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Chronicles Of The Past

Chapter One

-How It All Began-

More than 6 hours had passed since the sun had set down the blood red horizon of Soul Society. The shy, pale moon, accompanied by a bunch of other twinkling dots, slowly peeked out of a cotton of cloud dangling somewhere above the sky, shining its faint guiding light to a bunch of poor souls stuck on night guard shifts. Other death gods should be asleep by now. But these poor souls are forced to keep their eyes alert and open for any signs of disarray.

On the grounds, almost no other sound, except the occasional yawns and footsteps of the night shift guards sailing up and down the dark and deserted alleys in soul society was audible. It was the 5th division squad's turn to maintain the security and order of the court of pure souls that night. More than 30 death goddess and goddesses were sent to guard the streets and corridors of their territory. Three lower ranked Shinigamis for each guard post outside every main division area, located near every division squad building.

Up in the north-west area, where the 5th post was located, 3 death gods were standing next to each other. A tall, dark haired man on the left, who was leaning on the alleyway, a buff, round faced young man on the center, who looked as if he could fall asleep anytime, and a slender brunette on the right, humming soft tunes on her lips. They might not look like it, but right now they're fighting against an insanely enormous urge to sleep. Night shifts are – the most boring thing next to paper works, after all. Nothing ever happened.

Nothing has ever happened yet.

"Did you hear that?"

The man on the left, Juyushi Sakutarou, said.

Quick footsteps echoed throughout the silent walls and corridors, tearing apart the silence of the cold, peaceful night overlapping the slumbering soul society. They listened together as the rhythm rapidly changed and increased.

"Probably just someone from the next post reporting the situation,"

His colleague on the right, Takahashi Shimura, replied. He looked uninterested. A second later he let out a long yawn, his 23rd one tonight.

But the blonde girl in the center didn't reply. She remained silent as the sound of the footsteps got louder.

A figure of another death god running in their direction suddenly emerged behind a curving wall. She was out of breath, yet still doing her best to reach them. Her hand was clutching her soul slayer. Even in such a dark place, the three death gods could see something in her face. Terror was written all over it. Her eyes were screaming in panic.

"Sir! I'm Sayoko from the 4th post! Reporting-"

The death goddess panted.

"Something happened to my squad! Something has - They've been –"

She kept yelling while running towards them. And as she got closer, they noticed one more thing about her. She seemed to be pulling something. Or, rather, she was being pulled by something.

"Please help me! Please he-!"

But she never finished her sentence.

The cold wind blew against their faces. They were standing alone now, the three of them, on the street were they were guarding, the shouting death goddess from the 4th post completely plucked out of their eyesight. She was simply not there anymore. She was gone.

After a long and edgy silence, which was followed by the uneasy quickening of their heartbeats, the blonde spoke first.

"Where… Where is she? Where did she go?"

No one answered.

"I'll go get back-up."

Juyishi Sakutarou turned around and took a step back to their post.

"No! Wait, Juyushi! We-"

But she was talking to nothing. Juyushi was behind her a second ago, and now – he was nowhere.


She yelled in the middle of the night, her frightened voice echoed throughout the empty streets and alleyways. Her heart was thumping crazily by then. Where the hell did he go?

"Juyushi! Where are you?!"

No answer.

"Juyushi! This – this isn't funny!"

She was left with nothing but the wind blowing on her hair, pulling strands of blonde hair all over her face.

"I don't like this."

Beside her, Takahashi was trembling.

"I'll get back-up then,"

The blonde scampered to their post, ready to raise the emergency alarm.

But the sight that met her eyes stopped her from doing what she was doing. She was looking at the spot where her teammate was standing. Well, at least where she thought he ought to be standing. But she was looking at nothing. Just a vast empty street with the night falling into it and the old streetlamps shining on it and a few dried leaves scattered on the ground, blown by the night wind.

Just then, she felt the presence, the faint reiatsu of someone, something breathing down her neck. She could hear the sound of its breath, like a clock ticking down her death, she could even smell its rotten odor, a smell of so many shinigami's blood mixed inside one vile place. She had no other options. She must fight.

