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Blue Moon

Chapter One

A young man sat staring into a roaring fire with a conflicted look on his face, his hand cradling his chin. 'What am I to do? How can I feel like this? This is just ridiculous, it's disgusting! I mean he's my bloody Godfather!' His self berating rant was cut short by a whine and something cold a wet pressing into his hand. He swatted at the dog and shifted positions in his chair, curling up into the soft worn leather.

"Harry? Please don't be mad at me. I couldn't help-"

"You could to help it! You were alive the whole damn time and you didn't feel it was necessary to tell me!" The little savior yelled. He felt the weight on the couch shift and stiffened when two strong arms wrap around him and pulled him to a hard chest.

"You know it wasn't like that, Harry. I wasn't aloud to tell you, I would've if I could've. You mean the world to me Harry, you have to believe that," at those soothing words Harry relaxed and let his head rest on the warm shoulder of his Godfather.

"I'm sorry, I just... It just hurt, you know, that you- well I thought that you didn't want to tell me," Harry felt the hold Sirius had on his waist tighten.

"I did want to, but Dumbledore said I couldn't risk getting caught. I would be killed... again," what he said was meant to be a joke but it only made Harry whimper slightly and turn wrap his arms around his neck to hug him.

"I'm sorry," Sirius said quickly after realizing he had made a mistake.

"I'm sorry, too. Just say to never leave again," Sirius smiled into Harry's neck and nodded his head.

"I promise."

"Don't make promises, they are always broken," Harry said softly, closing his eyes and sighing contently not even realizing he was nodding off to sleep.

"Not mine."


The next morning Harry woke up in the library where he had fallen asleep- when he looked down he squeaked- and apparently with Sirius. He tried to move off of the man under him but that only succeeded in making Sirius tighten his arms and pull him back down. Harry stayed as still and stiff as a board, he was hardly breathing trying not to wake the animagus.

After waiting a few minutes making sure the other didn't wake up he moved his legs they were close to making it to the edge of the couch when Sirius tried to turn over and instead ended up pushing Harry to where he was smushed between the back couch and Sirius.

As he unconsciously squirmed Harry heard a low moan escape the parted lips of his Godfather, he froze in his actions and looked up into the handsome face of the man he had once thought of as his father 'O how things change,' Harry thought bitterly.

The man's perfectly chiseled features made him seem a God among men, his sun kissed skin and his dark hair made a deadly combination. His face hardly marred by the horrid signs of age, of wrinkles- no Sirius had no wrinkles only laugh lines. Harry was hard pressed to bring his hand up and touch the man's seemingly flawless skin, and as Harry eventually succumbed to this desire and he lifted his hand, he stopped mid movement, he felt something poking him. 'What the hell?' Then the realization of what was poking him made him want to scream.

He knew it would be extremely hard to get away from Sirius when the man had him trapped against the couch, his ragging hard-on pressing into Harry's thy, but he knew he had to get away before he did something he knew he would regret later. He put both his hands onto the firm chest across from him and lightly pushed stopping every time he heard even the slightest noise. With his heart in his throat and blood rushing in his ears he gave one final push and jumped off and over Sirius.

He landed on wobbly legs and felt them buckle under him, as he fell to the floor he heard Sirius groan loudly and turn over facing the edge of the couch. Harry wasted no time and scrambled to his feet, he ran to the door and didn't stop until he made it to his bedroom. Or what he thought was his bedroom.



Harry threw himself onto the bed and buried himself under the covers, breathing harshly he pulled himself up and dropped his head into the pillow he was closest to. He tried to calm his breathing, he knew he had woken Sirius up but he hoped if the man did come to find him he wouldn't remember what had happened and think that the teen was asleep, and all that had woken him up was some stray magical creatures hiding out in the curtains. Harry closed his eyes and sighed heavily, 'What in the hell was that?' Was his last thought before he drifted to sleep.

Not long after the door to the room opened and in came Sirius Black shirtless and scratching his more manly parts. After sneezing once and running a hand through his ruffled hair he plopped onto the bed, surprised when he realized he'd landed on someone. He jumped back up and reached for his wand only to be greeted with air, but as he heard a loud scream he realized he recognized that scream.


"Sirius! What in the hell are you doing in my room!" Sirius let his lips form a slightly seductive lopsided grin as he scratched the back of his neck.

"Harry this is my room," he said simply. Harry lifted his head looked around the room, as he did he realized Sirius wasn't lying he was in a very unfamiliar room. There was only one large bed, where as in his room there were two small scruffy beds, one for himself, the other for Ron. And many other different things that he had no time to really notice.

"How did I end up in here?" He asked confused, but still looking around.

"Well I have one theory. After you ran from the library screaming, you didn't realize where you were running and you ended up in my room. Yours is only next door to mine after all."

Harry blushed and looked away, he had prayed Sirius had forgotten about that in his sleepy haze. But he had no such luck, he was truly fate's bitch.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to-"

"To wake me or run to my room and fall asleep in my bed?" Sirius asked smiling charmingly.

"Both," Harry mumbled ducking his head and blushing a brighter red than before. He was so embarrassed that Sirius remembered it was him, he had to know that Harry ran away because of the... uh... well Sirius' small, er.. big problem.

"Not a problem so long as you promise to stay," Harry's head snapped up at this, and he sent a confused look to Sirius. 'What is he saying?'

"Sirius what-"

"You don't have to leave if you don't want to. You can stay in here with me," at this point Harry was amazingly confused. What the hell was Sirius talking about! Why did he want him to stay in the room with him? 'Does he have feelings...' Harry shook his head, that was ridiculous. Just as he had absolutely no feelings for Sirius, Sirius had none for him. Right?

Harry pushed the covers away from his body and for a minutes Sirius thought that that was an invitation, but he was sadly mistaken when Harry swung his long legs over the bed and stood up ready to leave. There Sirius panicked; Maybe he had read the signals wrong! Maybe Harry didn't want him and he was only making a fool of himself! 'Damn!'

"Harry, please I'm sorry." Harry lifted his head and looked into the soft gray eyes of the man he was sure he cared for more than just a Godfather.

"I have to think Sirius. I... I need to go, I'm sorry," Harry walked to the door closing it lightly behind him.

"Sirius, you old dog, what have you done now?" The man said to himself as he once again threw himself onto his overly large and lonely bed.


"Harry, dumbass what the fuck were you thinking?" The raven haired teen said slamming his door behind him.


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