Notes; This is my first Nip/tuck fanfiction. It's set somewhere at the end of Series 2, though Gina is dealing better with her HIV than in the show. Wilber (or Gabriel) is still with James and Cicily, but something will change. Í don't know how long this story will be, 5 chapters, maybe more, maybe less we'll see. I hope you respect my first 'attempt' and enjoy reading it!

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Call me Mr. Casanova.

Epilogue - A True Womanizer.

Christian Troy started to wake slowly. He let a sigh escape from his mouth and turned over once more, his face towards the window through which the sun already shone inside. He didn't want to be awake yet and kept his eyes closed, it was sunday and he'd have off today so he might as well just sleep a bit longer.

''Christian? Are you awake?'' A female voice said behind him.

Shit. He thought, she was still there. The woman he had picked up at a bar last her night, wots-her-face, Emma that was her name.

Christian opened his eyes and put a fake smile on, he was just going to have to blow her off as nicely as he could. He turned over and looked into Emma's blue eyes. ''Good Morning.'' He said. Emma smiled, ''Good morning indeed Mr. Troy.'' She ran a finger down his nose gently. Christian moved his head slightly, he hated it when woman did that and the worst part was that they always did it. ''I should hurry.'' He said, ''I'd have lunch over at my partner's house.'' He sat up and pushed his legs off the bed.

''You need me to leave? Already?'' Emma pouted. ''Yeah, I fogot.'' Christian let his eyes scan through the room looking for his underwear. There it was, over by the door. Christian got up and walked over to the door. ''You know it's quite unfair to send a lady away like that without giving her breakfast.'' Emma hinted. She watched Christian pulling his underpants on as she leaned on her elbows.

''I'd never let a lady go home without breakfast he said as he picked up his trousers. ''Get dressed and I'll fix you a quicky one.'' He grinned and made his way out of the bedroom. As he walked over to his kitchen he rolled his eyes.

Women, the only reason I sleep with them is because I ain't gay. He thought to himself as he opened the cupboard and took a breakfastbar out. And because god simply made me that way. He smiled slightly to himself and opened the fridge scanning it for a bottle of a liquid that could do as breakfast. Orange juice is just going to have to do. He thought as he took a bottle out.

Moments later Emma walked in from the bedroom wearing a short brown dress and her hair tied together in a loose ponytail. She looked over at the table, ''Where's my breakfast?'' she smiled. Christian raised an eyebrow and walked over to her. He pushed the breakfastbar and the bottle of water into her hands, ''There you go, that should be enough for an hour or so.'' He told her.

Emma looked at her breakfastbar, ''This your idea of knowing how to treat a woman like you told me last night?'' she asked. ''Hey I didn't hear you complain last night.'' Christian picked up her purse and handed it to her, ''You know your way out.'' Emma looked up at Christian's serious face, her eyes practically bulging out of her head, ''You're throwing me out?'' she asked in unbelief. ''Well..'' Christian looked at her as he put his hands in his pockets, ''That about sums it up.'' He grinned at her. ''Ugh.'' Emma shook her head, ''I can't believe I've slept we've you. You're such an asshole.''

''Hmm. Where have I heard that before?'' Christian replied. ''Look we're both waisting our time here so why don't you just walk out of that door overthere?'' he pointed towards the exit for emphasis. Emma threw the breakfastbar and the bottle of water onto the large white couch, ''I don't need your shit, and I certainly do not have to take any from you.'' She narrowed her deep blue eyes at him and walked out of the door, flicking her long blonde hair over her shoulder and slamming the door shut loudly behind her.

Christian rolled his eyes, ''They're always so grateful.'' He mumbled to himself. Oh christ. He quickly picked up the bottle from the couch from which was dripping orange juice onto his spotless white couch. ''Great, just great.'' He walked over to the kitchen screwing the top off the bottle and emptying it in the sink.

I give them the best sex of their god damn lifes and all they can do is calling me an asshole and spilling orange juice on my new couch. He thought so himself. Why do I even sleep with them? He grabbed some tissues and stain-remover and made his way back over to the couch the get the orange juice out of the expensive leather.

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