Christian Andrew Tyler had just graduated from UCLA with his degree in Zoology and a new job back home in New York. He would work at the Catskill Game Farm a place he had visited many times as a youth growing up. He was an only child Christian had been raised by his father after he and his mother had divorced.

His father was very wealthy but Christian didn't want to live off of his father's money so he started his new life. A small apartment with his pet cat Oneder (pronounced Oh-need-ER after the movie that thing you do). His cat was a longhaired Maine-coon, with a light tan fur from the top of his head down to the back and legs with white running up his nose and jaw down his neck and underbelly and on one side of each leg also the feet were white.

Christian stood six foot tall and around 180 lbs. He has medium length light brown hair and Hazel eyes with an athletic build and a chiseled face. He is in great shape as he had just finished the baseball season where he had started at second base at the university.

He would go to work each day on his internship where for the most part he would feed the animals and clean up after them. Though very boring he knew it was a good way to get his foot in the door and start his career. His life seemed to be set and he would live a normal life.

One week after he had been working he had started to be more money conscious. He had been eating fast food every night mostly because he could not cook. On a Sat there was a lawn sale down the block from where he lived. Seeing an old Microwave oven he bought that bringing it home so that he could start to eat more at home. Christian was not aware that this purchase would change his life.

That night Christian had some frozen chicken that he warmed up in the microwave. Unbeknownst to him was that the microwave had a tiny hole in it that while the chicken was cooking, allowed dangerous amounts of microwave energy to seep into it. After it was finished warming up, Christian started to eat his food. Oneder had done what he did every night beg for food. Christian could never resist and breaking off a few pieces of chicken he fed it to his pet. After eating he went to his bedroom and had fallen asleep watching TV.

A change occurred in both Christian and Oneder while they slept. As morning rolled in and the sun had set Christian was woke by his cat but not in a normal way. Oneder had pounced on the bed and began to yell at Christian "hey wake up and feed me!" he yelled.

Christian opened one eye and looked at his pet. "Huh! What do you want?" he asked still half asleep. He rolled over and looked at the alarm clock on the nightstand. "Its 7:30 in the morning what do you want!" he said. Oneder walked on the bed up close to his head. "I said I want food you fool," said the cat in an annoyed tone.

Christian jumped out of the bed startled at what he had just heard. "Did you just talk?" he asked frozen in the spot he was now standing in. Oneder sat down on the bed and looked over at him. "If I tell you what happened can I get some DAMN FOOD!" Oneder asked.

Christian starred at his cat astonished that he was hearing his pet talk. Oneder looked at him "yes your cat is talking get over it" he said and walked over to the edge of the bed "listen up and see if your brain can comprehend what I am about to say" Oneder said and shook his head adding "I was on your computer most of the night looking up answers to what happened and let me say its not easy to do anything without a thumb" The cat started to walk back and forth on the bed as he talked. "The microwave has something wrong with it. The chicken we ate last night was full of microwave energy and it changed me. I can talk as you know now and along with these vocal cords my brain began to absorb information, I have a photographic memory now" he said looking back at his master. "DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE WORDS COMING OUT OF MY MOUTH?" he asked adding "now all last night I was learning and I think maybe we have gained the abilities of each others species" he jumped off the bed and started to walk to the kitchen still talking " after you feed me I would like to conduct a few tests" he said and stopped looking back "are you coming"

Christian still slightly in shock collected himself and followed behind him " so you are a human now?" he asked in disbelief. "No" said Oneder adding "I am still a cat but I have a brain and vocal cords like a human, you I suspect have the abilities of a cat and that is what I want to test, now give me some people food no canned crap"

Christian opened the refrigerator and took out some leftover Chinese food showing it to his cat "is this ok?" he asked. Oneder walked over to him and looked up saying "it will have to do but your going to start getting better food for us to eat" Christian empted the food in the bowl and Oneder started to eat it.