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Raven sat in the common room of Titans Tower, minding her own business, trapped in the middle of a good book. It's thick binding resting on her knees, her amethyst eyes scanning the old, yellowed pages. It was just another day like any other in the Tower, put evil-doers in their rightful place, raging teenage hormones, alien weirdness, and lost of video games.

The constant sound of things exploding, grunting noises, the small, yet annoying clicking sounds of the joystick, the occasional vulgar English adjective (A/N: swear words) and Robin's mindless heavy metal rock music was starting to give her a headache. She paused from reading and massaged her temples with her thumb and middle finger.

She raised her eyebrows and then went back to reading. She sat with her feet flat on the floor, her legs making an upside down 'V' shape as her back was up against the back of the couch, her book set on her thighs. She sighed, returning to the interesting book she found in her collection.

"BOO-YAH! Take THAT grass stain!" Cyborg yelled triumphantly, as he stood he shook the back of the couch. Raven winced lightly at the sudden motion but continued none-the-less to read her book, despite the fact that Robin's music was growing louder and louder.

"Shut up." Beast Boy's voice huffed and he tossed the controller on the floor and stood up. He put his hand on the back of the couch and pushed down, thrusting his legs over the back of the sofa. Jumping over the couch, missing Raven by a mere few inches. She ignored that fact that she was almost decapitated, and kept reading.

"Oh, sorry Raven. Didn't know you were there." He said and flashed her one of his goofy smiles. Her eyes never left the book as he walked away. The years had been kind to Beast Boy, he wasn't the skinny, short, prankster he was when he was 15. Two and a half years was all he needed. But he was still the prankster that he was. He had buffed up a lot, and he defiantly gained something in the height department. He was almost as tall as Robin, who currently, after she was assigned 'Titans Tower Nurse', was 5' 11".

Raven shook her head. She didn't need to waste time with such stupid thoughts, she was enjoying reading. She assured herself. Reading. She thought with a sigh.

"Friend Raven! Salutations!" the bubbly redhead chirped happily as Raven looked up to see Starfire's face about 10 inches from hers, staring at her with her big green eyes and an enormous smile plastered on her face. She smiled sweetly at the dark teen. Raven exhaled deeply, getting slightly… annoyed at the alien princess.

"Yes Starfire?" Raven asked, trying not to sound irritated. The last thing she needed was Starfire to get her feelings hurt, have her tell Robin, have Robin the Boy Lover to "talk" to her about Starfire's naivety, cause her an even bigger headache, which meant she would need to meditate, getting away from the rest of the group, which was a bad thing in Robin's eyes. Teammates were everything.

"Oh yes, Silly Starfire, I forgot." She smiled sheepishly, but continued anyway. "Beast Boy had told me a joke, and I wished to tell it to Robin, so I-"

"Then why don't you tell him?" Raven asked, looking up from her book to look at Starfire, she was trying to be kind. She was trying to be patient.

"I, um, how do you say, wanted to test it first." Starfire said and stared at Raven with hopeful eyes. Raven sighed.

"Fine." She breathed monotonously. She looked at the page number, and closed the book, resting it on her lap, staring up at the alien redhead.

"Glorious!" She shouted happily and clapped her hands together a few times. "Alright." She said and peeked behind her to see if Robin was looking. Robin currently had his arms crossed over his chest, leaning against the island and bobbing his head to the loud rock music. She turned back around and smiled at the telepathic teen. "How do the heavenly fish greet one another?" Starfire smiled hopefully.

Raven sighed again, closing her eyes. "I don't know, how?" She humored Starfire.

"Halo!" She smiled triumphantly; she was waiting for the laughter that would never come. (A/N: I got that joke out of a Spongebob SquarePants joke book… I know, I'm stupid… but it was a good joke for Star)

"That… was nice Starfire. I think you're ready to tell Robin now." Raven said and opened the book back up to the page she left off at, and continued reading.

"Dude, I'm in the mood for waffles." Cyborg sat and held his stomach as a loud rumble was heard.

"WHAT!" Beast Boy yelled, who was only a few feet away from him.

"I SAID, I'M IN THE MOOD FOR WAFFLES!" Cyborg yelled at the green teen.

"YOU'RE BEING SUED IN RUFFLES!" Beast Boy yelled back, a confused look on his face. Raven's eye twitched, and her headache just got worse.

"Do you think that music is loud enough?" She said coldly and walked up to Robin, glaring at him in annoyance.

