Blue Moon

Chapter Sixteen


"Your move, Harry," Harry lifted his head and glared at the boy across from him.

"Obviously, you know I'm not blind," Harry drawled as he started back intently at the board in front of him. Oh, Remus thought he was smart, but Harry had been battling Ron for years, he had picked up a few tricks.

"Well if you're anything like me without my glasses, then you are," James commented as he dropped himself on the couch next to Sirius.

"Oh, cuss," Harry groaned. He'd lost, and the game had startled literally four and less than a quarter minutes ago. He was terrible.

"No worries, Harry, you'll get him next time," Harry gave an absent nod of his head to Wormtail and he stood up with dramatic sigh.

"I hate bloody chess," Harry said miserable, and only mere seconds later he was popped on the back of the head. Harry sighed as his glasses slipped down his nose, he sent the red head a half-heartedly placed apologetic look while his fingers moved to push them back up.

"Sorry, Lily," he said as he moved to sit back on the couch beside Sirius.

"I know you are, mister, there'll be no fowl mouths in my common room," James smirked in quite a nasty way and he opened his mouth to begin a spew obscenities.

"Mate, if you ever want to marry this one I suggest you hush," Sirius said ginning over at James, who's face suddenly fell. The messy haired young man dropped his head on the back of the couch and Lily mouth to Sirius a silent 'Thank you.' She absolutely hated when people used cuss words.

"So when are you two getting married then?" Suddenly Harry found his seat a lot less comfortable, he looked over at Wormtail and forced himself to smile, and it was obvious to everyone that it was fake.

"Next week, hadn't you heard?" Sirius snorted before a loud bark of laughter came out of his mouth, Wormtail sat on his spot on the floor with a blush and a sheepish look.

"It's alright, Peter. Harry's just a little grumpy after losing so horribly, five times in a row," Remus said as he grinned over Harry's way.

"I did not lose five times in a row! I won that third game and you know it!" Harry pouted as he stood up from the couch. Sirius smirked and stood up as well, he took Harry's hand and moved them both away from the group of Gryffindors.

"I think Harry here needs some breakfast, who'd like to join?" Sirius offered the rest, everyone shook their heads, they'd all actually gone to breakfast early that morning. Sirius and Harry said their goodbyes and headed toward the portrait door.

"How'd you manage to sneak your boyfriend up here, Black?" Sirius grinned over at one of the younger Gryffindors and gave the boy a shrug.

"Just good that way, I guess," Sirius tugged Harry's hand and they left the Gryffindor common room after being in there for a solid two hours, thank goodness it was a Saturday.

Harry felt Sirius wrap his arm around his waist so he leaned his head against the young man's side and moved so that he could more comfortable walk as near to Sirius as possible for him. Harry was silent for a moment thinking back to the past few days, they had been hectic, not many people knew about Harry and Sirius, though that did not include the majority of Gryffindor tower.

The only reason anything was being kept secret at this point was that Harry still had to talk to Amos. They were friends, and though he didn't exactly merit an explanation, Harry felt that he deserved one anyways.

The entire castle knew how Amos felt for him, and it would be extremely hard keep Amos sane after Harry broke the most recent news, he'd be so embarrassed. He'd told a lot of people that he and Harry were practically together already, and to have to take it all back, he wouldn't like it, Harry was sure.

Other than being nervous about Amos, things had been a great few weeks. He and Sirius had talked, actually talked about things that had bothered them before, they'd worked through a lot of their problems so things were a lot happier now. Only there was one thing Sirius still got angry over, and it was Amos of course, and the fact that Harry wouldn't tell him, and that he simply wouldn't stop hanging around him.

"I wonder who'll be down here, it's such a late breakfast," Harry said as they stepped of the stairs and began to move to the Great Hall.

"I wonder if your Amos will be there," Harry sighed and gave a roll of his eyes, but he didn't bother to move away from Sirius just yet. Sirius couldn't help but be immature sometimes, and Harry had learned to live with it. He had accepted it years ago.

"Don't, Sirius, it's too early in the morning," Harry warned in a light voice. Sirius tensed and suddenly considered letting go of Harry and letting him fall on his arse.

"Don't what? Don't mention Amos Bloody Diggory, why not? Does it remind you of the fact that you've got to break your baby boy's heart?" Harry pulled away from Sirius and he continued walking a little faster, and on his own.

"You're such a-"

"Such a what? A handsome little devil, I know," Sirius said as he caught up to Harry and put both of his arms around Harry's shoulders. Harry sighed irritably, he had accepted the fact that Sirius was immature, but that didn't actually mean that he didn't still get aggravated by it.

