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My characters

Daichi Sakura- Mikan Sakura's older brother. Daichi is 16 years old. A very handsome and smart guy. He studies in Italy with his fiancée Hana. Daichi means great first son.

Hana Ukizama- Mikan Sakura's sister-in-law. Hana is also 16 years old. A very beautiful and kind hearted woman. Mikan hates her for stealing his brother away from her, but now she doesn't hate her anymore because of Natsume. She is also Daichi's fiancée. Hana means flower.

Akio Sakura- Mikan Sakura's cousin. He has jet black hair with blue eyes. He is a year older than Mikan. He is smart and cute. He studies in Germany together with Mikan's bestfriend Hotaru Imai. Akio means bright boy.

Aya Yuuki- Natsume's ex-girlfriend…she broke up with Natsume because she finally woke up from the truth that whatever she do Natsume will only love Mikan and Mikan only.

Chapter 14 – Start of our love story

"Mikan, I love you. And I'll always will." Natsume whispered to her ear

For a second Mikan was speechless

"Mikan let's go!" Hana shouted

All Mikan could do was stare at him as she walks to the plane.

"Mikan" he yelled over and over again hoping she'll look back but she never did.

Natsume's POV

"Mikan" I yelled for the last time with all I've got and then… What the? I look around and I was back in my room? What was that a dream? I thought as hard as I can, seeking for an answer. I looked at the clock and it's already 6:13 in the morning. I let out a sigh as I start my morning routine.

Alice Academy

The bell rang signifying the end of 4th period and the start of lunch.

I let out a heavy sigh as I stood up. "Dude, what's the problem?" Ruka asked as he stood up.

"It's nothing." I said as I went out of the room. Ruka followed me and said "But, Natsume, you've been sighing a lot since this morning".

I looked at him, I could see that he's really worried.

"Natsume, I'm your best friend. You can tell me anything." He said as he pat my shoulders.

I let out another sigh and stared at his blue eyes.

"Mikan…she still haven't contact me." I said feeling blue

Ruka looked at me with confuse written all over his face.

"Mikan, who's she your new girlfriend?" he said

'What's with that reaction? Doesn't he remember her?' I asked myself

"Ruka, don't joke with me. Don't you remember? Mikan Sakura, the best friend of Imai." I said as I stare at him

"Natsume, are you alright? Who's this Mikan? You kept on talking about her." He looked at me like I'm some kind of a fool.

'What's happening here?' I though as someone from behind called out to me

"Hey hey Natsume!" Someone said

I turned around and it was Koko. 'Hmm, Koko…He might know what's going on right?' I try to encourage myself.

"Koko, How's Akira? Do you still keep in touch with him?"I stare at him hoping he'll say "Oh yes! Akira, he's doing just fine." But all I got was a confuse look.

"Who's Akira?" he said

"Ow yeah, Akira, isn't his name. I mean Fallen! How is he?" I tried to ask him again


'Oh come on! Is it April fools day already? If so, it's not funny' I thought

"Koko, he's Fallena's twin brother! Remember?" I said sounding desperate

"I see…" he said as he pat my back

'Yes finally! He remembers!' I though happily

"Poor Natsume, you still can't get over Fallena. Don't worry, as your friend I'll help you." He said with his sympathetic look

I stared at him then I look at Ruka. "Seriously, are you two playing with me?" I said to both of them while glaring

"Natsume, we should be the one asking you that." Ruka said

"Yeah, you look a little pale too. Maybe that's why you're talking non-sense." Koko said

'What non-sense?! This not non-sense!' I'm really confused now. I let out a sigh as sign of defeat.

"Never mind." I said as I walk away. Ruka followed me. For a while there was silence. It totally feels awkward. I looked at Ruka that is now by my side. 'He must think I'm out of my mind' I thought to myself. He was about to say something when someone called us.

"Natsuuuume" a gay voiced yelled

I looked back and I saw the stupid gay, Narumi.

