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Chapter 28

Hiro ran flat out, following the link to his familiars, able to feel the others following him. He didn't even pause as they passed the body of a foreign ninja; obviously Kakashi was managing to fight back. The thought that the older man may be dead never even crossed his mind, he had lost too many people, he would not lose another. He poured on the speed, subconsciously tapping into the senses of his animagus form to help find them. Hearing the sounds of fighting up ahead he apparated, leaving the others behind.

Kakashi stumbled but recovered and thrust the 'borrowed' kunai into his opponents' throat only to twist out of the way of an incoming blade. Thankfully his kidnappers had underestimated just how well he had recovered, unfortunately he still wasn't up to his old reputation and fighting them was tiring him out. Add that to the gut wrenching fear that the unmoving body he'd glanced in the kitchen was Iruka's and he wasn't fight at his best. He froze as a blade came into sight, almost touching his eye, but it was frozen in place and he moved back, finding half his attackers frozen in place and a furious Hiroshi standing nearby. With a wave of his hand the frozen men collapsed and the others backed off slightly, eyeing the newcomer warily. Kakashi on the other hand slumped against a tree, panting slightly and utterly relieved that backup had arrived. "Iruka?" He whispered and Hiro nodded.

"With the others." The answer had Kakashi's heart soaring, his lover wasn't dead because of him. "So who are these idiots?"

"Sound-nin. Either they don't have curse marks or they want to stay under the radar."

"Oh fun." Hiro grumbled, never taking his eyes off the remaining conscious enemy even as he tossed a vial to Kakashi who uncorked it and downed the contents, knowing it was a potion. He felt his strength and energy return and straightened up to stand at Hiro's side, ready for another fight. The remaining three Sound-nin hesitated but then attacked since they still held the numbers advantage. Hiro snarled at them in rage for daring to attack his family before drawing the sword of Gryffindor and engaging the sole sword wielder among the enemy.

Team 7 and Iruka burst onto the scene to find several unmoving bodies as well as Kakashi and Hiro fighting the remaining ninja. Iruka glanced at Ibiki who nodded towards Hiro and Iruka nodded, moving to back his cousin up while Team 7 moved to help Kakashi and Sakura moved among the fallen, making sure they wouldn't be getting back up but were in good enough condition that they would be able to be questioned.

By the time ANBU arrived it was all over and Sakura was working on Kakashi's many and varied wounds, the potion Hiro had given him had worn off a while ago and he ached!

Tsunade scowled as she read the various reports on the attempted kidnapping. Honestly she was shocked it had taken this long but why Sound? There were countries out there with more reason to want Kakashi dead or to take his Sharingan for themselves. So what did her old teammate want with him…..or was it something to do with Sasuke? Whatever the reason it was a good thing Hiro had warded the Umino house or she could have a dead shinobi and another one kidnapped. At least Ibiki and Anko had gotten some vict…..work out of the attempt, the ninja Hiro had originally immobilised had all survived after all so that meant plenty of people to interrogate. She absently wondered what would happen if Hiro went after Orochimaru but then shook it off, that would be far too dangerous and Iruka would kill her for it.

Iruka put another bag outside his door and then looked around the house, with the three of them it was getting cleaned up pretty fast. He shivered slightly and then felt arms wrap around him, leaning into Kakashi's sturdy body. "I'm sorry Ruka, this is all my fault." The other man whispered and Iruka turned in his embrace.

"No it's not. None of this is." He leant up to kiss him gently. "Hiro's putting up even stronger wards this time around now that he knows some. This won't happen again and if it does we fight them together."

Kakashi stared down at him, a small part of him wondering what it would take for Iruka to finally give up on him but he did his best to squash it. Iruka and Hiro had risked everything to rescue him, to look after him and now they'd been attacked in their own home. Every time he closed his eyes he saw Iruka sprawled unmoving in the kitchen again except when he saw it his lover wasn't just unconscious. He pulled Iruka even closer, feeling the warmth of his very much alive body against his own and Iruka wrapped his arms around him, holding him in return. "I saw you and I thought…."

"I'm here and I'm alive Kakashi. They didn't kill me, they won't kill me." He stated firmly, knowing better than to actually promise he wouldn't be killed, he was a ninja after all. "Come on, sooner we finish this the sooner we can get dinner started." Iruka pulled away slowly and Kakashi let him, both of them getting back to work.

Hiro left the house, knowing Iruka and Kakashi needed time alone. He wandered the village, hands in his pockets as he drifted aimlessly. With the help of his familiars and a few books he'd finally finished reading the wards on the house were a lot stronger, anyone meaning harm would find it nearly impossible to enter and if they did manage they would not be in much condition for a fight. Feeling the wards fall had been the most terrifying thing since finding Kakashi in that cell barely alive and almost insane. He smiled softly as Hedwig alighted on his shoulder and started preening his hair, no one even blinked twice at the sight anymore. She always knew when he needed her, she always had.

"Hiro!" A familiar voice yelled excitedly and he turned to see Naruto waving at him from the ramen stand so he went in. "Did you guys finish cleaning up?"

"All done, thought I'd give them some time alone." He sat on a stool beside his little brother and Hedwig moved to try and tame the blonde mess.

"Have dinner with me?"

"Sure. One miso ramen please." He ordered and they chatted while waiting for their food, Hiro shaking his head in awe at what Naruto managed to eat. How was he not as big as the Dursley's had been?