They had their fights, thankfully they hadn't been bad, they were usually nothing. But he and Sirius weren't one hundred percent peachy at the moment, Harry figured though that things had really changed. He had changed. So had Sirius. And as a result what they'd had, had changed as well. They would probably always argue, but hopefully though the fights would never be as bad as any of the one's they'd had before they got back together.

Harry sighed, "Little, yea that's the word," Sirius lowered his head and mock bit the side of Harry's neck.

"Bad boy. Bad," Sirius said before he stopped walking all together and pulled Harry close to him as he tried to continue to walk away.

"Harry…" Sirius said in a clearly pouting voice, which did make Harry stop walking and turn around in Sirius' loose hold. At first neither of them said a word, they just looked into one another's eyes, seemingly sizing the other one up. Sirius lifted one of his hands and ran it through his hair with a small sigh before he gave in and spoke first.

"Just talk to him, alright? He needs to know that you aren't going to be his boyfriend or anything like that. Do it before I do," he wasn't asking much, Harry knew that he wasn't, but it didn't mean that he wanted to tell Amos anymore than he had before.

This time it was Harry's turn to give in, he gave a little nod of his head, and Sirius pulled Harry closer to him, the shorter of the two placed his chin against the others chest and stared up at him.

Sirius looked down at Harry and leaned to press a small kiss against the top of his tilted head, "I will," Harry agreed aloud and he was rewarded with another kiss before Harry pulled away and moved himself out of Sirius' strong arms.

"Now can we go eat?" Harry asked as he took Sirius' fingers loosely into his own and walked them to the Great Hall.

"Yeah, we can go eat now," Sirius needlessly said as they were practically already there now.


"Harry, you what?" Amos said with wide eyes as he looked down at the shorter Hufflepuff boy. Harry bit his lip and gave a nod of his head. He had finally broken the news to Amos, it was only Sunday, but he had decided to get things over with, and preferably when it wasn't a week night.

"Amos, it just sort of-"

"What? Sort of what, Harry?" the boy demanded with hurt eyes. Harry sighed and looked away, not liking the look in his friend's face. He hadn't wanted to do this, but there had been no way to avoid it.

"Harry, he punched me! He's lucky he wasn't expelled!" Amos exclaimed taking a step closer to Harry. The smaller boy got a nervous look on his face and he took a step back. Amos looked startled for a moment, even confused.

"…You know I would never hurt you like him," Harry could see the muscles in the older boy's face clenching, just like his fists. He was so upset, so hurt. Harry hadn't remembered feeling this guilty in a long time.

"I know," though he didn't make an effort to move closer to the other boy again.

"Then why do you look like you're afraid of me?" he knew he hadn't totally lost his old Gryffindor courage, or else he wouldn't be here now talking to Amos, but he wasn't sure if it was all still intact. He had the sudden urge to just leave now, and avoid Amos Diggory for the rest of his life.

"I don't want to think about what Sirius would do to you if you even touched me. He will do a lot worse than hit you next time, Amos. I just don't want you hurt," Harry offered as he tugged on the end of his loosely hanging gold and black striped tie.

Amos blinked a few times, and Harry pretended not to see the look of absolute loyalty, and adoration that still lingered in Amos' bright eyes just for Harry. He didn't want to see it, he was hurting Amos so deeply, and he knew it, he didn't deserve the other boy's loyalty.

"I'm sorry that things," Harry paused and tried to clear his throat, "-that things between us went the way they did. I didn't mean to make you think…" Harry trailed off uncomfortably, his hands continued to fidget with his tie as he looked determinedly at a spot right past Amos' ear left.

"Harry," Amos began to plead, but Harry couldn't hear it. He shook his head and then reached forward to quickly give his friend a small hug before he pulled away and stood far enough away so that Amos wouldn't try and reach for him again.

"I like you a lot, Amos. But I don't like you the way that you like me," he paused again, considering something, " And I love, Sirius, even if he's a complete ass. Nothing can happen between us, I'm sorry," Harry said hoping that he would be able to regain this man's forgiveness one day. He could only ever wish be so lucky.

Harry knew Amos wanted to say more, but he wasn't able to get it all out. He finally looked into the sad eyes of his friend, and gave him a painfully forced smile, "Bye, Amos," Harry said before turning on his heel and leaving as quickly from one of the many corridors surrounding the Hufflepuff common room.


Harry blew his long bangs out of his eyes as he laid on his back looking up at the bright blue and cloud covered sky. It had been almost five full days since he'd finally spilled the beans to Amos. And after he had, the entire school seemed to know. He wasn't surprised, or upset really.

