-1Title: Let The Games Begin

Author: LunaTygerCat

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Missing scene from the fight in Sarah's Room

Warnings: Rape, violence

Disclaimer: Nope, don't own them, But would love to have Caleb all to myself.

Chase grabbed Caleb by his coat's collar and dragged him from the bathroom. He threw him onto Sarah's bed and used his Power to hold the bigger boy down. Caleb was half on half off the bed.

"What are you doing?" Caleb coughed

"You asked me what I wanted….I told you I didn't want anything. I lied. I want you." Chase with a laugh. "I want your power as well, But I think I will take your body first."

Caleb tried to struggle as he felt Chase's hands reach under him and undo his belt, open his jeans and pull them down. He knew Chase was crazy, but didn't think he would stoop to this level. He struggled harder.

"The more you fight, the more it turns me on." Chase said against Caleb's ear.

Caleb turned his head and glared at Chase watching him undo his own jeans and freeing his now very hard cock.He saw Chase look down at him. Caleb turned his face and buried it in the comforter and tried to stay has still has possible. He then felt Chase positioned himself at his entrance and pushed inside his unyielding body.

Caleb clenched his jaw and refused to scream in pain, even though it felt like he was being ripped in half. He could handle this humiliation if it kept his friends safe. He also vowed right then that he was going to kill Chase. He groaned when Chase began to thrust in and out of his body. Oh yeah, he was going to enjoy killing Chase.

To add insult to injury he felt Chase reach around and start to stoke his cock, feeling it harden under Chase's touch.

"That's it Caleb" Chase panted. "enjoy this too." Chase thrust harder, hearing another grunt of pain from Caleb.

Caleb was pissed at himself, his body was betraying him, Chase was going to make him come, he could feel it building inside him. It made him hate the boy even more. He tried to push the need back, he was being raped, Chase had beat the shit out of him, hurt Pogue and Sarah and his body was enjoying this abuse. He dug his teeth into the mattress to muffle his groans.

"That's it Caleb. Come for me. Then I will let go and this will all be over, for now." Chase said nipping Caleb's ear. He stroked Caleb's cock harder, faster feeling it get harder under his touch.

Caleb groaned, he felt the orgasm rip through his body, spilling his seed all over Chase's hand and the bed below him. He felt Chase thrust one final time filling him with his seed. He felt Chase get off him. and he slowly get to his feet and pulled up his jeans glaring at Chase the entire time. His eyes went black, Chase was going to die screaming.

"I will kill you." Caleb growled stalking toward Chase, who smiled at him and casually used his own powers to toss him back into the bathroom wall. He bounced off the wall and hit the floor.

"See you tomorrow night." Chase said as he headed for the door.

"Don't leave like her like that…she'll die." Caleb hissed from the floor.

He watched Chase stop and looked over at Sarah. He felt Chase use his powers then watched Chase leave the room. He got slowly and painfully to his feet. His body hurt. He was angry, wanted to kill, but he pushed it back down and walked toward where Sarah was laying on the bed.