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With every 'dobe' said, it's six kisses.

With every fight, the winner is seme till the next.

With every punch, one extra thrust.

Every kick, one suck.

Everyone wonders why.

'Why fight like that!

'Do they truly hate one another?'

In the light of day, we are rivals, we fight and bicker.

People doubt their friendship.

But once night falls upon the hidden village of the leaves, the mask falls and the true colors emerge. We nurse one another's wounds with love and affection.

Our hatred for one another turns to unconditional love.

From rivals to lovers, we went.

Soon, we might stop the show. Show people who we really are. But while we hide in the shadows, we will continue to fight and curse one another. It was meant to be.

But what part?

The love and admiration for one another?

Or the hatred and rivalry?

You tell me.


I know it's short but size doesn't always matter ya know!

Hope you enjoyed! Later!