"No." He muttered and Starfire came up to him.

"NO! I SAID I'M IN THE MOOD FOR WAFFLES!" Cyborg yelled, his face growing red with the yelling, and the frustration.

"Robin, I wish to tell you the joke, could you please turn your music off?" Starfire asked loudly, yet politely.

"Sure thing Star." He said and suddenly the music went off. Raven's eye twitched again and she shut her eyes, mediating to keep her cool.

"Oh, waffles. I gotcha." Beast Boy said and nodded as Cyborg walked over and started cooking. Raven sat back down and opened her book. She felt close to Cyborg, the half human, because, well he was half human, just like her. He treated her fully like a person, not just like half of one. Not that the other titans treated her like she wasn't human, but Cyborg understood how if felt. Sure, Beast Boy was green, and Starfire was an alien princess, but still. They all had flaw's and they all accepted one another for those flaws.

"Hey Raven, you want any waffles?" Cyborg asked from the stovetop. Raven lifted her eyes and stared at him.

"Pass…" She murmured and returned to reading her romantic horror novel. He shrugged and waited for his waffles to be done. She also liked this about the "tin man" as Beast Boy so often referred to him. He gave her space, he respected that she was different.

"Hey Star, Rob! You want any waffles!" he yelled obnoxiously, even though they were only a few feet away.

"Surely Friend Cyborg!" Starfire yelled back and smiled at him. Raven frowned. Sometimes Starfire's constant happy-go-lucky attitude was a little too much.

Like everyday, some evil-doer had to break the law and steal something, murder someone, or try to "take over the world". The red lights and the annoying siren blared inside the Tower, causing anyone to stop what they were doing and pay attention. Much to Raven's dismay, she had to put down the book.

Robin ran to the computer and typed quickly on the keys and stared up at the large screen. "Titans, someone just robbed Jump City Bank, Titans, GO!" Robin yelled and the Titans ran/flew out of the Tower.


Raven stared grimly up at the front of the jewelry store/bank. She didn't understand why they couldn't have a jewelry store and then a bank, why all of this jewelry store/bank business. Oh well… she didn't have to pay taxes, so they do with the taxpayers money with which they pleased.

This was obviously the work of a lesser threat of a villain. The big threats like Slade went for high tech gear, not stuff they could sell on the black market like this one. IT also didn't take a genius to see that the troublemaker used explosives or some kind of fire product to blast the huge front window of the bank.

"Titans, stay alert. We don't know what we're up against." Robin urged, his masked eyes never leaving the front of the back. Robin. Never one to underestimate a situation, never one to be less then three steps ahead. As Raven looked again, broken glass from the window littered the sidewalk and little drops of blood. What they saw next, scared Raven out of her mind. More then anything since her father was reincarnated.

Pink. And lots of it.

"Well, the Teen Titans, I'm surprised, I thought you'd be after bigger villains, but obviously you have nothing better to do." A red headed girl popped out of the store with a sack of money slung over her shoulder. She had a pink-jeweled belt over her hip. Pink was covering her, pink gloves, pink boots, pink leotard, right down to her pink nail polish. It was just too much. Raven wrinkled her nose.

This girl obviously knew how to get a person peeved. "Well since you already know who we are, why don't you introduce yourself?" Robin tested, three disks were clenched between his fingers, as he stood in a fighter's stance, ready for anything this girl could dish out. Cyborg had his sonic canon ready to fire, it's blue-ish glow emitted from the center. Starfire's hands and eyes glowed bright green as she floated above the boy's heads.

Beast Boy stood in a fighter's stance, ready to morph into the deadliest of animals in a moment's notice. Raven levitated up over the boy's heads as she muttered her mantra, her eyes glowed black and her eyes snow white.

"Hm, I'm kinda of new at this, so I don't have one…" She said, putting a finger to her lips in thought, suddenly, an idea must have struck her. She smiled devilishly at the five. "Why don't you call me Hot Stuff?" she said, licked her finger and placed it to her hip, it hissed and steam arose from her hip. She winked and in a blink of an eye, she put her fist out and fire exploded from it as it landed only a foot away from the boys. The Titans jumped out of the way before it got to them.

"Ta ta Titans!" Hot Stuff yelled as she used fire propelled from her feet to fly towards the city bridge. Raven gained her sense of direction and glared after the girl, she waited for Robin's instruction.

