little drowsy.

He could hear the usual morning sounds that surrounded the castle, plus the habitual yell from Mark as he gave orders. And some part of him told him that he should be outside helping out, as it was obvious that everybody was up and about.

He yawned, trying to move a little, and suddenly, he became very aware of the female body that was pressed to his side. Frozen on the spot, Eliwood didn't know what to do. He didn't quite remember when he moved to lay the both of them on the bed, but he was definitely positive that he had left a safe distance between them before falling asleep.

How… how did this happen?

Eliwood tried to pry her arm off him, his stiff movements becoming more and more awkward by the second. He didn't even get to budge her arm when he felt her stir.

Lyndis moved in her sleep a bit, grabbing Eliwood's shirt in an iron-grip; she snuggled up closer to him and muttered something unintelligible to him.

His tension faded away, and he smiled tenderly at the woman in his arms. I didn't know… How sweet…

His hand moved on its own accord, and before he could stop it, it was stroking Lyndis' face gently. His ministrations brought a small smile to her face, making her relax her hold on his shirt a little. And to think that yesterday he could only dream of being with her like this. Now, though, he couldn't fathom the thought of a life where she was not there with him.

There was some noise coming from outside his room, hushed voices, but he paid them no heed. His attention belonged to the green-haired beauty in his arm at the moment.

Eliwood could tell she was having a peaceful slumber —her expression said it all— and for a moment he wondered if it was always like this, or if it was just because he was at her side now. Though, his heart wished that she were always happy, a small part of him hoped that her happiness was due to his presence. It was a selfish thought, but he couldn't make it go away.

He kept caressing Lyndis' face for a while, his thoughts wandering to their journey to Bern. He felt Lyndis stir, probably trying to find a comfortable position, and he subconsciously moved to accommodate her, snapping back to reality only when the squirming stopped. Eliwood felt the blush crawl its way across his face when he fully realized the girl's position.

Lyndis was practically on top of him.

Well, this is not good… I just hope nobody decides to barge into the room now.

As if on cue, there was a loud banging on his door, and Hector's voice reached his ears not long after that.


"Oh, no…" he groaned.

Lyndis stirred some more, frowning as the abusing to his door persisted. She snuggled up even closer to him, successfully ending on top of him now, wrapping him in a tight hug.

"Eliwood! Are you awake yet?"

"Darn it, Hector…" he said quietly.

Lyndis tightened her embrace, pressing her face into his neck, murmuring something along the lines of, "Go away, Hector" before going back to sleep profoundly. But the knocking persisted, growing louder with each passing second; Lyndis woke up, sitting up on his abdomen while supporting herself by placing her hands on his chest. She sent a deadly glare towards the door, which rather lost its effect due to her sleepy expression.

"Eliwood? I'm coming in!"

Eliwood took this moment of distraction as his opportunity and, very gently, pushed the girl aside, listening to the soft thud she made when she landed on the bed, and sprinted towards the door, just as Hector was pushing it open. He managed to prevent Hector from open it fully and from seeing the Princess of Caelin curling into his sheets. He stood there for a few seconds, blocking his friend's view, before he spoke.

"Hector… what is it?"

The blue-haired Lord narrowed his eyes suspiciously as he regarded his friend. "Good morning."

Eliwood smiled sheepishly at him. "Ah, good morning."

"Is something wrong, Eliwood? You look awfully flustered, and…" Hector trailed off, as he tried to look into the room, with little success. "Is there something in your room, that you don't want me to see?"

The Pheraean Lord faltered a bit, searching for an appropriated excuse. "No, why would you think that?"

Hector frowned, sighing in defeat. "No reason, forget it. Anyway, it's time to go, so get ready. Mark is waiting for us outside."

Eliwood nodded, murmuring his thanks, and waited for Hector to leave. After a few moments, the youngest Lord of Ostia seemed to give up and walked away, and Eliwood closed the door with a relieved sigh.

"That was close…"

"What was close…?"

The red-haired man turned around just in time to see Lyndis sitting up on his bed. "Good morning, Lyndis."

"Good morning, Eliwood," she said, smiling lightly at him. "What was all that about?"

"Oh, it was Hector," he said, walking back to the bed. "He came to tell me it was time to leave. So, we should probably hurry up."

Lyndis looked at him for a few moments, before finally processing what he had said and her reaction was instantaneous. She jumped off the bed and ran towards the fireplace, leaving a stunned Eliwood sitting on the mattress. Not wanting to lose one single second, Lyndis picked up her clothes, threw them on a near armchair, and began to unbutton the shirt. Only then did Eliwood reacted to her sudden outburst.

"Ly-Lyn, wait!"

The young woman halted her movements and looked over her shoulder at him, feeling confused, until she realized what she was doing.

"O-oh! I'm sorry!" she stammered, blushing furiously.

She picked up her clothes again, and walked over a wooden panel at one corner of the room, stepping behind it, she began to change her clothes again. Once ready, she went back to the bed's side, and handed Eliwood his shirt.

"Here, this is yours."

Eliwood blushed a little, and passed a hand through his hair, shaking his head slightly. "No, it's fine. You can keep it."

Lyndis looked intently at him for a while, a soft smile gracing her features, and in one smooth movement, she stood on her tiptoes and pressed a gentle kiss to Eliwood's lips before stepping away. Her smile widened and she felt all her energy coming back at once. It seemed that she only needed a good cry to feel better.

"Thank you, Eliwood."

That statement snapped him out of his daze. "Oh, what for?"

"For everything," she said, and went to pick up her things, walking to the door afterwards.

"Oh, well, you're… welcome," he replied.

With one last smile, Lyndis exited the room, closing the door behind her.

