By. Eclipse Bloodmoon

They all betrayed her. They betrayed my child, left her for dead. They abandoned her. Just because thy were no longer 'bound' to her, they felt they could just leave her. They don't realize what they did to her. She's lost her innocence, because of them- she's bleeding. But I am the only that sees this. The one that did it doesn't care. The ones that left her in her time of need don't care. I'm left to pick up the pieces of my child, bleeding, and try to put them back together. I'm left to cry over my child's broken body, her broken spirit. They see her as male- I know differently. She's a fragile butterfly, one that needs constant protection, That's why I can't leave her.

She turned on me, stabbed me in the back. I was bleeding, but did I curse her/ No. When my young friend tried to take care of me, I told her to go after her. She is the most important thing to me. The most…I will never eave her. She's my world. She's hurting, and I have to protect her. I have the power to leave her, 'physically', but she is my heart. My angel. My 'goddess', if you want to go that far. I refuse to betray her, like they did.

Maybe they think my reasons are unsound. Maybe they're right. Maybe they believe that I lust for her. I am not that base. I don't feel anything but tender love for my child. I can't bear to see her hurt, and I'll kill anyone who tries to touch her. If they break her heart, I will murder them. I can't forgive anyone who harms her, my child.

She is my everything, my world, my all, my reason for being.