Ok here is the official trailer for the It's always sunny in New Mexico special Halloween fic.

Shows that creepy camera flash from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Some people...

"So, when is your birthday?" Chad asks Ryan.

"October 31." Ryan smiles.

...have bad days...

"So since last year I got to celebrate our birthday, this year, we can do whatever you want." Sharpay says to Ryan.

"Really? Well I really want to go visit grandpa's old farm in Texas." He smiles.

...some people have bad accidents...

"Well then it's settled, we're all going to Texas for the weekend with Ryan and Sharpay for their birthday." Troy says.

"Sounds fun." Taylor says.

...but others...

Shows a bus pass an old cornfield with a scarecrow in the middle of it.

"Did that scarecrow...just flick us off?" Chad asks.


Shows the bus pull over on the side of the road.

"Well there goes my down payment on this thing." Troy says, standing in front of the smoking hood.

...just plain bad luck.

Shows Chad and Taylor walk up to an old giant house.

Shows an giant sliding door open.

GLH $tudios presents...

In 1974, horror took shape

Shows Leatherface dragging a girl inside of a house.

Shows a chainsaw begin to run.

In 2003, evil took a new form

Shows the new Leatherface slam a giant metal door.

Shows Leatherface saw through the back window of a van.

In 2001, evil took flight

Shows a young boy pass in front of a scarecrow, when he looked away, the scarecrow looked at him.

Shows The Creeper flying away.

But in 2006...

Shows Chad walking through and old house.

Two legends will collide...

Shows Leatherface look up.

Shows The Creeper look up.


The opening theme to Jackass begins to play

Shows Chad and Taylor standing in front of a giant sliding door.

Leatherface tries to run after them, but trips and flips over a table.

Jackass theme continues to play.

Shows Chad running from Leatherface.

He jumps over a fence, but Leatherface trips and does a front flip.

Shows The Creeper tackle Latherface off the top of a bus.

Shows Leatherface throw his chainsaw at The Creeper and take off running.

On Friday the 13th...

Shows Leatherface try to hit Chad with a hammer, but misses and hits himself.

Shows Ryan shove a container of Tic-Tacs down The Creepers throat.


Shows Leatheface hit Chad with a hammer.

"Owww, mother..." Chad begins as he punches Leatherface in the nose.


Shows Leatherface try to throw Taylor down a flight of stairs, but trips and falls and trips down them himself.

Shows The Creeper slap Ryan, Ryan rubs his cheek and slaps him back.

...pretty damn stupid.

Shows Leatherface fall through the roof of a truck.

Shows Sharpay kick The Creeper in the face, spin around and kick Leatherface.

Jackass theme fades out as a house explodes.

An eye 4 an eye

Well there ya go people. Check my profile for the poster, and please go look at that and tell me what you think of it in your review.