Title: Stamina

Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII

Pairing: Squall/Laguna

Rating: NC-17

Summary: The trouble was that Laguna wanted Squall right now and Squall was still at work.

Warnings: Smut, incest, pwp, not beta-read. Kink.

Author's note: "Domestic" is a porn story where Laguna and Squall have kinky sex in every chapter. Yay! If you look for more, you'll only find pocket lint.


The trouble was that Laguna wanted Squall right now and Squall was still at work. It was a common problem for Laguna who found himself still madly in love and lust with his son even after over five years of—whatever it was they had. He'd fought so long to stay just Squall's father, failed, and now had a beautiful lover he could no longer boss around.

And, yes, his conscious was in terrible conflict most of the time and he dealt with it as best he could. Today was one of those days when his conscious was remarkably quiet. Yes, he was sleeping with his son and it was illegal and he should be ashamed and Squall's mother was probably cursing him from the grave and. Blah, blah, blah.

He really wanted to shag.

So Laguna paced. He tried to write. He made a few meals and picked at them. He contemplated having a wank in the shower but what good would that do when he would still want Squall after?

By the time Squall was pulling his noisy motorcycle up front, Laguna was squirming in front of a bad movie on the television. He raced to the door, had it open and was standing in the door before Squall had even turned off the headlights.

He made an oomph of surprise when Laguna dragged him inside, shut the door, whirled him around to push him against the wall, and plundered his mouth.

"Mmmm…" Laguna moaned against Squall's soft lips. He opened for Squall when Squall's tongue traced along the seam of his lips. Laguna sucked on that tongue, rubbed against it with his own suggestively.

Squall broke the kiss long enough to raise a questioning eyebrow at Laguna. "Something I should know?"

"Come upstairs with me," Laguna begged. "Please. Now."

Squall walked backwards, tugging Laguna along with him by his thin wrists. "What do you want to do?"

"Everything," Laguna admitted. "It's been a rough day waiting for you. I want you."

"Mmm," Squall said, but was silent as he led them up the stairs to the big bedroom they shared. Only when they were in the dim room did he turn to Laguna and say, "Take off your clothing."

It was a blur then, Laguna stripping quickly, climbing onto the bed and reveling to find Squall as nude as he was himself. Then he was reaching for the drawer beside the bed and slicking himself up as quickly as he could. Squall watched him for a moment where he squirmed and twisted on his own fingers. Then he added his own to the tangle inside Laguna. The stretch was too much, perfect, three, four, five fingers moving inside him. Six…

"Nnngg, more," Laguna begged. "Please, I'm ready." He jerked his own fingers free and only hissed a little when Squall's were tugged free too. Then the blunt, leaking head of Squall's erection was pushing against his slicked pucker. He spread his legs, wrapped his arms around his thighs to tug them even wider. "Now. Inside me now," he all but moaned.

The push was amazing, the glide, slide, stretch. And Squall didn't halt once he was seated, just started fucking him in earnest, the piston of his hips driving him in and out in a perfect rhythm. He loved that Squall could fuck him like this, no condom, just skin and silken heat. It felt good and he could tell that Squall was close. He couldn't come yet without jerking himself off, but he had other ideas anyway.

"Come inside me," he said. "I want to feel that…come on, give it to me."

Squall leaned down over him, made his thrusts harder, more relentless. Laguna had a brief thought that the door was unlocked downstairs and he didn't even care. It felt too good being taken like this when he was so horny for it, needed it so bad all day.

Squall's rhythm faltered and Laguna concentrated on where Squall's body joined with his so he could feel the wet splash, the shocking, wonderful filling of his body with Squall's seed. Squall didn't disappoint and Laguna arched into it, squeezed down on the hard length inside him, encouraging Squall to give him every drop.

He rocked into Squall's wild last thrusts, then settled down, quivering with the need to come. "God…so good, Squall, you're perfect."

Squall was kissing along his throat, his chin. "I love your body, I love how you feel," Squall murmured.

"Ditto," Laguna laughed breathlessly. "Here, pull out. I want to do something."

Squall slowly eased out of him and Laguna made a little uncomfortable noise. It was so wet between his legs from lube and come seeping out. He arranged Squall how he wanted him, on his back with his legs wide.

"Yeah," Squall said, "I like this."

"You don't even know what I'm doing yet!" Laguna argued with a smile on his face. He was a sweaty, flushed mess, but Squall was looking up at him like he was precious. He settled between Squall's thighs. Squall's impressive cock was half hard between his legs, slicked with streaks of white from its exertions inside Laguna. It was too tempting to resist, so Laguna reached out and stroked it a few times. Squall thrust gently into his fist.

"I want you again," Squall said. "Do what you want quickly so I can put you on your knees and come inside you again."

Laguna smiled. "Impatient!" he scolded. Then he kissed Squall's hip where the bone protruded deliciously, scooted down the bed a bit and kissed the top of his thigh. Then he kissed just inside his thigh at the lightly furred, pale skin he found there. His next kiss was higher, deeper in.