Eliwood sighed and hurried to get ready for the journey, half of his mind on the upcoming battle and the other half on the lingering feeling of her lips pressed on his own. A smile tugged at the corners of his mouth as he thought of a life next to the Princess of Caelin. If they survived this war, he was going to enjoy every single day at her side. But that was only if they made it back alive, and it's not that he believed they would fail, but too many dangers were waiting for them in Bern and as far as he knew, anything could happen. So right now, his main focus was to survive, and to protect those who were dear to him.


"Finally!" Hector said, collapsing on the bed next to his. "I am so exhausted! After days of traveling and that damned battle today, I'm ready to forget about the world for the next six hours."

Eliwood laughed lightly, but he couldn't agree more. He flopped down on his bed, as his mind replayed the last days of their epic journey.

It had taken them ten days to arrive at the border of Bern, and they would've done it in less time, but Serra had complained about their hastened pace, saying that they could spare a few minutes to rest. And, really, for once nobody protested because it seemed everyone was trying to delay the unavoidable. The uncertainty of their future was something everyone was wary of, and with good reason; it wasn't everyday that you headed head first into an imminent war against Elibe's strongest kingdom, and also against an evil organization that wanted nothing more than to bring back those dark days of The Scouring.

So, it was obvious that they were all exhausted. He could barely move now, his limbs felt too heavy for his liking. Obviously, the traveling would've been nothing for them, having become accustomed to it long ago, but the battle they had to face upon arriving at Bern's border, against the Black Fang's Mad Dog, Linus, drained what little energy they had left. They did, though, learn more about the Black Fang, and that was a big plus.

Eliwood was not only tired, but also a little agitated.

The battle left him feeling shaky, and extremely aware of the constant danger looming above their heads, because Lyndis was almost killed by a Wyvern Lord she hadn't seen coming, and if Mark hadn't yelled in warning, he knew he wouldn't have reached her in time to protect her from the second strike. In the end, Rebecca saved them both with a very precise shot.

Oh, but he had been so scared. Eliwood didn't think he had let go of her until Serra, Priscilla and Lucius assured him Lyndis would be alright. Even knowing that, he hadn't left her side.

The sound of rain mercilessly hitting the room's window snapped him out of his reverie. With great effort, he stood up and walked over the window, watching the raindrops leave trails down the glass. A lone figure that stood outside caught his attention, and, although it was highly improbable, he was sure he knew who it was. So, with a tired sigh, he grabbed his cloak and left the room.

Once he stepped outside the inn, his suspicions were confirmed. "You shouldn't be here," he began, noting how his interlocutor tensed a bit before relaxing again. "Serra said you had to rest well if you wanted to be alright by tomorrow morning, Lyndis."

Lyndis looked at him over her shoulder and smiled. "I am alright."

Eliwood wasn't convinced at all, the tired look on her face and her soft answer were proof enough she was not well.

"You don't look well."

"It's just… I'm tired."

Her smile became more loving as she turned around to face him, and he wondered what was it about the rain that made her look so vulnerable, so at peace. What was it about the rain that allowed her to be so open with her feelings?

"And I needed to think…" she trailed off.

"Think? About what?"

It was only after he said the words that he realized he was probably prying into her private thoughts, because, really, if she had wanted to talk about it, she'd have done so. But before he could apologize, Lyndis walked up to him and stopped just a few inches apart, resting her head on his shoulder.

"This afternoon…"

He didn't know who moved first, but after that statement they were clutching at each other's cloak for dear life. Funny, how they usually managed to think alike. They stood there, momentary forgetting about the incessant rain pouring over them, just enjoying each other's comforting embrace. After a while, Lyndis breathed deeply and spoke again.

"After my parents died, I promised I'd never take anything for granted…" she began, her words barely audible, as the material of his cloak muffled them. "But recently I've found myself doing just that. I guess that, unconsciously, I expected Mark's strategies to be flawless, I didn't think the rumors about the Black Fang being powerful were true, because, really, Marquess Laus was a lot less trouble than we expected, so…"

Eliwood pulled away, but did not break the embrace, looking into her eyes, and waited for her to continue.

"So… I decided that, since I don't know if I'll be alive after the late battle, I will enjoy our time together as if there was no tomorrow. No more holding back, no more pretending that there is a bright future ahead of us, because we don't know that. I am going to let myself love you with my whole being."

Eliwood swallowed, trying to find the words to reply to her statement, because, while he admitted she was right to be uncertain, he didn't really want to think of a life with no Lyndis in it.

"Yes, but… you don't have to be so pessimistic…"

"I am merely being realistic, Eliwood. We can't be positive that by the end of this war, there'll be no causalities. I don't know if by next week I'll still be alive, and neither do you. Mark is a great strategist, but he is only human as well… So, I just want to spend as much time as possible with the man I love."

Eliwood nodded slowly, understanding her logic, because she was right, for all he knew, he could be death by tomorrow, seeing that he had the whole Black Fang after his neck now. So, why not go along with her plan and enjoy as much as he could his time with her too?

"You are right, Lyndis, we ought to live as if this was our last day on earth. And I, too, am going to enjoy the time spent with you, the woman I love, to its fullest," he said, smiling tenderly at her before pulling her into his chest again. "Also, I'm glad to know you love me as well."

Lyndis pulled back enough to look him in the eyes, a shocked expression on her face. "Of course, Eliwood, I told you that already, not with those precise words, but… The only reason I didn't said it was because I didn't think I'd be able to endure the pain if something happened to you, but now I see that… it would be worth it. Even if our time is limited, it will definitely be worth it."

Eliwood leaned down until their lips met, and couldn't suppress his content sigh when she responded to his kiss immediately. He vowed to do anything in his power to bring her through this war alive, because he was not going to lose her, not if he could help it.

"I love you, Eliwood," Lyndis sighed softly against his lips.

Eliwood smiled.




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