Title: Checkmate

Author: LunaTygerCat

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Missing scene following the fight at Nicky's

Warnings: Rough Sex

Disclaimer: Nope, don't own them, But would love to have Caleb all to myself

Caleb knew it was coming. He knew Reid would be waiting for him in his room. After the fight at Nicky's that had been started, but not finished. Reid was asking to be put in his place and Caleb was defiantly up for the challenge. Caleb opened his bedroom and saw that was indeed waiting for him. He saw Reid leaning against the balcony doors tapping his fingers against his face watching him.

"What do you want" Caleb asked as he shut his bedroom door.

Reid stalked toward him and stopped just inches from his face smiling the whole time.

Caleb tried to push past him but Reid grabbed his arm and forced him to the floor. Reid then flipped him over and pinned him to the floor.

"I want to finish what we started at Nicky's. You know how much a good fight gets my blood pumping." Reid said staring down at Caleb.

Caleb felt Reid shift his weight and push his hips into his own. Caleb groaned and tried to shift his weight and flip them over. He heard Reid laugh then felt Reid's lips and tongue trace his ear.

"Come on Caleb. Doesn't it get you all hot and bothered when we fight each other?" Reid asked in his ear.

"You I'm going to win." Caleb growled back as he finally got an arm free. He grabbed Reid by his hair and kissed him hard, using the distraction to flip Reid over. Reid slid his hands down and pulled off his shirt. Then he felt Reid open his jeans and groaned against Reid's lips when he felt Reid's hands slide over his shaft.

"Yep, definitely gets your blood pumping" Reid says with a laugh. Reid pushes him off and Caleb watches him pull off his own shirt. Reid then leans down and pushes down his jeans and frees his cock. He hissed in pleasure when Reid took him into his mouth. He knew Reid was smiling because this was the only time Reid had any real power over him. Caleb hissed again when he felt Reid use his teeth, not enough to cause real pain but enough to hurt. Caleb loved it when Reid used his teeth. It involved a lot of trust on his part, but the again they both loved pain and pleasure together.

Caleb grabbed Reid's hair again and pulled the boy up for a rough kiss, then he pushed Reid over onto his hands and knees. He roughly pulled Reid's jeans down and his cock a few times hearing Reid groan. He felt Reid use and smiled when the lube appeared in his hand. Caleb poured some on his fingers and pushed them into Reid's body.

"Fuck!" Reid cried as his body was roughly invaded. "Caleb quit teasing."

Caleb smiled and lubed up his cock then thrust into Reid, hearing the other boy cry out in pleasure and pain. He pulled almost completely out and thrust in again. Hard, fast and deep. This is how it always was between the two of them. He heard Reid cry out again when Caleb grabbed his cock and started stoking it in time with his thrusts. Reid started moving his hips taking Caleb deeper into his body. Caleb groaned. He thrust harder feeling Reid's muscles clench.

"Come on Reid" Caleb said with a lick to Reid's ear. "Come for me."

"Oh shit! Caleb I'm going to…" He heard Reid start, the rest came out as a cry. He felt Reid come all over his hand. He felt Reid go still. Caleb kept thrusting feeling his own orgasm building.

"Fuck!" He growled as he came deep inside Reid. He pulled out of the other boy's body and rolled onto his back on the floor. He looked over at Reid, who was on his side looking at him with his trade mark grin.

"I swear Reid. You only use in public so you can pick a fight with me because you know that we're going to end up fucking each other into the floor." he said as he lay there catching his breath. He watched Reid's smile get bigger.

"Damn, you're on to me." Reid laughed.