Co-written by falling moonlight

Pairings: One-sided Gaa/Sasu, Neji/Sasu Eventually Naru/Sasu

A/N: This is set in the loveless universe (if you couldn't guess) if you haven't seen/read the show/Manga all you need to know is that until someone losses their virginity they have cat ears and a tail BUT you can get fake ears/tail


Naruto sighed for the fifth time, his ears drooping drastically. He cursed at the size of his new "small" private school. Why the hell they needed two four-story schools, was completely beyond him. He looked down at his schedule, and scanned the walls.

228…230…232…236…238-WAIT! He thought pulling his attention back to the room he had just passed. 234!

His face lit up, and a smile shined in his eyes, and covered his face. He walked over and threw open the door not even contemplating the fact that class had started long ago.

"Sorry I'm late-,"

"Naruto?" spoke an astounded voice, one that Naruto could place from miles away, on the fourth of July, when a freight truck was going by, and fangirls were squealing.

"Iruka!" His smile widened, as he saw the brown haired man, with a scar across the bridge of his nose. "Iruka! What are you doing here!" he shouted as he pulled the older man in to a bear hug.

"We'll talk about that later," Iruka stated in a hushed tone, motioning his head to the roomful full of students currently transfixed with the odd sight in front of them.

"Oh, right, sorry Iruka-sensei," Naruto whispered in an apologetic tone; a small blush rising on his cheeks as he made a low bow.

"Just go sit in the empty seat between Sakura and Ino," Iruka stated, gesturing to the middle seat in the back row, between a girl with pink hair and matching ears, and one with light blond hair and ears.

Just as Naruto took his seat and Iruka prepared to start class up again, the door once again swung open.

"Oh, Uchiha-kun, I'm glad you could make it," Iruka said cheerfully; as if unaware of how late he had arrived. After he had closed the door and started over to the center aisle Naruto was fully able to observe the other boy.

Long slim legs, small narrow hips, and small torso, but once Naruto reached his face he was spellbound. His soft looking, flawless pale skin, the small silver hoops on the lower lobe of his ears and the black and red studs trailing up his right cat ear. As his eyes traveled down his bangs, past his deep ebony eyes, those soft pink lips grabbed at Naruto's attention. How he had missed them in the first place was beyond him. But now he couldn't tear his eyes away.

His world focused in on those lips. What could have easily only have been a few minutes felt like hours. The only thing Naruto could think of was how he wanted to go up to him, this total stranger, and kiss him, to feel those soft lips on his own, to hold the tiny hips in his strong hands.

His fantasies were cut short when the boy suddenly took the seat in front of him. I was staring at him for that long! Naruto thought, tiring to rid himself for those images.

With much determination Naruto was finally able to focus on Iruka's lesson. But after 15 minutes in proved fatal, his only thoughts were on the blacked hair boy in front of him and finding out his name. He started at him without a second thought of class or anyone else. And when Iruka handed out papers he tried to maneuver so he could get at peek at his name.

"What are you doing?" the pink haired girl next to him asked, her ears twitching as she tried to suppress a giggle.

"Well if you must know-"

"Sakura," she said. .

"Well if you must know Sakura," Naruto dropped his voice down to a whisper, "I'm trying to find out his name," he said, nudging his head towards the black haired boy in front of them.

"Uchiha Sasuke!" she exclaimed, in a voice that could hardly be considered a 'whisper'. Luckily the rest of the class didn't seem to notice; other than the other blond next to them. "You do not want to get involved with a guy like that! Believe me!"

"Yeah," the blond haired girl joined; he was guessing her name was Ino, "I heard his boyfriend, Gaara, killed a guy for hitting on him,"

"And that his other boyfriend, Neji, mentally torched some guy's mind and now he only talks crazy now," Sakura said.

"Worst of all, everyone says his tail and ears are fake, and that he's really a whore," Ino told him.

"Yeah, he's probably got some kind of STD," Sakura added.

Naruto sat, turning his head to look at Sakura, then Ino, soaking in as much information as he could get. But then Sakura fell silent. He faced front thinking over the stuff they had told him. Staring ahead he noticed how Sasuke shoulder relaxed slightly, and he wondered if it was because he had heard them talking about him.

Just then the bell rang. Apparently the others had sensed it coming because before he even had his stuff together the whole class was already out the door, except for Sasuke who seemed to drag himself to the door as if hoping someone would give him a reason to stay.

"Sasuke, Naruto!" called Iruka, beckoning with his finger.

Naruto cocked his head to the side in confusion, but Sasuke just went on over to him, his expression blank as looked around in indifference. Naruto grabbed his stuff, hurrying to the front of the class while Iruka was already talking to Sasuke.

