Hi, this is my first Naruto fic so please let me know what you think. Also, it's going to be a Kakashi/Kurenai and Sakura/Sasuke centered fic but will include Naruto/Hinata, Ino/Shika and Neji/Tenten. I'd like to dedicate this to all of you who have written Kakashi/Kurenai fics because you inspired me to write this! Anyway, enjoy and please let me know what you think. Nessiexxx


It was another scorching day; the sun beat down on the silver haired ninja's back whilst he sat in a tree, happily reading his new issue of Icha Icha Paradise. Team 7 were currently standing down below him, training away whilst sweating like crazy. The heat was getting to them all, and it was starting to become unbearable.

"Kakashi-Sensei" called Sakura. "If we keep this up we'll pass out from dehydration and sunstroke" Even Sasuke had to admit she was right.

"This is CRAZY" yelled Naruto. "You can't make me do this"

"Think again Naruto" said Kakashi without even glancing away from his book. "You know why we are doing this, you have only yourself to blame"

Naruto just yelled before running at the tree once again. "Don't worry Sakura" he continued. "I will be sure to take you straight to the hospital if that is the case"

Kakashi grinned at his students before turning back to his book; it was just getting to the good part. The girl had just fallen for the guy and had stupidly agreed to let him in for 'coffee', Kakashi was just picturing the girls full lips pout in indecision before her red eyes widened as realization dawned.

'Wait a second' thought Kakashi. 'Where did red eyes come from? As far as I can remember she's supposed to be blonde with blue eyes. There's only one kunoichi I know with black her and red eyes and I certainly don't think of Kurenai like that'.

"Kakashi" came a female voice from behind him, causing him to spin around quickly. Kurenai smirked, it wasn't everyday you managed to catch the famous copy ninja off guard.

"Kurenai, didn't see you there" he replied nonchalantly.

"So I noticed" she smirked.

"Was there a reason why you were sneaking up on me?"

"For your information, I wasn't sneaking" she smiled slyly. "I was on my way home and noticed you here...haven't you finished training yet?"

"Oh, we finished training a while back, this is punishment now"

"For what?" she asked curiously.

"For trying to steal my book" he answered as she giggled, Kakashi couldn't help but smile at the girly giggle, he rarely got to hear such a delightful sound.

"But Kakashi-sensei, I said I was sorry already" yelled Naruto suddenly. "This is just plain EVIL"

"Naruto" Kakashi spoke up calmly. "The more you complain, the more I will make you work. And didn't anyone ever tell you it's rude to eavesdrop?"

"He's sorry sensei" spoke Sakura quickly while Naruto just grumbled. "He won't do it again" and with that she dragged him over to where Sasuke was still training.

"So Kurenai" smiled Kakashi innocently. "Why are you really here?" his mischievous eye gave him away as he grinned at her blush.

"Ok, I actually came here to talk about Hinata" she smiled softly.

'Hinata?' thought Kakashi. 'That shy little Hyuuga girl? I wonder what that has to do with me?'

"I don't know if you've noticed" continued Kurenai. 'Being a guy and all' she added in her mind. "But Hinata seems to have a crush on Naruto..."

"Let me guess" interrupted Kakashi. "You want to know if Naruto may feel the same way"

"Yes please" she grinned.

"Well" thought Kakashi, finally putting his book away. "It all depends on Sakura and Sasuke really" he mused. "You see, you must have noticed that Naruto has a crush on Sakura, who in turn has a crush on Sasuke"

"Kakashi" smiled Kurenai. "I think the whole WORLD knows about that!"

"Quite" he agreed. "But that wasn't my point. My point was, if Sakura manages to get through to Sasuke and he falls for her, then Naruto will have no choice but to move on. However, if Sakura can't get through to Sasuke, then she'll eventually give up and may give Naruto a chance"

"Since when did you get to know so much about romance?" she asked quizzically.

"Hey" he smiled, whipping his book back out. "This isn't just a perverted book you know" he winked as she rolled her eyes.

"So you'll help?" she asked suddenly.

"Set them up?" he asked. "Why do you care?"

"Hinata's my student, and I love her as if she were my own daughter" she smiled softly. "So will you help?"

"Sure" Kakashi smiled at her briefly before returning his gaze to his book, slyly watching her grin widen. 'I like it when she smiles' he thought to himself.

"So what do you have planned for the rest of the day?" asked Kakashi.

"It's too hot for plans" retorted Kurenai as she flopped on the branch beside him.

"It's too hot or you're too hot?" asked Kakashi innocently.

"Kakashi-sensei" yelled Naruto suddenly. "Sorry to interrupt you're flirting, but can we go now?" Kakashi merely rolled his eyes as Kurenai suddenly realized what Kakashi's question could have sounded like. 'Was it merely a coincidence?' she asked herself. 'Or does he think I'm hot?'

"Go on then Naruto" said Kakashi flatly before Naruto gave a massive 'whoop' and ran away as fast as he could before Kakashi could change his mind.

"Sasuke, Sakura" he addressed his other students. "You're free to go" He smiled as he watched them stop their training and pick up their kunai before he turned to Kurenai. "As for you" he said mysteriously. "I want to show you something" he then grabbed her hand, helped her to her feet, and then took off with her further into the woods. Sakura grinned. 'I wonder if he realises that he's fallen for her' she wondered before turning to leave.

Sasuke watched her intrigued. He was waiting for the usual 'Will you go out with me Sasuke-kun' or 'would you like to train with me', instead, she was just walking away and he was surprised when he realized this bothered him.

"Sakura" he called, causing her to turn and face him.

"Yes Sasuke-kun?" she questioned meekly.

"What happened to you bugging me for a date?" he asked, slightly intrigued.

She just shrugged. "It's too hot to get turned down today"

"That's a shame" he smirked. "I was going to say yes to going swimming" he watched amused when he saw her eyes widen, along with her smile.

"Really?" she squeaked, then seemed to realize something and frowned.

"What's wrong?" he asked, slightly annoyed. "Don't you want to?" He wasn't as much annoyed at her, as annoyed at himself for asking and then getting rejected.

"It's not that" she assured. "It's just; I only have a bikini…"

"If your worried I'm going to think your trying to seduce me, don't. It's ok"

"Ok" agreed Sakura. "I'll meet you outside my house in 15 minutes?"

"Hn" agreed Sasuke as he walked away.

'What did you just do?' he thought to himself. 'Why did you go and do that?' It was annoying Sasuke that his reason for asking her couldn't have been because he wanted to stop Sakura from nagging him to go out with her, because she wasn't the one to ask. It was entirely his own faultand he didn't like that one bit.

As soon as Sasuke saw Sakura, his mouth dropped. There she stood, in her baby pink bikini, sporting a wraparound sarong with a flower in her hair. She looked truly stunning. "Wow" he whispered before mentally slapping himself and forcing himself to look away.
"Come on then" he said before walking off towards the river whilst Sakura jogged to catch up with him. 'Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all' thought Sasuke before catching another glimpse of Sakura in that bikini. 'Then again…'