Neji sat alone at his teams training grounds; Gai and Lee had left to train alone hours ago, leaving him to wait for Tenten. Not that he had any real hope that she'd show up after yesterday, but since he had nothing better to do he decided to sit and wait anyway.

"Hey Neji, sorry I'm late" called Tenten as she finally arrived at the training grounds. Looking up, Neji's jaw dropped at the sight of what she was wearing. She was wearing a skirt, Tenten NEVER wore skirts unless she had to, and even though he could see shorts peeking out from underneath it was still way too short and un-Tenten like. Then there was the top that was far too form fitting and low cut for him to manage any kind of sensible thinking, and the fact her hair was down wasn't helping either.

Slowly he stood up and for a moment they both just stood looking at each other, Neji wondering what the hell to do or say whilst Tenten analyzed his expressions. Then, much to Neji's relief, she smiled and asked the one question he could deal with:

"So you want to spar or what?"

"Hn" he almost smiled back and got into his ready stance.

The spar started off normal enough with Tenten throwing huge waves of weapons and Neji having to dodge them. And even continued on normally as Tenten ran out of weapons and the spar turned into hand on hand combat. However, whilst trying to dodge Neji's deadly attacks, Tenten had managed to find herself backed up against a tree, which in itself wasn't that unusual. What was unusual was the way he froze, staring down at a heavily breathing Tenten whose heaving chest was more on show than usual. And so the spar came to an abrupt halt, with the two staring at each other, wondering who would make the first move and what it should be. In the end it was Tenten who snapped first, gently leaning towards Neji and placing a featherlike kiss on his lips. She pulled back and watched as a small smile flittered across Neji's face as the realization that she liked him back sunk in.

"Let's go get something to eat" decided Neji and he turned to walk away, leaving Tenten to catch up as usual. Poor Tenten was confused beyond belief, the smile on his face after she'd kissed him suggested that he really did like her, however the fact that he was walking away now would have suggested otherwise. Left in her own confused mind the pair walked quietly, side by side, through the streets of Konoha, until a random boy approached them.

"Hey beautiful" he purred at Tenten, causing her to snap her head up towards his voice.

"Hi?" asked Tenten warily; noticing with satisfaction the way Neji glowered at the newcomer.

"I was just wondering if such a beautiful lady would like to accompany me to get some lunch?" he proposed, flashing her a charming smile. Before Tenten got a chance to turn him down Neji was already in front of her, arms crossed and a deathly aura radiating from his every pore.

"You see all those other guys staring at her beauty? And how none of them are getting within a 5 meter radius of us? Do you know why that is?" The guy seemed to have a bigger backbone then Neji gave him credit for because he simply smirked and replied.

"Because they're not worthy of her time"

"It's because they value their lives. You see" he looked down at the newcomer, an evil smirk sliding across his face. "She already has a boyfriend, one who will tear any guy that approaches her with less than pure intentions, limb from limb. Until he wishes he'd never set eyes on her. Do I make myself clear?"

Fortunately the boy seemed to have some brains because he nodded quickly and ran off before Neji had time to raise his fisted hand.

"Since when" asked Tenten, eyebrow raised "do I have a boyfriend?"

Neji simply turned to her and shrugged. "Since now" and with that he started walking again.

"Oh, hold up now Mr hotshot" she said, grabbing his hand before he could walk away from her. "Who gives you the right to just assume I'll go out with you? I have a mind of my own, thank you very much, and IF I'm going to be your girlfriend you are going to have to remember that"

Neji rolled his eyes. "I know you like me, and I know you wouldn't say no so why bother asking when it's obvious? And Tenten, I know you have your own mind, I just happen to know what it is without you having to speak it"

"Well you're going to have to change that because I refuse to go out with you if you can't even be bothered to ask me" she crossed her arms and stood there waiting. Neji mock glared at her before giving in.

"Fine, will you go out with me?"

"Of course I will Neji-kun" she grinned, attaching herself to his arm. "Like you even had to ask" flashing him a mischievous smile she started pulling him in the direction of Ichiraku's again. Neji just shook his head.

"I take it back; you are just as troublesome as Ino" Tenten stopped, put a hand over her heart and pouted up at Neji with big puppy-dog eyes.

"You think I'm troublesome?" Before Neji could answer she laughed and continued. "You've been spending too much time with Shikamaru"

"Hn" commented Neji, but smiled never the less before pushing her towards a fancier restaurant.