Lily ran through the October rain. Wishing she had been smart enough to have brought an umbrella with her when she was going to visit her parents, she finally spotted that familiar white door through which she so many times had walked; on her way to Kings Cross, back from there, on the way to a friend or just so angry with Petunia she couldn't stand being in the same building.

But she was 19 now, and had moved out the same year she had graduated from Hogwarts and had left to live with James.

And she had been so busy she hadn't paid her parents one visit ever since. But today she was going to make up for that.

Knocking on the door of her parental home, the door opened almost instantly by Mrs Evans who embraced her in a tight hug before Lily even had got the chance to enter.

"Um…do you think you could let me come in? I'm soaking wet"

"Of course, like you have to ask! Come in, come in" her mother replied, letting go and stepping out of the way.

Lily took hung her jacket on the coat hanger

"Petunia arrived an hour ago; she's in the living room with daddy. She says she has big news, that's why I really wanted you to come. Not that I know what her news are, but I think I have an idea of what it might be" said Mrs Evans, smiling secretively.

She and Lily entered the living room. Lily looked around, observing all the familiar paintings and ornaments that she almost had forgotten about before joining the rest of her family around the coffee table.

"Pumpkin, how have you been? Your good-for-nothing of a husband better be treating you well!" said Mr Evans, getting up to hug his daughter.

Lily rolled her eyes, hugging him back.

"You offend me, like I'd let anyone treat me lesser than I deserve. I'm not helpless, you know"

They let go of each other and sat back down. Petunia examined her fingernails nonchalantly, not acknowledging Lily's presence. Lily cleared her throat.

"So how have you been, Petunia?" she asked, resisting the urge to transfigure her into and egg and scramble her. "Mom told me you have big news"

"That's right. Well, it used to be big news but I supposed it can't be compared to Miss Exceptionally Extraordinary suddenly coming to visit us commoners" said Petunia derisively.

"You still on about that, I see" said Lily, helping herself to some tea. "Would you like me to leave so my majestic attendance won't make you feel inferior?"

"I don't think sarcasm is very majestic"

"You call me sarcastic?"

"Yes, I do! Did you figure that out all by yourself, o' high and mighty-"

"Now stop it, both of you! Time out!" Mrs Evans barked. "Nobody is superior anyone else in here!"

Petunia took a biscuit and went back to analyze her nails. Lily took a sip from her tea, wondering why she had bothered to show up today as she couldn't care less of Petunias big news.

Mrs Evans forced a smile.

"So, Petunia dear, I'm dying to know what your big news is!"

"Yes, Bunny, when are you going to tell us?" said Mr Evans, putting the evening paper aside. He had started reading it when Lily and Petunia started arguing, thinking that he would manage to read every article before they were through shouting at each other.

"Well, you know how Vernon and I have been trying?" said Petunia, not able to suppress a beam. "Well, it's finally happened! I'm expecting!"

"Oh that's wonderful honey!"

Petunia and Mrs Evans jumped upside down of joy while Lily helped herself to some more tea.

"I can picture how her child will come out. Fat and bitchy" she muttered under her breath.

Petunia, who had an incomparable hearing, heard her of course and her smile faded.

"And I don't need to tell you how your baby will come out! A red porcupine with bad eyesight and horrible temper! That is if you'll ever get one of your own, which I strongly doubt!"

"And why is that, if I may ask!"

Petunia smirked. "Please, I've never met anyone so irresponsible and predictable as your lawfully wedded loser husband. I pity any child in his care"

"You're just still upset that he made your mascara turn your eyelashes into centipedes when we were out camping! Not that you didn't deserve it!"

"Now you're changing the topic. Could it be that you know I'm right? Not even you could be stupid enough to have a kid with some four-eyed moron that is capable of turn your baby into a centipede"

Lily flew up, so angry her face was redder than her hair.

"It was meant to be a secret, but I want to shut you up so badly I might as well tell you now! We are also trying! And I bet you everything I own, my pride included, that we will make better parents than you and that great prune you're married too!"

Lily stormed out of the house and apparated to the bus station. It had of course been a lie; there were no baby plans in her house. But James had been nagging a whole lot about it every minute awake they spent together, which was often as they even worked together so he probably wouldn't mind.

(A/N: Ooo drama. Um...yeah, this is an idea I've had but kinda forgotten about. I especially didn't remember that I had written this.)