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Chapter 1

Harry sat slumped against the cold, rather slimy stonewall, letting his head thump against it in a random rhythm without caring about the pain it caused. And to think the summer had started out oh so normally too. That should have warned him! But the Express had been on time, his 'family' had been waiting impatiently on the other side of the barrier and Dudley had given him his usual welcome home beating after his things had been locked in the cupboard under the stairs. For two weeks everything had been depressingly normal at Privet Drive, the order's warning had made no difference, especially after no one showed up to investigate after the first two beatings.

But everything had changed on August eighteenth. Aunt Petunia had sent him to the shops for milk, a bit unusual but not unheard of. The house being nothing more than a smoking crater when he returned was very unusual though. Luckily he had managed to keep his wand hidden on himself at all times and had sent Hedwig to Lupin for the summer so she was safe and he was armed. What forced him into immediate action was the sight of the Dark Mark floating above the remains of his childhood 'home'. Harry had run for several blocks before summoning the Knight Bus and fleeing to Diagon Alley, Gringotts specifically. One thing he had learnt since entering the Wizarding World, if it were at all even remotely possible then Fudge would blame what had happened on Harry and the press and then the public would back him.

The Goblins had been very helpful once they realised he was heir to not only the Potter family but through Sirius the Black as well. He'd emptied the accounts to keep the Ministry from freezing them and exchanged portions for various currencies since he wasn't sure where he would end up and then done some much needed shopping while in disguise, after all he no longer had any possessions thanks to Voldie and his men. After posting a few goodbye letters he had then taken the Goblin provided portkey to the middle of nowhere. See, it turned out that Petunia wasn't the sole remaining family he had had on his mothers' side. Turned out he had a second cousin several years older than him living in a 'hidden village'. Apparently his grandmother had once lived there two but had left for some reason. Her brother however had remained, married and had a son. The problem with all of this? Not even the Goblins knew exactly where these villages were leading to him landing in the middle of nowhere flat on his rear. And of course his luck held true. He was pretty sure he was now in one of the hidden villages but the dungeons had not been a part of the plan, especially since they had found and taken his wand and the portkey. He'd managed to learn enough Japanese to usually make himself understood and he understood a lot more than he could speak, all thanks to magic. Unfortunately he had landed in an extremely paranoid and militaristic area, which had led to his current predicament of being in a cold cell. At least he wasn't chained to the wall or anything. If all the villages were like this it was no wonder his Grandmother had moved to England!


Harry slumped, feigning unconsciousness as the door to his cell was opened and another person dragged in and then, by the sound of it, chained to the wall. He waited until the door had been re-locked before moving over to his new cellmate. The man was dressed similarly to the others Harry had seen but his headband thing appeared to have a very stylised leaf on its metal part instead of the musical note he'd seen on the others. Harry carefully checked the man for injuries, tearing up his own shirt for bandages. Was everyone here odd looking? Though he figured he really couldn't comment considering some of the things he'd seen since entering his parents world. After making the man as comfortable as he could Harry returned to 'his' side of the cell, curled up and let himself drift off to sleep while trying to keep an ear out for the guards.


The first thing Kakashi noticed upon waking was that he wasn't alone. He remained still, imitating unconsciousness perfectly, listening to the others breathing until he realised his companion appeared to be asleep. He opened his eye slowly; confirming visually that the other was actually asleep. Apparently he was chained to the wall in a cell with another male who wasn't chained up. So either the guards didn't consider him a threat or he was a more willing guest than Kakashi. He frowned as he noticed the odd scars on the males back; he'd been whipped by something in the past. It was then that he realised his wounds had been bound by his companions' shirt. Staring at the messy dark hair he couldn't help but wonder, even if it was unlikely.

"Sasuke?" He questioned softly and tried to sit up better only to groan in pain. He felt his vision fade and then gentle hands were on him, re-checking his wounds. He blinked and found himself staring into concerned emerald eyes, not Sasuke then.

"You're hurt bad. Moving isn't good idea." Kakashi blinked as the boy, because there was no way he was older than fifteen, spoke in broken Japanese. An Outsider? He nodded slightly to let him know he understood and received a warm smile. The boy finished his examination and backed off a bit so that they could really look at each other.
"My name is Harry." Kakashi stared at him before deciding to answer; it wasn't like there was anyone in Sound who didn't know who he was.

"Kakashi. Thank you." He moved his arm to indicate the bandage and received a shy smile in return.
"You're an Outsider?" Harry gave him a confused look, obviously not understanding.
"Outsider. Not from the villages. Where do you come from?" He saw understanding light in Harry's eyes.

"England, from England. Long way." Kakashi nodded, that would explain why he wasn't chained. An Outsider wouldn't be considered a threat by most shinobi. But what was Harry doing here? The boy looked in good enough condition that he couldn't have been here too long, he was thin yes but it didn't appear to be a new development. Also he was moving well and didn't appear injured at all so he doubted Harry has been questioned or anything. But could he trust Harry to try and escape with him? Sooner or later someone would come for him, he knew how badly Orochimaru wanted the Sharingan and even his single one would be a great advantage to the man.

"Have you been hurt?" Kakashi kept his words and sentences simple so that hopefully Harry would understand.

"No. Left alone. Food once day."