"Titans, let's move!" Robin ordered and Beast Boy morphed into a pterodactyl and lifted Cyborg up into the air, Starfire wrapped her arms under the Boy Wonder and the two flew quickly after the redhead villain. Raven concentrated and flew after, her eyes alert.

The Titans made it to the bridge where Hot Stuff was in the middle of three lane traffic going both ways. "Hot Stuff, STOP!" Robin yelled over the roar of the car engines. The three boys landed. Most of the cars had stopped luckily, and some people got out of their cars. Not a good idea.

"Oh Robin, you're such a party pooper!" Hot Stuff pouted. The bag of jewels slung over her shoulder, a hand on her waist, the fire still keeping her a good three feet off the ground. "Well I'll just have to get things started." Her hand suddenly engulfed in flames, cackling and licking her palm, the fire danced. They suddenly turned into disk like shapes and she thrust her arm up in the air. The flames sliced right through a few of the enormous cables that held the bridge.

Hot Stuff cackled as she flew above the cars, setting a few more fire disks through more of the cables. Robin's masked eyes widened. The bridge began to sway violently and cars slid around on the waving pavement. "Cyborg, Beast Boy, you and I will stop Hot Stuff, Starfire, weld the cables back together and Raven, get the people off the bridge." Robin said, thinking quickly, he said the last part gravely and gave Raven a serious look.

They all jumped into action, Starfire quickly went up to one of the enormous cables and used her flowing green hands and alien strength to weld it together. "Azarath, Metrion, Ziiinthos." Raven said slurring the last word of her mantra. Her telekinetic powers lifted cars with the people in them off the bridge to safety; they drove away quickly, trying to get away from the danger. Lucky for Raven and the people of Jump City there weren't may cars.

Robin and Cyborg ran towards Hot Stuff, gaining feet and closing in on her. The bridge kept swaying violently and it was hard for the boys to stay on their feet.

People were screaming, and some cars were making it off the bridge. A family of three was out of their car, watching the scene in horror. "Get bac-!" Raven started, but their little girl who looked around six got too close to the edge, from the swaying, she lost her balance and fell. Both she and her mother let out a shrill scream and the mother nearly fainted. Raven's eyes widened, she looked was frozen, her mind didn't work right. Suddenly, Beast Boy ran past her with lightning fast speed, and he jumped. Raven's breath caught in her throat. She opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out.

"Friend Raven!" Starfire yelled, the bridge had stopped swaying and the rest of the cars zoomed off, Starfire was using her alien strength to help the last few people and cars to safety. "Friend Raven, what happened!" Starfire yelled. The mother of the girl was screaming her lungs out. Raven stood there paralyzed. Suddenly, a huge green eagle with the little girl on it's back swooped up and morphed into Beast Boy. He held the girl bridal style and landed on his feet. Her little hands around his neck, her face buried in his shoulder. The mother let out a cry of joy and ran towards Beast Boy.

"Mommy!" The little girl cried out and she jumped from Beast Boy's arms to her mothers. The mother embraced her child and kissed her, she then ran up to Beast Boy and kissed him continuously and hugged him, thanking him over and over. He smiled and blushed.

"I'm just doing my job." He stated modestly, shrugging his shoulders. The woman backed down and smiled up at him. Starfire and I landed down on either side of him.

"Thank you too." She said and smiled at the two of us.

"Oh, it was 'no big'" Starfire smiled cheerfully as she smiled at the woman and the little girl.

I shrugged and gave a small smile. "BOO-YAHA!" Cyborg's loud voice rang out from behind us, we turned to see Robin and Cyborg with huge grins on their faces. Cyborg had Hot Stuff swung over his shoulder, her hands and feet bound with metal behind her back, her mouth duct taped shut, she was kicking and screaming… although her screams were muffled.

"Nice." Beast Boy admired and the woman hugged him again, and then walked off with her daughter. Raven turned her head away from the group and then looked towards Robin.

"Can we go home now?" Raven asked monotonously. Robin sighed and nodded.

"Yeah, we can." He said and Raven waited no more and levitated off towards the tower.


Raven went straight to her room and shut and punched in the combination to lock the door. She huffed and sat down on her bed. She unlatched her cape and through it over next to her on her bed. She crossed her arms and stared down at her thighs. Why was she overacting like this? Sure, it wasn't everyday that you thought a teammate had jumped off a bridge and died…

There was a knock on her door and she looked up and glared at it.