"-so since you were late, I want you to take Naruto around and act as his guide,"

Sasuke sighed, "Fine,"

Naruto stood dumbstruck, not sure about what had just happened.

"Are you coming or not?" Sasuke called from his spot in the doorway. After Naruto realized that he was talking to him, he quickly ran after Sasuke out the door.


"Ga-Gaara," Sasuke said, addressing the red head in front of them. And the first thing Naruto noticed about this boy is that he had no ears or tail.

So this is Sasuke's boyfriend... poor Sasuke, no wonder everyone thinks he's a whore.

Naruto's ears flopped down flat at the closeness that Gaara shared with Sasuke, not noticing the way Sasuke's eyebrow twitched, and his eyes were also flat. That's when Naruto's down cast eyes saw Gaara's hand firmly planted on Sasuke's ass. The rage Naruto felt made him snap his head back up. Gaara was nuzzling his face into the cook of Sasuke's neck and whispering into his ear.

"Hey baby," Gaara said, emphasizing himself by giving Sasuke's butt a nice squeeze.

"Gaara stop it," Sasuke said planting his hands on Gaara's chest.

"What was that?!" Gaara said through gritted teeth.

"Sasuke was going to show me around," Naruto interjected, "I mean since I'm new and all," Naruto said the last part somewhat nervously.

"I see," Gaara said, using the hand on Sasuke's ass to give him a small push, "Sasuke-chan you go ahead, I want to have a chat with your new… friend," Gaara said in a dangerous tone leaving no room for argument.

When Gaara turned to look at Naruto his gaze stiffening 10 times over, "Don't even think about it,"


"I saw the way you were looking at him," Gaara stated in a threatening tone, "And don't get you're hopes up. Sasuke is my bitch, so you're just going to have to find yourself another piece of ass," Gaara declared.

As he turned on his heel to leave, Naruto went into a blind fury- he tore Gaara around and punched him square in the face. After snapping out of his shock Gaara swung his fist and managed to land a shot on his opponent's jaw. Naruto stumbled back, his anger for a moment diminished as he felt the pain, and a metallic taste entered his mouth. His fist clenched, and he stumbled forward, smirking, on the inside as he watched Gaara relax, only to deliver the unsuspecting boy a serious upper-cut in the gut. For a second time that day, his eyes opened wide in surprise. But it passed quickly, and he riposted with a punched from his left fist, connecting with Naruto's chin.

Naruto gasped and fell back, landing heavily on the lockers that lined the wall. He tried to push himself back up but a hand pushed him back down, making him wince in pain.

"Gaara stop it!" yelled Sasuke, grabbing on to the arm holding Naruto to the wall.

Gaara tightened up in anger for a moment, "You're lucky," Gaara stated through clenched teeth; relishing his hold on Naruto's uniform. Naruto dropped slightly, growling. His blood still pumped with adrenaline.

Gaara jerked Sasuke's arm towards him, bringing Sasuke in a chest-to-back-embrace. He nuzzled (nuzzling implies rubbing your nose against something) into Sasuke's hair; then tilted Sasuke's face to meet his.

Sasuke quickly twisted his head out of Gaara's grip, and squirmed out of Gaara's embrace. "We should get going," Sasuke told Naruto as he grabbed his hand and pulled him down the hall. Leaving one very angry Gaara in the wake.

The elevator was quiet as the descended to the first floor. Naruto was still furious about what Gaara had done to him, and to Sasuke. A muffled noise came from his left, where Sasuke stood.

"What was that?" Naruto asked, looking over at Sasuke. His bangs hid his eyes well as he sighed.

"I'm sorry about what Gaara did to you," Sasuke's voice was quiet, and cold, but there was something else to it. Naruto's body moved on its own it and in the next minute he was in front of Sasuke, "It's not your fault," he said, reaching a hand out to Sasuke. Said boy glared at the offending body part somewhat nervous. .

"Naru-" He was caught off guard as a pair of lips descended on his . Naruto felt Sasuke stiffen, but he couldn't figure out why, or even why he was on top of him in the first place. All he knew at that moment were the soft, tiny lips against his own. He brought his hands up and wrapped them around Sasuke's mid-section, pulling his body closer to his.

Sasuke put his hands onto Naruto's chest and with incredible strength (for how small he was) and shoved Naruto off of him.

"YOU PERVERT!" Sasuke yelled as he turned to run out the now open elevator doors. Wiping his mouth on his uniform sleeve as he left.

Naruto reached for Sasuke, but the door had already closed, His arm fell limp to his sides as the elevator started up again.