Her hands instinctively made a grab for her soul slayer vested on her white belt. Quick as lightning, she turned around and swung the sword. To her surprise, she had swung at nothing. Just infinite empty air.

She was in panic. She was alone. Even though she was holding her soul slayer in a standby position, she knew there was no one to help her now. It would be useless. She knew this thing is lethal… No, more than lethal. And worse, she can't see it. It's like trying to hit a dragon target with a blindfold fastened into your eyes.

The whole world revolved around her in a breathless speed. She was unguarded and opened. Everywhere would be an opening for her.

The blonde felt her body shudder when all of a sudden, all the streetlamps went dead. She was going crazy. Her heart felt like it was going to explode with fear. In that moment of complete darkness and silence, she felt it, again, the feeling of something taking in the air around you. She could smell the rotten scent again; she could hear the rhythmic intake and outtake of breath again. It was surrounding her, strangling her with endless panic.

She turned around, and saw two enormous glowing crimson snake eyes floating in mid air. Those gruesome eyes pierced through her as if they were sucking her life out of her. And that was the last thing her eyes saw. The next thing she knew, she was falling into the never ending shadows of demise.

"Hinamori fukutaicho! Hinamori fukutaicho dono!"

Sealed inside her own room, the addressed black-haired girl rolled over the heap of blankets on her bed. Yawning slightly, she adjusted her eyes to the sunlight peeking through the creeks of her window. It was barely six o'clock in the morning, yet the new day has sent her someone already.

"Hinamori fukutaicho dono! This is Abaraya Jun – 5th division's 17th seat officer reporting over last night's guard shifts, Ma'am!"

Hearing this Hinamori leaped out of her warm bed and scrambled across her room to slide her door open for the messenger to speak. Abaraya Jun was the man who controls their weekly night guarding shifts; he was pretty much responsible for the whole party. Once the wooden flap has been completely opened, Hinamori found herself facing a man with a curly hair kneeling down on the floor. She couldn't help noticing the baffled look decorating her subordinate's expression.

"Permission to speak, Ma'am!"

Abaraya Jun asked

Hinamori nodded.

"Permission given,"

"Concerning the matters regarding last night's guard shift-

-it seems that we have … lost contact with the entire shift last night."

Hinamori's brown eyes widened, her brows slightly contracted.

"I'm sorry? You said –"

"It seemed that they experienced some sort of communication problem some time after midnight-

-and when we checked on them for the morning briefing mass, they were –


The next minute, Hinamori was already on her way dashing down the oak stairs of her division building to the nearest guarding post with the 17th seat officer keeping up behind her.

"Has Aizen Taichou heard any word of this matter?"

"I've sent another messenger to inform him. He should be here anytime soon,"

The both of them slowed down to a halt once they reached the front of the guard post. Hinamori took a few moments to look around, scanning the whole place for some sort of clue, something to help her explain the whole thing.

"When was the last time you heard of them? When was the last time they contacted your headquarters back at the division building for hourly reports?"

"A couple of minutes before one A.M, and we haven't heard anything from them ever since."

A few moments passed in silence as Hinamori stepped inside the small wooden guard post and studied the whole place.

"I had all my other subordinates search the place for any sign of them but there was just none."

"Have you checked in every guard post? Every stations?"

"Yes Ma'am, Everywhere."

"Has this news reached the ears of the other division members yet?"

"I believe not yet, Ma'am. But other division members should have noticed their absence by now,"

Hinamori looked around the small cramped room. Nothing seems to be out of place. The emergency alarm, which consisted of a single golden colored metal plate with a complimentary stick was untouched at the corner, the small chairs and desks provided her lesser to sit and write a report on was in their usual place, even the three empty cups of tea sitting quietly at the desk were not something unordinary. It was as if nothing had happened. It was as if the whole squad had finished their work and they abandoned their guarding posts without reporting. If this really was the matter, this would be too cruel for a joke.

