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02. New adjustments.

''Sean, we're ready to prep him. Are you gonna wait for Christian?'' Linda poked her head around the door and looked at the surgeon with a questioning look on her face. '"Damn it.'' Sean cursed. He looked at Linda over the scrub tables. ''No. Get him prepped, I can handle this one on my own.'' He told her and he started to wash his hands. Linda nodded and disappeared into the surgery suite again.

Sean let out a frustrated sigh and picked the piece of soap up. He is so gonna get done for this. He can't keep coming late every day. Christ I've had enough of it. He raged silently in his mind. This was the 3rd time Christian was late for surgery this week. That the two of them owned a business didn't mean that he could just come walking in whenever he wanted to.

Sean let out a sigh and burst through the blue doors into the surgery room, he put on his gloves and let nurse Linda put the facemak over his mouth.

''Liz, if you please?'' he made his way over to their patient. Sarah Dane. Another liposuction. Sean thought to himself. Liz walked over to the cd-player and turned it on. 'Fly me to the Moon' by Frank Sinatra filled the air and Sean started to work on his patient

''Christian! Where the hell were you? It's 2:00 freakin' pm!'' Sean yelled at his partner as he walked into clinic. ''I'm sorry Sean. Gabriel's nanny cancelled and I couldn't find another one so I had to wait for my maid, she promised to look after him until 6:00.'' Christian replied, walking past Sean and going straight down the hall that lead towards his office. ''Sorry? I nearly lost a patient today, because you weren't ..- don't you dare walking away from me Christian, I'm talking to you!'' Sean stormed after his partner and followed him into his office. ''Stop right there Christian You're gonna..-'' he was stopped in his tracks when Christian turned around to face him with a heavy sigh. There were bags forming under his eyes and he didn't look so good.

''I look like shit, I know. Don't look so surprised Sean and continue the ranting. Make it quick because we have an appointment in 10.'' He crossed his arms and leaned back against his desk.

Sean took a deep breath to calm himself down and walked over to the tired looking man in front of him. ''Are you sick?'' he asked. Christian rolled his eyes, ''I feel fine Sean. Gabriel's been up every night so I'm a bit tired, but I feel fine and – hey.'' Christian moved his head when Sean placed his hand over his foredhead to feel if he was hot. ''You're burning up. I think you should go home.'' ''I've just been stuck in traffic for 20 minutes to get here. I'm not just gonna go back home.'' Christian replied stubbornly, taking his jacket off to replace it for his long green plastic surgeon's uniform.

''Christian listen to me. You're going to put that uniform down and you're going home. You're not in a well enough state to operate on patients right now, so you're going to rest up until you feel better and then we'll see how we deal with you and Gabriel. Maybe Jules can look after him when his nanny doesn't show up.''

Sean said sternly, while taking the green coat out of Christian's large hands. Christian rolled his oceanic blue eyes and reached out to take the coat back from Sean, but he took a step back and pointed his index-finger towards the door. ''Sean..-'' ''No. Leave, go. I'll call you when I'm done here.'' Christian let out a sigh, he realized that he wasn't going to win this arguement. And he was too tired to bother really. ''Fine, but if a patient dies, because I wasn't here. Then it's not my problem.'' He grabbed his dark Armani jacket and left the room without saying another word.

In the hallway he bumped into a small brunette, but he refused to stop and apologise and quickly threw his apology over his shoulder while pushing his way through the glass door outside.

The raindrops hit his face hard when the wind blew them his way and he pulled an annoyed face. Great. Just what I needed. Pissing rain. He quickly pulled his jacket on and made his way into the underground garage where he had parked his car.

He let the elevator take him down to the right floor – not bothering to take the stairs, even though that was healthier – and when the elevator dinged, he stepped out of it and started walking.

Christian made his way over to his silver-coloured porsche when he noticed a young woman – probably in her late twenties – leaning against his car. Her tanned, long legs were crossed and her feet were stuck into a pair of red leather, high heeled shoes. When Christian let his eyes wander their way up her body, he saw that she was wearing a short black dress and he raised an eyebrow, surprised. '

'Kimber? Sweetheart, what are you doing here?''

She changed her stance and placed her hands on her hips, a red handbag dangling on her arm. ''My car had a flat tyre. I need a lift home.'' She replied, watching Christian walk over to her. She noticed the slightly goofy grin that was plastered to his face and she rolled her eyes. ''Don't even think it, Christian. I only need you to give me a ride.''

