After eating his food, Oneder had convinced Christian to take a few tests and see if his theory was correct about gaining the abilities if species. The two walked out of the apartment to Christians van. It was old very large 1978 Chevrolet Van, painted black with dark tinted windows.

"So I suppose you want to drive too?" Christian asked his cat still not believing that he was in a conversation with a cat.

"I know I told you I can't do a lot without thumbs but in theory I could drive better than you with the knowledge I have obtained" Oneder replied as he jumped on in the passenger seat.

Christian shook his head saying; "I think I will stop asking you questions now" He started up the van and drove down the road. "Where did you want to conduct these tests?" He asked as he looked in the rear-view mirror.

"Let's go to your old high school I don't think people will be around this early on a Saturday," the cat suggested.

Christian gave his cat an evil look "If you hadn't nagged me I would have been at home sleeping or watching TV"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah just drive we have a lot of work to do" Oneder said as he walked over to the window and placed his paws on the door to look out it.

Christian pulled the van up to the school and drove it in the back of the school, parking it near the track and football fields. He opens the door and steps out on to the ground as Oneder jumps out behind him. "OK so what do we do now?" He asks the cat as he closes the door.

"Follow me" Oneder said and started to walk to the track. He looked back to make sure he was coming. When Christian was he spoke again "If you got the stopwatch I told you to bring we can start with the 40 yard dash"

Christian took the stopwatch from around his neck. "Yeah I have it," he said holding it out for the cat to see

"Good now start it and place it on the ground" Oneder said. After Christian followed his instructions he told him "now go get ready to run when it reaches zero again I will tell you to go"

Christian stretches out a little and lines up on 40 yards away from Oneder who had been watching the watch count. "I am ready" Christian calls out to his somewhat annoying furry friend, adding "last time I did this I had a 4.49 time"

"You have about 10 seconds" Oneder called out "get ready" he adds and watches it count. "And go" he yells as count reached zero. He watched as Christian started to run and as he passed him he took not of the time.

"What was it?" Christian asked as he caught his breath.

"That was amazing" Oneder said looking at him. "Your time was 1.26" he said

"What?" asked Christian

"1.26 now write that down on the note pad," Oneder said as he walked over to where the starting line was marked on the track. "Come over here and get ready to run the mile" he called out.

Christian walked over to the line and stood ready. In his head he was thinking "why am I taking orders from a cat".

Oneder had been watching the stopwatch and when it was near the next minute mark he called out "ok gat ready… and GO!"

Christian started to run around the track picking up speed every second. He raced around the track passing the starting line three times. Every step felt like he was running fast and faster.

One Christians fourth time around Oneder was watching the clock. Oneder wanted for Christian to cross the start line, when his food stepped over it, Oneder called out "59 seconds… you just ran a mile in 59 seconds"

Christian was surprised that his speed and leg strength had increased so much. Oneder was purring loudly he was excited that his theory was correct, they both and new enhanced abilities and he of a human and Christian of a cat.

They conducted numerous tests that day. Testing how high he could jump both standing and running. Also doing various strength and stamina tests.

After Oneder had competed the last test and was sure his theory was correct he looked up at Christian " you just did a standing jump of 18 feet. Come on lets go home" he said and walked over to the van.

Christian fallowed he was in shock for the second time that day. "I am a super person this is so awesome" he thought. As he opened the door he watched Oneder jump in the van. "This is so cool" he said and climbed in closing the door behind him.

Oneder walked over to the passenger seat and sat down. "This really is, no lets go home," he said.

Christian drove off and back to the apartment. The two got out of the van and walked inside.