"Malfoy, Draco," Professor McGonagall called. It was a wonderfully summer day and all around was nice and green. Grass and trees and stuff, that is. It was time once again to let the seventh years go. The graduation of the class of 1998. I hated it.

Harry stepped out of the oak doors, shielding the inhabitants of Hogwarts from the disaster brewing outside their doors.

As I'm sure you've predicted Voldemort was defeated. Harry did come back to me. He came with quite a few battle scars, but I loved it all the same. There's this really cute scar in the shape of an "A" on his left butt cheek. Not that he knows that I know of course.

Squaring his shoulders, Harry stepped down the stairs and tried to calm his racing mind.

He never did talk about what happened in that last battle. He refused to talk to anyone besides his mother and Granger for about two weeks after that battle. I was super pissed when she would come into the Hospital Wing and his face would light up. He'd of course always notice that hateful glares (not that I admit it or anything) I sent toward her, and he'd grab my hand and squeeze.

Hearing footsteps behind him, he unsheated Gryffindor's sword and spun quickly, plunging it into the body of a deatheater. Harry unmasked him and shuddered when he saw some poor guy who had probably just recently graduated.

So I was, and still am-not that I'd ever admit to anyone or anything-a bit insecure about my relationship with Harry. Hell, anyone seeing the way he and Granger act together would be, too! He says nothing was going on between them. I believe him of course, that doesn't mean I have to like her though. Furthermore, I heard through the grapevine that Harry was this close to asking Ginny Weasley out when the attack happened. Apparently Weasley wasn't too happy when Harry asked me out instead. I could say I was angry but…who am I kidding? I was ecstatic.

Quickly sheating the sword, Harry downed a potion the twins created, allowing him to absorb simple hexes.

Anyway, Fudge was booted out of office and James Potter was selected to lead the Magical Community through its reconstruction, then elections would take place. Everyone is still hoping for Dumbledore to run, but he refuses. Whatev-seriously.

This time when he heard sounds, it wasn't footsteps, it was a whispered spell. He stepped out of the way quickly and rode the wind quickly to plunge the sword through the other man's heart.

"Potter, Harry." Any cheering there might have been was completely drowned out by the wails of a very pregnant Mrs. Potter and Mrs. Weasley. At least I believe so since I am sitting next to the two women. Right up in my ear, man! No respect, whatsoever.

"Harry Potter," a voice whispered in his mind. Harry knew better than to run to the voice. He bided his time.

He blushed beet red and I smirked my "Slytherin" smirk at him. He only winked and I knew that I began blushing as well. Even after two years-counting the year we weren't dating, but still kinda acted that way-I still get flushed when he looks at me a certain way. He says it's adorable. I find it aggravating as hell.

Harry rounded the corner of the building and saw dementors hovering 50 yards away. Drawing his wand, Harry made his way forward and thought of his mother's face as he cast his patronous, running three of the dementors away.

Harry took a lot of flak for dating a Slytherin. He never minded and still continued to date me. The thing is we still acted like we did before we were dating. I would say something, he'd reply, and I'd blow up at him. He'd blow right back at me and we'd stop talking to each other for a day. Then the next day I'd snog his brains out and he'd forgive me. Weasley was all, "that's what you get for dating a Slytherin, mate." I really wanted to give him such a sopapo, but I restrained myself.

That alerted his presence to Greyback. The werewolf charged toward him; Harry drew his sword and ran toward it and saw they passed each other, Harry quickly sliced Greyback head off.

The rest of the students went by fairly quickly and it was time for the Head speeches. Of course Harry was Head Boy. He couldn't have saved the world and not make Head Boy! I tuned his speech out. That sounds really mean of me or whatever, but seriously, I've heard that bloody speech so many times it's a miracle I haven't cut my ears off like I was Van Gough or something-except I'm not crazy over some probably ugly chick. My man is hawt (Not hot but hawt), thank you very much.

Disgusted with what he'd just done, Harry spewed in the grass next to Greyback's newly decapitated head.