He pushed Squall's legs wider, encouraged him to hold himself open, and then his tongue dipped into where he needed it to be, tip tickling along the sweet pucker. Squall hissed. When Laguna pushed deeper, let the fat part of his tongue drill into his son's tight body, Squall began twisting beneath him so prettily that he had to hold him still with hands on his narrow hips.

He looked up at him. "Talk to me. Do you like it?"

"Mm…Laguna…ah…" Squall twisted and squirmed on his tongue.

And Laguna knew this drove Squall mad. It probably had to do with it making him feel dirty, wrong, used. It felt like a forbidden act—as forbidden as regularly, enthusiastically fucking your father, Laguna guessed. Squall seemed to like doing bad, bad things. Liked having bad, bad things done to him and his sweet, youthful body. And Laguna liked putting his mouth to Squall like this, but didn't love having it done to him as much. So it all worked out, Laguna decided. They both got what they wanted.

Because Squall loved how Laguna licked him open, sucked on his sweet hole. No sooner had he thought it than Laguna pressed his lips to the forbidden skin and sucked, sucked. He kissed and licked frantically for a second, then slowed down to penetrate Squall with his tongue again. He shifted a bit to get a hand between Squall's legs, pushed two fingers inside him efficiently and held him open that way so his tongue could do more interesting work deeper inside him.

He glanced up to see Squall with one fist in his mouth. He was sweating, trembling in his attempts to hold still and remain quiet. His cock was hard, purpling with need, and leaking come onto his muscled belly.

"Can you come like this?" Laguna asked, then swirled his tongue along that delicious pucker.

"Please," Squall begged. "Please, Laguna…."

Laguna kissed him again, hard and wet at his tight little hole. Then he plundered it with his mouth, thrust hard in and out quickly. His jaw was aching and he was drooling and it was amazing to have Squall fall apart on his tongue like this.

With a shocked cry, Squall spilled his seed again. This time it even landed on Laguna between his legs, splashing hotly on his face and his tongue where it was still fucking Squall mercilessly. Squall arched like a bow, then collapsed back onto the bed.

Laguna wiped at his own face, cleaned himself up as best he could. Licked some of the mess off of his hands.

"Oh my god, Laguna…Laguna…god…" Squall said, barely making sense at all. Laguna gathered up some of the mess on Squall's stomach, smeared it over his own unattended erection, then pushed into Squall without delay. He leaned down low over him as he fucked him, marveled at the feel of heat coming in waves from his son's body.

It had been a revelation that being older meant he didn't come as often as he used to. But orgasms were more intense now, if less frequent. He could get Squall off a few times, hold off his own release, and spend a long, wonderful night listening to the beautiful sounds his son made.

"You're always so tight," Laguna said, fucking into Squall's quivering hole slowly.


Laguna smiled, but kept his pace slow. "How many more times can I make you come, baby?"

"Don't stop," Squall said in a throaty whisper. "More."

Laguna was good at following orders. He kept the rhythm interesting, listened to the sounds Squall made as a guide. He slowed when Squall seemed almost ready to come, made his thrusts shallow and sweet; then brought him back to the precipice with thick, deep thrusts.

Squall was almost babbling. He was sweaty, his tight chest heaving and the muscles of his stomach jumping and rolling with the machine-like movements of their bodies.

Laguna licked at whatever part of Squall he could reach—the dip at his throat where sweat was pooling, the budded nipple at his chest, peaked and hard. Squall's erection was rubbing against him as he moved and he knew the tease was driving Squall to greater heights. He was rocking with each thrust, trying to get more friction on his thick, leaking cock.

Squall's hands roamed over Laguna's back and ass, couldn't find purchase with the slick sweat.

"M-more….Laguna…there…right there…fuck me…ahh…no….yes…there…" he babbled, voice going high and then higher. Through determination alone he clutched the globes of Laguna's ass, squeezed and tugged, held Laguna in place.

"There!" Squall screamed. He arched high and his orgasm was amazing to watch. His muscles fluttered around Laguna's cock, squeezed and massaged him until Laguna couldn't hold back anymore. He thrust hard three times then spilled into Squall, fucked his come deep into him.

His arms couldn't support him anymore and he dropped down hard onto Squall who let out a pained exhale of air, then clung to Laguna. He shivered and jerked still, his body not fully done with the orgasm. Laguna could feel it too, the tremors from his own over-tired muscles counterpoint to those from Squall's. His hips rolled slowly, gently still. He could feel his cock finally going soft inside Squall.

And Squall was kissing his temple, his cheek.

"Thank you. That was…wow."

"Yeah," Laguna said. "Well worth the wait."

Squall decided to show off then and rolled them in a smooth, powerful move. Laguna found himself pinned beneath his son, wrists held down and a knee between his thighs.

"Fancy another go?" Squall purred and then dipped down slowly to lick a stripe up Laguna' sweaty throat.

"God," Laguna laughed breathlessly. "What's it like to have so much stamina?"

Squall used his knee to spread Laguna's legs wider. "Good," he purred. "Very, very good," he answered.

The End