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Chapter 27

Kakashi watched the three teens, to the untrained eye it looked like they were trying to kill each other. In reality it was a game of cat and mouse, ninja style, with Harry as the mouse this time around. He always made things interesting for the younger two, that was for sure. Out of them he was the most strategic when it came to this sort of thing which made it harder for the other two but at least they had worked as a team for longer so had some idea how the other would react to things. He hated to admit it but these three made a far better team than the original Team 7. And Ibiki was doing a great job of training them, making him feel…..disgusted with himself. Could he have done more for his Team when he was their sensei? He blinked as a body slumped to the ground beside him and blinked to find Hiro sprawled beside him on the grass, panting. "Tired?" Kakashi asked and Hiro rolled his eyes.

"Does he never run out of energy?" He asked looking over at where Naruto was sparing with his clones.

"Very, very rarely." Kakashi admitted. Hiroshi just groaned and rolled over onto his side. Kakashi chuckled as Ibiki walked over and looked down at the worn out teen.

"Tired?" He asked and Hiro nodded. "Good, give me fifty laps." That got him a death glare from icy green eyes before he clambered to his feet and began to run.

"He's going to get you back one day." Kakashi warned and Ibiki shrugged.

Hiro rubbed at the scratches on his arm, glaring at the bushes were his nemesis was hiding. Sakura took his arm and healed the scratches before taking the other arm and doing the same. She was fighting an amused smile as they heard Naruto cry out in pain as the cat got the best of him too. "Okay that's it." Hiro growled. "Accio Tora!" He snarled out and the cat yowled as it flew out of the bushed and towards them, Naruto stumbling out after it, face scratched up. Ibiki just shook his head, not quite how the mission was meant to go but he couldn't really blame the kids, not when chasing a cat, even this one, was a bit beneath them. But it did make a good bonding exercise.

Iruka lay with his head over Kakashi's heart, listening to the steady beat as he dozed. It was a rare day off for both of them; Ibiki had the kids out doing D-ranks to not only build up Hiro's mission list but to make sure they worked together as a team. Iruka fought the urge to tense up as his skin prickled, a sign that the outer wards had been tripped. He moved, shifting up to kiss Kakashi who kissed back. "Wards." Iruka breathed against his lips and Kakashi signalled he'd felt them too. Iruka pulled back and stretched. "I'm going to go start dinner, kids will be back soon." He said at a normal volume as he got out of bed and headed for the kitchen. He passed several traps and easily armed them, they wouldn't kill the trespasser but they would slow anyone below high jounin down a lot. The only thing Iruka was wondering about as he headed for the kitchen and the various supplies hidden there was why it had taken so long for someone to try for Kakashi. It had been over a year after all.

On the other side of the village Hiro suddenly stiffened, eyes going blank. "Hiroshi?" Ibiki snapped when he saw it and the teen blinked, shaking his head.

"Wards." He answered tensely and Ibiki's eyes narrowed, Hiro only had wards on one place.

"Naruto! Send a clone to the Hokage; warn her there's an attack on the Umino home and we're on the way there." Ibiki ordered and Naruto's eyes widened but a clone appeared and took off for the tower even as another appeared to finish their mission before the four took off at top speed for the house.

Hiro paused at the property line, eyes closed and hand resting against his wand as he checked on things. "All the wards have been trigged so whoever it is got through."

"Hiro and Sakura go in front, we'll take the back." Ibiki looked at them and they paired off.

Hiro pushed the remains of the front door out of the way as Sakura slipped into the house. The living room was trashed but from the remains of various traps Iruka had been rather….annoyed with the intruder/s. Sakura moved, kneeling down in the kitchen and Hiro covered her, hands trembling slightly when he saw the long brown hair. He relaxed a little when she signalled unconscious but most unhurt. A few seconds later Iruka moaned softly, eyelids fluttering as he began to wake up due to Sakura healing him. "Kashi." He mumbled and Sakura helped him sit up.

"How many Iruka-sensei." Sakura whispered as he shook his head, fighting to clear it.

"Saw four." He answered even as he pulled himself to his feet. He moved out with them and Hiro smirked when they came across a body, its face showing the agony the man had died in due to Ves' venom. He heard a familiar hiss and turned to face one of his familiars. She slithered over and then up his body to drape herself around his body.

$There are at least six others. Fawkes and Hedwig are tailing them, they took the silver one.$ She hissed and Hiro nodded.

"Six shinobi and they have Kakashi." Hiro stated as Ibiki and Naruto joined them. "Fawkes and Hedwig are tailing them."

"Lead us." Ibiki ordered and Hiro nodded, focusing on his other two familiars before taking off. He would not let them take Kakashi away; he would not lose another family member.