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Ash Title: Misty's Goodbye?!?

Narrator: We join our heros back in Pallet. Our heros are gonna spend a month at Mrs. Ketchem's (Ash's Mother) house.

Misty: Togepi, are you OK? What's wrong?

Togepi: :: I have a headache::

Ash: What'd it say?

Misty: It said it had a headache. There are no pokemon centers here or any pokemarts. I know!! I'll build my own. For all injered abandened pokemon can stay here! I bought a whole lot of potion, antidotes, etc.!!!

Ash: So your...leaving.

Misty: No, not really. I'll be at the pokemon leage.

Ash: Great, you can watch me.

Misty sweatdropped.

Misty: No, I'm joining the leage. I have all the Kanto badges and Jhoto leage. Sorry Ash. (sticks out tounge) Prepare to lose. If we battle each other, it'll be a rematch...for my gym.

Ash: Your on.

Misty: Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to Viridian to see if I can have a Chansey. Goodbye guys. See you soon.

Pikachu: ::Bye, Mist::

Ash: Bye!

Brock: See you.

Togepi: ::My head hurts::

Misty started running to Viridian. If her estimete is right, she's be there in a couple of hours.


Jessie: Hmmm, I wonder what the brats are doing. The redhead went to Viridian and the cap-wearing moron went to Pallet with the squintey eyed freak of nature along with the electric rat.

Ash/Misty/Brock/Pikachu: HEY!!

Narraotor: Hey guys, you aren't in the scene. Hurry up, get out.

Everyone: Sorry:

Narrator: Ready?? OK, Go!

James: Dosen't the boss want the redhead?

Meaowth: Ya, but we don't know why, except she needs to be with him alive.

Jessie: Hey!! The perfect target! The red head's all alone!!

James: Oh ho ho ho ho!! Let's go Jess.

Meaowth: Don't we still need Pikachu?

Jessie: We can use the scrawny redhead as bait!!! If that Ketchum kid dosen't give us ALL of his pokemon, will hurt her.

James: Perfect idea.

Meawoth: Let's go!


Ash: I hope Misty's OK.

Brock: She probably is Ash, don't worry.

Mrs. Ketchum: Would you like any rice balls or sushi?

Ash/Brock: *Hai*

Note: If you don't know what that is, scroll to the bottom.

After lunch, Ash decided to call the Viridian City pokemon center.

Brock: It's a couple hours to get there Ash, she's probably not even there.

Ash: You're right. I'll train with Pikacha, THEN I'll call the center. Good idea Brock.

Brock sweatdropped.

Ash: C'mon Pikachu, let's go out a train.

Pikachu: ::OK::

After a halh hour of training Ash ran to the phone and dialed the Viridian City center.

Ash: Hello is Misty *Kasami*

Joy: Hang on, I'll get her.

After a couple of minutes, Misty appered on the screen.

Misty: Ash, I got a Chansey. I got some people to help me build a dacare AND a nursing home. You guys can c'mon over. It's a little past Pallet. It's nearly done. WEll, I have to go. Bye Ashie Boy.

Before Ash could respond to the comment, the screen went blank.

Ash: Brock!! Misty's thing is done. C'mon. Let's go and visit.

Ash: Mom, we'll be back at 6:00pm.

Mrs. Ketchum: Ok, but 6:00pm sharp!

Ash: Bye mom. Bye Pikachu.

Pikachu: ::Bye::


James: There she is, but whats that building?

Jessie: Who knows, but we gotta get the scrawny brat for the boss.

Meaoth: Let's do it.


Misty went into the newly built daycare center/nursing house. She dumped out all of her medicine in a drawer in her desk.

Togepi: ::Mommy, my head still hurts!::

Misty took out an antidote.

Misty: Here Togepi, take this.

She gave Togepi the medicene, and put Togepi on one of the pokemon beds. Togepi instantlly fell asleep.

Misty: Chansey, Articuno, and Vaporeon, come out!

All of her newly caught pokemon came out.

Misty: Articuno, Vaporeon, you will help me protect all the pokemon here. Chansey will help me watch them and take care of them. Ditto, come out. Ditto will breed with any type of pokemon to get a new pokemon. Jifflypuff come out. You and Ditto go out side. I wanna see if this works.


Misty: Come in.

Misty: Hi!! Welcome to Misty's Pokemon Watch.

Ash: Hi Misty!

Brock: Cool Articuno, Vaporeon and a Chansey.

Ash: You didn't tell me you had all these pokemon.

Misty: You never asked. Ash, I'll watch a pokemon from you and Brock. Sense your my friends, I'll watch them for you on the house.

Ash: OK, Squirtle come out.

Squirtle: ::What is it Ash?::

Ash: Your gonna stay here with Misty for a while, OK?

Squirtle: ::Cool::

Brock: Zubat, your also gonna stay here with Misty, got it?

Zubat: ::No problem::


Jessie: Ready James?

James: Ready Jessie.

Meaowth: Let's do it.


As the 3 teens were talking, 3 shadowy figures broke down the door.

Misty: WATCH IT, IT TOOK SO LONG TO BUILD! (normal) Welcome to Misty's Pokemon Watch.

???? Prepare for trouble

???? Yes, and make that double.

???? To protect the world from devistation.

???? To unite all people within out nation.

???: To denounce the evils of truth and love.

???: To extend our reach to the stats above.

???? Jessie

???? James

Jessie: Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light.

James: Surrender now, or prepare to fight.

???? Meowth, that's right!

Brock: Not you again.

Ash: Can you guys leave us alone, I'll pay you $20.

James: Sure

Jessie: We don't take bribes, brat.

James: The boss wants the redhead dead.

Giovonni apeared.


Everyone sweatdropped.

James: Yea...you heard what the boss said.

Meowth: So get in da bag.

Misty: Never. Articuno, go! Ice Shadow!

TR: Ice Shadow??

Suddenly, a beam of ice shot out of Articuno's beak and surronded the TR members in an ice circle.

Ash: Pikachu, Thunderbolt.

Pikachu: ::Got it::

TR: Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again.

Voice: Odd....

Misty: A sick pokemon! Vaporeon, go fetch it.

Vaporeon went to fetch a sick Oddish. Misty got out her computer and started to type with.

Brock: What's that?

Misty: I take a sample of the blood from the pokemon and put it right here (points at a tube near the computer) that way, it'll tell me what's wrong with it and how I should treat it.

Vaporeon put Oddish on a Pokebed.

Misty: Ash, will you tell Bulbasuar to use Sleeppower? I don't want to hurt it.

Ash: OK, Bublbasuar a soft Sleeppowder on that Oddish.

Bulbasuar: ::Right Ash::

Bulbasuar used Sleeppowder on the Oddish and it instantley fell asleep.

Misty quickly took out a needle (a shot) and poked it in the pokemon. She put the sample in the tube near the computer. She then began typing again. After a few minutes she noticed something odd.

Misty: Hey look guys.

Brock: What is it?

Ash: I don't see anything.

Narrator: What is Misty's new discovery? Why does the Boss want Misty alive? Why does Misty want to enter the leage? Why does Misty want to start a Pokemon Watch/Baby Sitting thingy? All that and more in Part 2 of Misty's Secret.

Japanese Phrases:

*Hai*: Yes, or Okay.

*Kasami*: Misty's name in Japanese