"What do you want?!" I asked with a hint of annoyance in my voice

"Natsume, please go back to the classroom late kays?" he said

"No way" was my reply

"Please!!! I need to discuss with you something!" he pleads looking like a lost child

'I hate this guy' I said to myself." Fine fine, after I finish eating my lunch!" I said as I walk to the cafeteria. 'gaaah, that guy really is annoying! I have no time to talk to him! I'm having a problem here!' I brought bread and sat on an empty seat beside my friend.

"Natsume, is that all you're going to eat? You should eat something heavy. Remember, we need to perform tonight. You need more energy." Yuu said

"Perform?" I asked him looking confuse

"Natsume, how could you forget? We have a performance tonight at club paradise." Anna said

'What? Didn't we already perform before?' I asked myself. I'm getting really lost here

"ahh, yeah. Maybe I just forgot. Sorry." I said as I took a bite on my bread

After eating lunch Ruka and I left the cafeteria. On the hallways, I could see all the girls faint as we pass by. 'How annoying.' I thought as I look at the girls.

"Natsume, where are we going?" Ruka asked

"Let's go back to our classroom." Was my reply

"But why?" he asked, obviously he forgot that Narumi called us earlier.

"I don't know…that stupid Narumi just ordered me to go back to our rooms."

"Ok…" Ruka replied

Classroom (class B)

"Oh Natsume, Ruka you're finally here!" Narumi said

"Hnn…" I said while giving him a glare

"So Narumi, why'd you asked us to come here?" Ruka asked

"Please sit down first."

We sat down.

"Ok…the reason why I asked you two to come here is because we have a new student…"

"So what?" I said coldly

"Well…I want you two to accompany her."

"What?" Ruka shouted

"Oh please! You see if she was with you two no boys will come near her, because they are afraid of you two. Please! She's my niece by the way! So please! Her mother and father told me to protect her from every guy in this school who wants to court her. So please!" Narumi begged us.

'He's getting into my nerves!' I though

"No!" I said as I stood up

"Please!" Narumi plead as he hug me

"Get off of me!" I yelled as I try to push him

"Please please please! I'm sure you'll be glad to see her again." Narumi said

I was a bit shock 'what does he mean by again?'

"sooo?" Narumi said

I was still thinking that I wasn't able to say a thing

"Okay! I'll take that as a yes!" he said letting me go

"What? Wait a mi-" I was cut off when a girl came in

"Uncle Narumi?" A girl said looking around

I looked at her.

'She looks really familiar' I said to myself as I stare at her

"Ah! Mikan!" Narumi shouted with a feminine voice then he hugged her

Narumi stopped hugging her then looked at her.

"So uncle Narumi where's this guy you is going to introduce to me?"

Narumi looked at us. Ruka nodded as I just stare at her.

"Mikan this is Ruka Nogi and Natsume Hyuuga." Narumi said as he points at us

"Ruka, didn't something like this happen before?" I asked Ruka as I look at him.

"Really? I don't remember. Maybe De ja vu?" he said

'Good, he still thinks I'm out of my mind' I thought as I look at her. She was waling towards me.

"Natsume, I'm glad to finally meet you." She said as she smile at me

"Mikan" Was all I could say

"Natsume, you're not a dream right?" she said as she touched my face

"Mikan" I said as I hug her

"I'm so glad." I said hugging her tightly, I could feel like she's about to cry.

"My my, so dreams really do come true?" Narumi said smiling at us

"We will leave you two alone then." He said as he drag Ruka

"What? Why?!" Ruka yelled

I let go of Mikan as we looked at each other.

"I though I'd lost you" I said. She smiled and kissed me.

'This is really Mikan. This is no dream.' I thought

After the kiss, she looked at me.

"I love you too." She said smiling at me

"What?" I asked, obviously I was confused.

"You told me at the airport that you love me right? Even though it was a dream, I know in my heart that both in my dream and in reality, I fell in love with you." She said

I smiled at her and gave her a hug.

"I'll never let you go this time. I love you." I said

Normal POV

"And so this will be the start of our Love story." Both of them though.



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