Where do babies come from?

Claire sat hunched over with her head hovering over an open book in the study room of her dad's mansion, "Ice cream..." She mumbled and began to drool a river getting the book wet. Claire was a 15 year old merchant who dreamed -She dreamed about food more though- of one day becoming an alchemist like her mother. She always thought an alchemists work and skills were fascinating, she also thought their uniforms were cute. She really wanted to become an alchemist and obtain a Vanimirth or as she liked to call them, deadly jello.

Claire had a problem with books, she never like to study, every time she was sent off to study she took refuge in sleeping. So in the study room she sat sleeping, pretending to be reading and dreaming about ice cream and other wondrous sweets, "Cake..."

Claire's dad, Leo, stood at the door watching tearfully as he thought her daughter was studying for the very first time. Claire was hunched over with her arms bent on the table, he couldn't see her drool or her closed eyes since her back was facing him, 'My little girl is finally studying!' His eyes sparkled as he walked over quietly trying not to disturb her. He began walked to her side leaning a bit to see her face, her short brown hair had covered her face from side view. He felt the urge to bang his head against the wall a several hundred times as he saw she was sleeping, 'I didn't want to have to do this, but if she can't become an alchemist she must...'

"Claire!" He shouted in her ear, she fell of her chair and stood up immediately wiping away the drool with the sleeve of her merchant uniform.

"Yes?" Claire asked innocently.

"I have an assignment." He took out a folded piece of paper with a candled stamp on the middle.

Claire's eyes brightened immediately, she loved her dad's secret assignments for her, they'd been doing that ever since she was six. She loved to pretend she was a spy on a mission, that's how she felt when her dad gave her secret assignments, no one knew of their little game or at least she thought. The missions ranged from stealing mother's left shoe to getting information.

She remembered when she was little, her father had given her the assignment of getting a birthday present for her mother. Her dad gave her a bag of zeny and she ran off to the merchants in Al De Baran looking for a present. She couldn't decide on what to get until she came across an inn that had a sweet scent of cookies floating around, she used her money to learn how to bake the cookies inside the inn. She couldn't use the one at her home, her mom would know she was baking and then it wouldn't have been a surprise. In the end, her cookies were burnt brown, but her mom had eaten them any ways. After her dad had given her a little note on a paper with yellow and pink stars in the back ground that read,

Agent: DAD ( Decaffeinated amazing dad ) -Claire had made it up when she was seven and happened to see decaffeinated coffee-


Mommy's Present

Result: Successful.

Field notes: DAD confirms burnt cookies were delicious and was very worried when SIA -Super intelligent alchemist- came back covered in cookie batter.

Claire took the letter and waited for her dad to leave before she opened the letter, it was a rule that she had to open it alone. She stared at him waiting him to go, he stared at her, "It would be best if I was here."

"Okay..." Claire stared at him unsurely for a second before hold up the open letter,

From: DAD


Marry Loki and bare his children

Mission description
The title.

At first Claire thought her dad was joking but then it came to her, her dad never joked on the mission, but she still wasn't convinced. She peered over the paper and saw her dad standing there as serious as ever. She went back to the letter and re-read it. She slammed the letter on the table, "What is this! A letter telling me to move out!"

"No, it's just..." Leo sighed trying to find out how to explain.

"Just what?" Claire pouted.

"Look, you sleep during your studies, slack off at training and blow up your potions, we all know you won't become an alchemist before..." He stopped from letting other information slipping out.

"Before what?" She spat bitterly.

"Claire, I'm sick." He said bluntly knowing there was no easy way of saying it.

"What? Go get some medicine or get a cure from a priest." Her eyebrows furrowed in frustration.

"No, it's something new, the are no medicine for this stuff and priests can't help me." He looked at his daughter sadly.

"So what? You're sending me away because you don't want to remember your failure of a daughter?" Claire's honey brown eyes stung painfully as tears came. Everything was being taken away from her, first was her mom, then it was the little green fish in the pond - no relation to her at all- and now it was her dad.

He hugged his daughter in a tight embrace, "You're not a failure, you just like to take your time." He chuckled lightly, Claire let out a sob, he continued, "I want to leave knowing you are safe, loved and surrounded by people who care for you."

Claire just realized she would be alone if her dad died, sure she had maids and butlers, but they were different they just worked there, "Safe, loved, care? I don't even know those people and I'm pretty sure they don't know me."

He pulled her back with his hands on her shoulders, "Please."