Hinamori tried to concentrate. There must be something there.

Her eyes widened for the second time for the day. She felt it, the strong killing atmosphere around her, as if someone was watching her back, breathing silently down her neck, waiting for a moment to kill …

"Hinamori fukutaicho. What do you think could have possibly happened to them?"

She replied in silence. She understood now.

"Hinamori – kun!"

Came Aizen Taichou's soft voice from outside. The tall captain had just arrived with another messenger was accompanying him at his side. His face was worried.

Approaching his captain, Hinamori only had these to say.

"Aizen Taichou, it was a hollow."

In soul society, the only thing that goes faster than the speed of a captain's flash steps, is perhaps news, or – rumors. Even a little news like someone slipping inside a ditch could turn into a story about a brave shinigami who was fighting against a menos grande, and was thrown off to the lake. And if something as simple as that can change into something entirely different, who knows what the word of the disappearance of more than thirty 5th squad shinigamis can evolve into?

And everyone knows, that big news like that, especially in soul society, won't go unnoticed.

Up in the 5th floor's balcony, Hinamori was sitting at the wooden safety railings in front of the 5th division building's great hall, facing to the garden outside, looking down the slowly falling sakura leaves. She looked up, as if challenging the sky.

She had told her captain everything she knew, everything she felt, all of her conclusions back in the guarding post. A few moments later they were joined by a certain long silver haired captain who obviously had heard of the matter. And the next thing she knew, all the other captains had decided to hold an emergency captain meeting to discuss the matter officially. Hinamori was invited to be the speaker for the first few moments. She was asked to tell the captains everything she knew about the whole matter. And so she did. But it wasn't after a few minutes later that later she asked for permission if she can go out and greet some fresh air. She needed a time alone. She needed a space alone. This has been too much of her. Her departure though, didn't fail to catch somebody's jade green eyes. Hitsugaya Toushiro's bright green eyes followed her all the way out of the hall.

The young teenager felt useless. She felt futile for not being able to protect or for not being able to do anything to stop this from happening. There were so many of them, more than thirty death gods, and now they were gone.

Slowly, she began to hug her knees to her chest, burying her face down her thighs.


Suddenly greeted with such an unexpected phrase, Hinamori turned around.

Hitsugaya was suddenly leaning his back against the wooden railings too, inches away from her.


"Baka. How long are you going to just sit there and weep over them?"

Hearing his words, Hinamori somehow felt offended.

"But they were my subordinates! If something happened to them I-

-It's normal for me to be crying!"

"I wasn't saying you shouldn't be crying. I was just asking, how long are you going to keep doing that?"

In some way, Hinamori held hear tears back after hearing these words. It was just Hitsugaya's version of "Shut up, I'm here already, which is, of course, another way of saying,

I'm here. Everything's gonna be okay.

A lovable smile soon blossomed at the corner of Hinamori's lips, washing away all her tears and desperation. This is what she adored the most about him. Hitsugaya never showed how much he cared. Let alone his affections, even his expression he rarely shows. But Hinamori knew better. She knew Hitsugaya has his own language, a language only for her, that only she alone understands.

She knew he had his own attitude, his own way of doing things, his own solitude and fears. But he never let those emotions, even a tiny hint of it, so much as to get even a little close to the surface. She liked everything about him. From his icy cold glares he usually shot her whenever she gets into trouble, his disgusted look whenever she called him 'Shiro-chan', all the way down to his sweet – protective scent whenever he was around.

She turned her head sideways, meeting his gaze, and staring at him softly.

"Arigatou, Shiro-chan."

"Hey, I told you not to call me tha-"

Hitsugaya stopped his sentence. The next thing Hinamori knew, she was being pushed backwards, Hitsugaya's right arm secured itself around her tiny waist. He had shoved her out of the balcony, flinging her into his protective arms in the process, bringing her flying in mid-air with him, taking her as far away from the building as possible.