"Hey Raven, it's me." Beast Boy's mature voice came muffled through the door.

"What?" She asked simply and monotonously. Not bothering to move from her bed.

"Hey, I wanted to know if you were okay? I mean, you kinda went off in a hurry after the battle with Hot Stuff…" He said simply.

"I'm fine. Just leave me alone." She said coldly, got up from her bed and went to her bookshelf. She leisurely looked over the books and picked a big dusty one that looked interesting. Amend My Heart the binding had written on it. Raven wouldn't let any of the other titans know that her alleged "horror" stories were most of the time romances? Oh Azar how they would laugh if they found out she was a romantic at heart. She shook her head and decided they wouldn't find out.

"Are you sure?" He asked from behind the door. Raven glared at it and walked up to it, book in hand. She slid open the door and looked up at Beast Boy.

"Yes. I'm sure, now goodbye." She said and shut the door. She heard him sigh and heard his footsteps going down the hall. She sighed and went back over to her bed and sat down, opening to the first page of the book.

"Raven?" Raven's patience was dwindling quickly, very quickly.

"What?" She snapped at the changeling.

"Dinner." He said simply. "Robin got pizza." He said quietly and she heard his feet again, shifting down the hall. She sighed. Well if Robin went through the trouble of getting them pizza she might as well go down. Her sarcasm was evident. She scooped up her cape and latched it.

She opened her door and went down the hall. Maybe she would just have some tea…


"Friend Raven!" Starfire exclaimed happily as Raven came into view. "You made it to enjoy the feasting of pizza!" She said and bit into her slice as the other four Titans sat at the table eating their respective pizza slices. Cyborg had a whole half pizza covered with meat to himself, and the other half was cheese for Starfire and Raven. Robin had one half of another pizza covered with green peppers, olives, and red peppers, and Beast Boy had a vegetarian.

"Yeah Rae, come sit!" Cyborg said and pulled out the chair on the left of him, the one that was beside Beast Boy. Raven grimaced slightly and walked over and sat down next to Beast Boy. A piece of plan pizza somehow landed in front of her. She looked up, all four pairs of eyes were on her.

She sighed, picked it up and brought it to her lips, taking a bit and chewing. The other titans seemed to relax. She continued to eat her slice as Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy went onto their second, third and in Cyborg's case, fourth slice.

"Ah, having pizza after crime fighting sure is a reward." Beast Boy said and stretched his arms up and behind his head. He then exhaled and his stomach went out, he slouched in the car patting his stomach.

"Hell yeah." Cyborg said and stood up, he got everyone's paper plates and threw them in the trash. The Titans recently realized that paper plates meant that you didn't have to do dishes, and when they didn't have to do the dishes, they were a happy group of teens. He then proceeded out of the common room, probably to go work out or sleep.

Starfire went over to Robin and read the newspaper with him, reading it cutely over his shoulder. Robin's shoulders were slouched over the counter top, his eyes focused on the tiny black words on the thin sheets of paper.

Raven went over to the couch and sat down. She concentrated soul and mind on Amend My Heart and soon enough, it appeared in her hands. There were some definite benefits of being half demon.

"Whatcha reading Raven?"

Raven took a sharp intake of breath. She turned her head ever so slightly to glance slightly at the green teen. "None of your business…" She said passively as she turned her head to continue reading.

She heard him sigh as he flopped over on the couch, his strong arm muscles propelling him over. "Fine." He said and put his head back on the back of the sofa, staring up at the ceiling. She could tell the changeling was thinking about something… but that something she didn't know what.

She closed her book and stared at him. "What-" She started, but was interrupted by the huge screen that acted as a window fuzzed up and was replaced with a large picture of the mayor of Jump City.

"Hello Titans." He said politely and smiled warmly at them.

"Sir." Robin quickly jumped up and walked towards the screen.

"Relax Robin, this is nothing formal." The mayor said with a chuckle and Robin flushed, he looked uneasy, and who wouldn't be really, with the mayor and all. Cyborg came in with a confused look on his face.

"I thought I heard something…" he muttered and walked up to the mayor.

"With all do respect sir, why did you contact us?" Robin asked as he folded his arms across his chest. Starfire stood off to the side behind him, and Raven and Beast Boy soon found themselves standing.

The mayor smiled down at the slightly confused teens. "Hm. Well, I'm glad you asked…"


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