"No! I'm not leaving!" Claire stomped her foot as if making a deal.

"I'll be fine. And you know I heard this young man is a very powerful wizard, rich and the most handsome in Prontera." Her dad tried persuasion.

Claire brightened up and her ears perked up, "Fine, but if I hear you even stumble a bit, I'm back and staying."

He smiled and hugged her once again.

Claire stepped out of the carriage and immediately froze outside the gate of the white mansion as the carriage rode off, she didn't need to bring her stuff as it was sent here days before, 'This place is bigger than our mansion!'

"Oh, lady Claire!" A maid came out and dragged her in, Claire noticed after the maid had called out her name others appeared and began to work. Claire was dragged to the back yard where people were setting up a white arch way, a podium and chairs.

"What's going on?" Claire looked around trying to keep up with everyone's movement. The maid had dragged her on one side of the arch way while people were shouting, "Lady Claire is here! Loki is coming! Hurry quick!"

Claire watched the chaos settle down, she blinked stupidly at what was laid in front of her, rows of white chairs occupied with bodies, a white arch way, a podium with a priest looking character behind it. 'A wedding already!' Claire wasn't sure these people were in their right minds, she was wearing a pink spaghetti strapped simple dress that went down to her knees, a white T-shirt underneath, sandals and folded up pants so they wouldn't drag on the ground, her pants were always longer than her legs.

"I wasn't planning to get married!" Claire planned herself just to stay here for about 2 weeks before she went back to tell her father Loki didn't want to marry her.

"Loki's here!" The people had completely ignored her and everyone turned.

Claire averted her eyes to the wizard who was accompanied by two maids by his side. Claire found her self staring at the dark brown haired wizard. Claire couldn't see his eyes very well from there, but she could tell they were a shining silver. He was indeed the best looking man Claire had seen. 'I guess it would be okay to marry him.' Claire changed her mind from his appearance and never thought of his personality.

Loki walked over to the middle of the aisle of chairs, when he was about 8 feet from Claire he stopped, "I'm sorry, but I will not marry you, I will send you back as soon as possible."

"But-" One of the butlers called out but Loki interrupted him.

"I am not interested in marriage right now." And with that he began to walk to the french doors.

'What! I'm suppose to say that!' Claire looked at him incredulously, 'I will make him marry me and bare his children!'

"Hey, you!" Claire ran after him, he stopped, turned, blinked, stared. Claire stomped her foot, "I will marry you and bare your children!"

He continued to stare at her.

She fidgeted under his gaze, "Well?"

He slothfully leaned in towards her and asked, "Do you know how children are made?"

Claire tilted her head, "Umm, no, but my neighbor, Karen, had a baby and all she told me was it hurt really bad..."

He let out a soft chuckle as he straightened, "You're a bit too young."

"Karen was 13." Claire stated as if it were nothing and then she asked a question a child would only ask their parents, "Where do babies come from?"

This almost made him fall backwards, but he maintained his posture, "..." He turned and walked into the mansion without another glance.

Claire huffed, "What is wrong with me? Am I too short? Too ugly?"

"No, he usually turns down every offer, but you might be able to change his mind, maybe you could stay?" A man came up beside her.

"Who are you?" Claire asked bluntly.

"I'm his grandfather." The man smiled.

"Oh, okay then." Claire sighed, "I guess it'll take time, just like passing the alchemist test."

"Wait, you haven't passed the alchemist test?" Grandfather asked.

"Um...no." Claire shuffled her feet.

"They didn't tell us that, this is a problem." Grandfather mumbled to his self.

"What? Why?" Claire didn't understand why not being an alchemist had to do with anything.

"You see, we are a rich family and some people might try to assassinate us, so we need a bride who can protect herself." He explained.

"Oh..." There was a moment of silence. They could hear people in the background putting away the chairs and the wedding props.

Something purple blurred in front of them, 'Woah, that's fast!'

Claire admired the purple haired sage until she spoke, "I am here to answer the request of the Layor family."

"Ah, Heather, you are as fast as ever." Grandfather patted Heather's, purple haired sage, head.

Heather flashed a bright smile, Claire felt as if she had just been blinded, "I have been training."

"Come, and I will call Loki." Grandfather led them to the living room. Opposite of the door were windows, big windows that went from floor to ceiling. Claire and Heather sat on a red couch while Grandfather sat on the one opposite of them. 'What's her problem? She's been ignoring me as if I were air.' Claire glanced at Heather, who was smiling into space, 'And what is the request?'