"Soon. Two men. One watches other place food." Kakashi nodded, so they weren't so complacent as to think the boy utterly harmless.
"Escape?" Kakashi's gaze jerked back to Harry who grinned. He smiled behind his mask, so the guards weren't the only ones underestimating the teenager, he was guilty as well. Looking into green eyes Kakashi realised that while he may not be a killer the teen was no innocent, there was pain and knowledge there that only came with experience and loss. Kakashi nodded in answer to Harry's question and the teen moved closer to exam the chains with a frown of concentration.
"Wait a few days. Injuries need time, heal." Harry stated as he studied the locks. Kakashi nodded, knowing that they would stand a better chance if he were able to heal some. Harry was so engrossed in his work and Kakashi in enough pain that their first clue to the guards' presence was Harry being flung into the opposite wall by one of said guards. Kakashi saw Harry's eyes widen in shock and pain as he slammed into the unforgiving stone before he slumped bonelessly to the floor.

"We better chain the kid up." The guard commented flippantly.

"Told you so." His partner stated from the doorway.
"Better not have hurt him too badly, they want to question him later."

"He'll live. Which is more than I can say for you Copy-nin. Orochimaru has decided you're too dangerous to leave alive." With that the guard pulled a kunai and moved closer so that he could slit Kakashi's throat. Kakashi stared at him, knowing that he was about to die and that there was nothing that could be done about it. A half-shouted warning came far too late and the guard crumpled, dropping the kunai.

Kakashi stared at Harry as the teen got shakily to his feet, eyes locked with the remaining guard. Either Harry had regained conscious very quickly or he had been faking the entire time. Kakashi didn't know what he'd done to the guard but he hadn't felt any chakra being used. He yelled a warning as the remaining guard hurled a kunai at Harry but even obviously exhausted the teen managed to dodge it rather gracefully. Harry called out something and flung his hand out towards the guard. The man tried to dodge but Harry was too close, having dodged towards him rather than putting more distance between them. The red light slammed into the guard, lifting him off his feet slightly before he crumpled like his companion had. A second thud had Kakashi turning his attention back to Harry only to see him half-collapsed on the floor, gulping for air.

"Harry?" Green eyes clouded by pain slowly rose to meet his.

"Too much." Harry gasped and Kakashi nodded in understanding. Harry's actions of the last few minutes had made up his mind for him, he was taking the teen back to Konoha with him. Harry hadn't needed to save him, obviously at great risk to himself and the last thing they needed was for Orochimaru to learn whatever it was the teen had done.

"We need to move Harry. You have to get up." Kakashi urged and Harry blinked blearily before staggering to his feet and back over to Kakashi. But then he changed direction, going to the first man he had taken down and studying him.

"Key for chains?" Harry asked, exhaustion evident in his voice and stance.

"Pouch on his hip." Harry nodded and gingerly knelt, keeping a wary eye on the unconscious guard. So there was no guarantee how long the men would remain unconscious or the teen wouldn't be so cautious. Harry searched carefully before coming up with the keys. He fumbled with the chains a few times before the locks clicked open. Kakashi used the wall to help himself stand, feeling his chakra returning to him. The chains had been designed to suppress it and keep him weak. He looked at both guards and then at Harry.
"Put his clothes on." Kakashi pointed at the door guard since he was the shorted of the two and Harry frowned before nodding in understanding. Kakashi stripped the other guard and dressed in his uniform, glad to be rid of his own torn and stained clothes. He chained the man to the wall in his place before killing him. He turned to see Harry staring at him before the teen nodded and shot him a small but understanding smile. He understood why Kakashi had killed the guard. Harry blushed slightly and held up a bundle of cloth.

"Help?" Kakashi grinned; Harry's clothes were very different from what shinobi wore. He helped the teen to dress; hiding his concern over how thin the boy was but worried him the most at the moment was how Harry was moving and how pale he was. Not that he was in the best condition himself, it would have been better if they had had a few days for Kakashi to heal before attempting this but there was no knowing when the two men would be missed. He quickly killed the remaining guard and moved him over to where Harry had been sleeping, it wouldn't fool anyone for long but hopefully it would give them a head start.

"Do what I do and don't talk. Can you do it?" Harry gave him a tired grin.

"No choice." Harry closed his eyes and took a deep breath before opening them again, suddenly standing straighter and looking quite a bit less pale. Obviously he had tapped some sort of reserve and Kakashi knew that sort of thing never lasted long so he started down the corridor. There were a few times when Kakashi would have sworn they were caught but every time Harry would grab onto him, close his eyes, whisper something in what Kakashi assumed was his native language and they would be overlooked. One time Kabuto stared straight at them before walking away as if there was no one there. Once out of the village Kakashi took a good hold of Harry's arm and began to run, pulling the teen along since he didn't have the strength to carry him yet. They managed just over an hour before Kakashi found himself pulling deadweight; Harry had passed out, white as a ghost and sweating heavily. Kakashi dropped his arm and quickly checked his vitals. He would have preferred to be further from Sound before stopping but now there was no choice, Harry was out cold and showed no signs of waking any time soon. Kakashi was actually surprised the teenager had lasted as long as he had but he had seen the lithe muscles when he'd helped him dress. He may be thin but he wasn't unfit. He worked quickly to set up a very basic camp and used the various things he had found on the guards to set up traps and alarms so they would have some warning and defence if found, doing his best to hide the evidence of their presence.