The Mage and His Duchess

Riding through a green and leafy wood,

Comes a lady wearing cloak and hood.

Tris and Daja watched as their sister saati made her way through the thickest forest near Winding Circle.

She is very sad,

Isn't that too bad,

Surely we would help her if we could!

Her uncle, Duke Vedris, had just died of another heart attack. Daja stepped forward to catch up to Sandry, but a hand grabbed her. Don't, Tris said, her mind-voice ringing with sadness. We can't help her.

Lo! A gallant mage comes riding by,

How he hates to see his duchess cry.

Another figure came into the two girls' view. Briar! they both thought.

Let me take care of her, he replied. They heard the fire and passion in his voice and hoped that this would turn out all right.

He will do his part,

Win her gentle heart,

Briar rode up to Sandry, worry shadowing his eyes. "C'mon, Duchess," he whispered, "Be strong."

At this Sandry collapsed into his arms, crying all the harder. Briar looked at the distressed girl uncertainly, then stroked her honey-colored hair and kissed the back of her head. "I love you, Sandry," he murmured. "Forever."

Her sobbing ceased, and she seemed to contemplate this. "I love you too," she whispered at last. "Forever."

Watching from the brush, the two spectators silently crept away, knowing their sister was in safe arms.

And quietly we'll leave them, you and I.

A/N: This was written when I was little (or perhaps littler), and after icecreamlova's review I decided to look at it and edit it some. So here it is! I think it seems slightly more believable now, but I didn't change any of the overall theme/feeling, because I wanted to keep that childish... whatever it is. :)