Roses are red, Violets are blue.

The Covenant's not mine, so I'm too sad to rhyme.

Oh, no, wait...

World Enough


The world around him was blistering hot and smoky, but the night was quiet and still. He supposed it was around eleven, but he couldn't see his watch. Deciding not to wait any longer, he stood.

From an outsiders view, it would have seemed terribly strange, the way the charred wood and ashes suddenly rose up and scattered of their own accord, but there was no one around to see.

He brushed ash from his invisible body and let his protective shield drop. The shield had kept his body from burning, but it had also been large enough that had he moved while the firemen were there, he would've been noticed.

Finally, sure that he was really totally alone, he let his body shimmer back into existence.

He surveyed the damaged barn and checked in the superficial wounds he's received from his fight.

The fight he should've easily won. Angrily, he threw ropes of energy from his hands and tore up a few nearby pines and decimated the split rail fence.

Feeling slightly better, he quickly left town.

He had to see someone about a Source.

- - - - -

Thousands of miles away, across an ocean, a boy with messy black hair and green eyes awoke suddenly from a strange dream.

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