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Chapter 26

As soon as Sakura and Naruto walked in Hiro could see they were both surprised to see the three of them but Sakura's surprise soon changed to a considering look and he had to smother a grin, smart girl. He smiled at them both and continued to lean against the wall beside Kakashi; Iruka on the silver-haired mans other side.

"I guess I better tell you why you're all here. Naruto, Sakura meet your new teammate, Umino Hiroshi." Tsunade stated calmly and both shinobi turned to stare at Hiro who just shrugged.

"Why didn't you say it was Team 7?" Naruto demanded and Hiro looked at Tsunade.

"She told me not to, apparently she takes pleasure in making such announcements herself." Hiro said, still staring at the Hokage who grinned and nodded at him. They'd never be friends but they understood each other now.

"Does that mean Kakashi-sensei's going to be bossing us around again? Naruto asked hesitantly and Kakashi shook his head.

"He will be assisting with your training." Tsunade stated and Kakashi stared at her in shock.
"But he will not be the team leader." She smirked and Hiro felt a flash of concern for just who their leader might be.

"I will." A deep voice said and all three members of the new Team 7 spun to face the man who walked into the room.

"You! You're the creepy examiner!" Naruto blurted and the scared man chuckled, nodding before looking at Hiro.

"Roshi." Ibiki greeted the young man he respected and Hiro smiled at him.

"Team 7 meet your new leader, Morino Ibiki." Tsunade informed them.

"Joy, you're going to enjoy trying to drive me nuts, aren't you?" Hiro mumbled and Ibiki smirked.

"But off course. Umino-san, mind if we use your place for a team meeting?" Ibiki asked and Iruka nodded.

"You have one month until you start getting missions, dismissed." Tsunade said and they all left her office.

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