"Hitsugaya-kun! Wha-"

She didn't need an answer. Hinamori watched in horror as the spot where she just sat a few seconds ago suddenly exploded with a deafening roar. The balcony's railings and balustrades snapped into pieces, the floor ruptured apart, revealing the building's inner steel foundation. All that was left of the balcony now was just a huge gap punched right into the 3rd floor of the building.

Something was there, somewhere between the rubbles of the veranda. She saw it, somewhere beneath the splinters of broken windows and shattered glasses, two enormous blood red eyes locked themselves on her brown ones. It let out a roar, revealing a mouth and a throat, which bear a very resemblance to the black hole.

The two death gods could feel the ground shaking. It was a hollow's roar.

Hitsugaya's pov :


He said as he descended from the air, Hinamori still safely tucked in his arms.

With a soft thud, where Hitsugaya's feet touched the soil outside the courtyards of the 5th division, he gently let go of Hinamori's frail body. Hitsugaya watched as Hinamori, with the inimitable grace that she had always carried, set her foot down the solid earth. She was shaking, perhaps out of fear, or out of shock.

It's alright.

I'm here.

Noone can hurt you.

"Stay here."

Hitsugaya took a step forward. He then fastened his hand on the grip of his soul slayer.

"Soten ni Zase! Hyourinmaru!"

Just as the incantation ended, a colossal, glacial dragon leashed out of the tips of his blade, its fangs wide, and its claws extended. It let out a ground breaking roar. Then everything around them changed. The sky turned pallid grey as the dragon swirled past the endless horizon, clouds withered into nothingness as the mighty ice dragon wipped its tail past them, the strongest ice element soul slayer. Hyourinmaru, has arrived.

But it was too late. Hyourinmaru had come for nothing. For in the midst of ll the debris and ruins of the cracked 5th dvision building, the blood eyed hollow has disappeared.

Hitsugaya gritted his teeth. He hated opponents like these, one that would just take them by surprise, and ends up backing away when he sees hyourinmaru. Grudgingly, the white-haired boy gently shoved hyourinmaru inside its sheath again. As soon as the sword and the sheath clicked in, a sudden vast change of weather occurred. The sky returned to its normal blazing cerulean color, and clouds suffused out of nowhere, showing off their white cottony surface.

He turned back to the other.

"Are you okay?"

Hinamori nodded.

"I'm fine."

But Hitsugaya was never easily deceived. And Hinamori, in particular, was never good at lying. She was clutching her right arm with her left palm. From the corner of his eyes, Hitsugaya caught sight of a red liquid, trickling down a part of Hinamori's arm, which lay opened.

"Show me your arm."

Hitsugaya said shortly.

"I'm fine, really."

"Let me see your arm."

"No, really, Hitsugaya-kun, I'm fine."

Getting tired of her will to keep herself from being his burden, Hitsugaya asked for her arm.

"Let me see it."

Hinamori shook her head, and clutched her right arm tighter, an act in which she hoped to hide it from the other boy's eyesight, but only caused her more pain. And worse, now more blood has started prickling down her skin.

Without a word, Hitsugaya gently rolled the lengthy and loose bit of fabric covering Hinamori's right arm. Hinamori still resisted, she was still concealing her wound from his eyes by covering it with her left palm. Faint traces of blood could be seen from the narrow gap between her small fingers. Hitsugaya unclasped her left palm out of her right arm slowly, afraid that he might injure her. It took him more than twenty seconds to finally remove her fingers from the gash.

Hinamori had a shard of glass inside her flesh, tearing her once soft and flawless skin into half and slashing a four centimeter cut on her upper arm.

"I'm taking you to Unohana."

With that, he heaved the helpless girl onto his back, encircling only her left arm around his neck, so that it wouldn't hurt her wounded one, and hugging her kness at his sides.





And as He continued pacing down the nearest path to the 4th division building Hinamori smiled, and laid her head onto His warm shoulders, inhaling his sweet familiar scent. Hinamori had always liked Hitsugaya's back, his was always warm and fuzzy and full of comfort.

Arigatou, Shiro-chan.


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