''Well I don't ride for free Sweetheart.'' Christian grinned, fishing his carkeys out of his pocket. Kimber shook her head. ''Relax. I was kidding. I don't feel up to it anyway. Hop in and I'll drop you off.'' He automatically opened the doors of his porsche and walked over the driver's side. Kimber opened the door and got into the car, she buckled her seatbelt and closed the door, waiting for Christian to step in. ''Have you been waiting here all the time? You could've just called me, you know. I can imagine that you're cold wearing that.'' He let his blue eyes scan her outfit once more before putting the key into its ignition.

''Check your voicemail asshole. I've phoned you numerous times and you wouldn't answer that thing.''

Christian rolled his eyes and started the car. ''Listen, if you're gonna talk to me like that then you might as well walk home.''

Kimber folded her arms underneath her breasts and looked out of the window, refusing to say anything more. She let a small sigh escape from her lips and pursed them slightly. It was never in her intentions to ask her ex for help, but when her car got the flat tyre, she just happened to be near the handsome plastic surgeon's office. And who else could she have asked for help anyway? Julia was not an option really.

She glanced at him and her brow furrowed slightly in confusion when she noticed the bags under his eyes. He didn't seem to notice that she was looking at him and carefully drove the expensive car out of the garage. ''Not to be mean, but you look awful.'' She told him, crossing her legs and kicking off one of her painful high heeled shoes. Christian grunted something inaudible in reply and steered the car onto the highway. ''Come again?'' Kimber rubbed her reddened heel and raised a questioning eyebrow. ''Gabriel. He's been keeping my up. I'll b –''

''-Wait a minute, Gabriel? I thought he was somewhere in Surinam?''


Christian corrected her, keeping his attention focused onto the highway. ''Same thing.'' Kimber continued. ''Anyway, why is he with you? It was closed custody wasn't it?'' ''Kimber, not now. I don't want to talk about it.'' Christian snapped, a little to harsh. Kimber, obviously offended by his way of speaking to her, rolled her chocolate brown eyes and looked out of the window again. ''Fine.''

The drove the rest of the way to her apartment in silence and when Christian stopped to let her get out of the car, she threw the door shut without saying anything else. Christian let out an annoyed sigh and watched her walk to her front door, her hips forcing his eyes to follow them. He waited until she had disappeared inside until leaving the driveway and heading for his home.

That night at 9:00pm Christian's cell started vibrating noisly on top of his bedside cabinet. Christian – who was lying on bed, completely disappearing underneeth the red sheets – groaned slightly and pulled one of the pillows over his head, trying to block the vibrating sound out of his head.

When it didn't work, he threw the pillow away and leaned over, grabbing his cellphone.

He flipped it open, laid back down, cheek on the mattress and pressed the phone against his ear. ''What.'' He grumbled, slightly hoarse. He closed his eyes when he heard the familiar sound of his partner's voice on the other side of the line.

''Hey, Just wanted to check up on you. How are you feeling?''

Christian let out a small moan. ''Like shit. Gabriel refused to go to sleep until 20 minutes ago.'' He replied grumpily, obviously not in the mood to start a happy conversation when he could finally get some sleep.

''Oh. Well Jules said that you should give him a nice warm bath or something before you put him to bed. It will help babies to fall asleep faster.''

''Thanks I'll remember that for the next time, if I'm still around.'' Christian swiveled onto his side and pulled the sheets over his tanned shoulder, blocking out the cold in the room. He heard Sean sigh. ''Okay. Well, I'm going to have to hang up. Matt and I were gonna watch a movie. I'll see you tomorrow if you feel better. If you don't stay in bed okay?''

Christian let out a small noise in reply. ''Promise?''

''Yeah Yeah. I promise. Bye Sean.'' He hung up and tossed his cell onto the other side of the bed, while rolling back onto his stomach. Just as he closed his eyes, the babymonitor on his bedside cabinet started crying. He let out a low moan and threw the covers off himself. ''I can't believe this.''

Sean tossed his cellphone onto the couch and took place next to his 17 year old son on the beige sofa. ''Is he okay?'' Matt asked, glancing at his father. Sean nodded his head and kicked his shoes off. ''Tired, he'll be okay. He shouldn't have been rude to that nanny, that way she wouldn't have walked out the door.'' He put his feet up and took the remote out of his son's hands. ''What are we watching?'' ''I got A perfect Storm and –'' Matt was cut off by his cellphone, which beeped in his pocket.

Sean raised an eyebrow and watched as his son took it out of his pocket, looked at the display and then got to his feet.

''Sorry dad, Diana's had a fight with her parents, can I go over to her place to comfort her?'' he asked and without waiting for an answer he picked up his jacket and walked over to the door. ''Wait a minute. Who's Diana? I thought we were going to watch a movie!?'' Sean called after him. ''Raincheck dad, she's my girlfriend.'' Matt called over his shoulder just before the door fell shut behind him. Sean shook his head slightly and pressed 'start' on the dvd player's remote.


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