Neither he, nor Sirius cared what anyone else cared. Well for the exception of a few certain people, like the Marauders (and Lily, of course) but all four of them had made it perfectly clear that they didn't have a problem with their relationship.

Sirius couldn't have been happier, but Harry had carried a heavy weight on his chest all week. He constantly felt nervous, tense, upset. Amos hadn't been to classes that first day, too embarrassed after breakfast when he'd been teased by a few Slytherins at the newest gossip.

Harry had seen it. His cheeks had flushed a bright and humiliated shade of red. He hadn't left like Amos had, but that didn't mean that he wasn't getting his own fair share of harassment from other students.

Some of his fellow housemates glared, some ignored him, though thankfully not any of the ones that Harry had ever really spoken to. Only Amos worshipers, Sirius had stated with a nasty glare of his own to share with the Hufflepuffs.

Harry sighed at the memory of the first few days, it had been rough, but soon everyone had moved on. They didn't care enough about Harry to dwell on him too long, and Sirius had always been known to move from person to person (though they were admittedly usually women), so no one actually expected it to last long.

He cracked open an eye when the girl next to him shifted in the grass, she was looking over at Harry with a big bright smile on her face, Harry couldn't help but smile back at her. She lifted a hand and took Harry's for a moment, her small, delicate fingers squeezed his comfortingly for a moment. It felt like for a moment that she had read his mind, and wanted to soothe his upset.

Harry bit his lip and turned back to face the sky still holding onto Lily's hand, he didn't have the strength to let go just yet.

"Oi, Potter, get your hands off my Harry," Harry heard a snort that clearly belonged to Remus, and then looked up to see both the werewolf and Sirius walking towards them. Lily only held his hand tighter before she sighed.

"Oh, you've caught us Sirius. We've been having a steamy, hot affair for weeks now!" Harry had almost wanted to laugh, but what she said, once it hit him fully, made Harry's stomach churn a little. She was his mother, for Merlin's sake.

"Porter, I'm going to rip your hand off," Harry grinned as he saw James with Peter hot on his heels coming towards them as well. He hadn't been able to see that far back before, but the look he could see on James' face actually did make him laugh.

Harry was about to speak again when Lily beat him to the punch, "Black, did you call me Potter?" Harry looked up at Sirius grinning and handsome face.

"Come on, Lily-bug, you know we're destined to be," Harry heard James say as he dropped himself onto the grass on Lily's other side. He tugged the girl away from Harry and pulled her into his lap.

Sirius didn't hesistate to reach down and pull Harry up and into his arms, "Balls," Sirius muttered under his breath. Harry's eyes went wide and he pulled out of Sirius' hug.

"What was that?" he asked suppressing a small smile.

"I missed you, Harry," the smaller boy looked up at Sirius and he couldn't help but laugh a little.

"We've only been apart for," Harry counted the minutes in his head quickly, "hardly over an hour," Sirius' muscled arms pulled Harry's slightly thinner frame towards his own more filled out form even more than before.

"I know," he said before sighing dramatically. Harry lifted his hands and wrapped them around Sirius' neck. He pressed a quick kiss to the corner of Sirius' lips. The dog animagus made a growling noise low and almost silently in the back of his throat before moving his mouth so that it could press onto Harry's lips in a hard and surprisingly fast kiss.

"Oh, ruddy hell," Peter said with a groan as he sat down on the grass as well, he pressed his back against the nearest tree, with a large smile on his face as he tried to avoid looking at the kissing couple.

James turned to Lily and the girl blinked owlishly at the Potter boy, who wagged his eyebrows at her before puckering his lips and leaning in to kiss her. Lily pressed the back of her hand on her mouth and let James kiss her palm. The boy made a whining noise and then fell back on the grass with his hand pressed to his chest.

"I'm so unloved," Remus laughed and threw a handful of ripped up grass blades over to the overly dramatic boy.

"Drama Queen," Remus replied, as Lily pulled herself out of James' lap to instead lay next to him on the grass.

"Moony, you're quiet rude, you know?" James said scowling, as he lifted a hand to cover his squinting eyes, trying to block out the sun. Remus just smirked and then laid back on the grass as well.

"Are you two done yet?" James complained, Peter couldn't help but chuckle as the two boys pulled apart grinning widely. Sirius looked like he had gotten away with the biggest prank in Hogwarts history, while Harry just looked happy as he clung to the taller male.

"Not quiet," Peter said as he saw Sirius dip his head once again to kiss Harry. James groaned pitifully as Lily made an 'aw-ing' noise. Remus covered his closed amber eyes with his hand, much like Lily had, as he openly grinned.

He certainly had the oddest group of friends, there was no denying that.


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