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Love Part 1

The walk was almost painfully uneventful and extremely boring. Sasuke, in a vain attempt to stay in character around so many people hadn't said a word. Only his tail betrayed his face by swinging back and forth in excitement. Once there Naruto got all his wallet would allow: one small vanilla ice cream cone. Good bye sweet money. I will miss you so. It's a good thing Iruka had told me to come visit more- Hello free food.

But that was all easily forgotten when he watched Sasuke start to eat. This for some reason he found strangely erotic, maybe it was the delicate licks he was giving to the top. And was it just him or was Sasuke pumping his hands up and down the cone.

Ah! Get your mind out of the gutter Naruto! After the relationship rollercoaster we just went on, the last thing I want is to make Sasuke think I expect sex from him! Sasuke shifted to look at him with half lidded eyes. "What's wrong, Naruto-kun? Don't you want any ice cream?" Sasuke asked in a seductive tine, taunting Naruto was too easy. Naruto's heart felt like it would burst though his chest and he'd chock on his tongue.

Damn Sasuke, he's trying to get me hard isn't he. He should be pissed not trying to turn me on. He mentally scolded Sasuke, but regardless followed him to the side of the ice cream place, where the benches where. He was half reluctant as he took a seat next to Sasuke.

"Come on Naruto-kun," Sasuke shifted closer to him. "Have just a little bit," Placing his unoccupied hand next to Naruto's leg for balance and leaned in. Close enough that their shoulders rubbed together whenever Naruto shifted. "For me." He breathed into his ear.

"Why aren't you angry!?" Naruto simply blurted out. He would have felt stupid about it if not for the fact that me was able to say what he had wanted without coming up with a plan.

"You're no fun at all." Sasuke said and set back so he was resting on the back of the bench. Quickly he began eating the frozen treat before it melted anymore.

"Sasuke don't avoid the issue." Naruto said as calmly as he could.

"What issue?" Sasuke questioned simply between licks.

"You where so upset before, why are pretending it never happened now?"

"Because I don't care." He grabbed the wrist that held the ice cream, making Sasuke focus on him.

Sasuke turned to look at him. "You're persistence is so cute." He scooted close enough that their thighs bumped. "It's because baka," He moved to whisper in his ear. "I like you too much to worry about something as stupid as that." Sasuke said softly then brought his lips flush against Naruto's in a soft kiss.

It was Naruto who; despite them being in public, deepened the kiss. Wrapping his arms around Sasuke's lower back he pulled him closer. In response Sasuke circled his arms around Naruto's neck and dropped the forgotten ice cream behind him. Then with his hands free he tangled them in Naruto's hair.

Naruto then pressed his tongue against Sasuke's lips asking for entrance. And Sasuke happily agreed. Naruto then drifted his hands from Sasuke's lower back to his waist and shoulders. He then pushed his tongue into Sasuke's mouth and licked Sasuke's tongue. The taste of ice cream was heavy as he wrapped his tongue with Sasuke's, as if it was some kind of dance. Though it didn't last long, Sasuke pulled back some. Far enough that their lips were no longer touching, but close enough that their noses where.

"I think it's time you took me somewhere privet." Sasuke said, his breath was short and breathy.

"And I think I can manage to pull that off." Naruto chuckled, but his voice was low like Sasuke's.

"Let's just hope that the mood doesn't die before was get there." Sasuke teased, as they stood and left, their hands firmly clasped. And then ice cream that was left forgotten on the bench slowly started dripping on the ground.