The crowd applauded after his speech and Granger stood to make hers. For some absurd reason, she thinks I like her. I don't despise her, sure, but that doesn't mean I like her. Anyway, yeah, I was forced to hear her speech. She wants all the students to keep going on and learning all the magic that they can and blah, blah, blah. Uh, I don't know about anyone else, but once I graduate, I will not LIFT another spell book. And what?

Still slightly woozy, Harry stood and walked toward a group of deatheaters, tossing one of the Weasley's potions in the air for a second, Harry threw it toward the center of the men. A large BOOM! erupted and their bodies were spread across the landscape.

And FINALLY the service was over. I rushed over to my boyfriend and was just about to launch myself at him when Granger beat me to it. That girl has the worst timing ever! Bloody hell, man, can't a girl just be with her boyfriend without his best friend weaseling in?

Sure that he got Voldemort's attention, Harry ventured across the land, driving away more dementors.

Okay, so maybe she wasn't always around. There was the time when she and Weasley were dating. It was mid summer, and they got together. They broke up around Halloween. Then they got back together half way through November. Then broke up in January. They went out for Valentine's, but by the way she was huffing the next day, I don't think it went too well. As of now, Ron is now dating Luna Lovegood. Well, they say they're "friends". Sure. Granger on the other hand is so dating my cousin! Eew, quell grosso, man!

Catching sight of Wormtail, Harry grabbed another potion and flung it directly into the traitor's robes. A second later, Pettigrew was discombobulated. Harry realized, with cruel irony, that the only thing decipherable of Pettigrew's was his finger.

"We are full wizards now!" Granger was squealing.

I smiled dryly. "Congratulations. Do you mind if I steal my boyfriend?" I asked coldly.

"Only if you don't mind if I steal my girlfriend," Draco replied swinging Hermione to face him. Ugh. I nearly threw up when I saw the pure adoration on their faces. Oh yeah, so grosso.

"So, are you proud of me?" Harry asked me.

I grinned slowly. "I don't know," I said coyly. "Do you think I should be proud?"

He nodded his head vigorously. "Oh yes, I've graduated from school. I have a hot girlfriend. What's not to be proud of?"

I slid my hands around his neck. I pecked his lips. "Maybe there's a treat in store for you later."

He grinned boyishly. "Really? A completely quiet night?"

Okay. Quiet? I am not a quiet person. I pushed him away. "Fine! Have your quiet night!"

He rolled his eyes. "As usual you're taking what I say to something that it's not!"

"Really?" I screeched. I knew that anyone in the mile vicinity could hear us. "Well how about you go to your precious Granger who would never mistake what you say?"

His eyes went cold and flat. "You know what? I don't need this right now," he sighed and turned away.

That only served to make me even more furious. "Don't you dare walk away from me!"

He turned his head and looked down on me. "Look, talk to me when you've calmed down. I just don't want to hear your voice right now."

I was shocked and embarrassed. But mostly shocked. Harry never turned away from me like that. He always yelled it out with me and walked away only after I huffed away angrily. To tell you the truth, he'd been doing that lately. Oh. Not walking away, but he'd been always mysteriously "busy". Draco says the same of Granger. Damn it!

They were marching. Harry could tell. Whirling around, Harry threw another potion toward the large mass of deatheaters who had not seen him yet.

Adding Granger's name into the fight probably just lost me my boyfriend. I turned and walked to the castle and headed toward the room with the muggle appliances. I sat on the couch and stared into space. What had I done? Had I lost the best thing that ever happened to me since my mum died?

BOOM! The wizards were no more.

"Thought you might want to talk," a voice said from the doorway.

"I don't need to talk-," I stated as I turned to face the door. I expected Granger, as she always did come talk to me after Harry and I started arguing. But it wasn't Granger. It was Mrs. Potter. "Mrs. Potter," I squeaked out.

Mrs. Potter sat next to me on the couch and looked at my face. I never did think she liked me. Oh, she wasn't mean or anything, but I always sort of thought she wished her son was with Granger, or worse, Weasley. The female one, that is.

"Some argument," she commented mildly.

Of course she was blaming me for it. Never mind the fact that my boyfriend would rather a quiet night alone than with me. Okay, so maybe I did take it out of proportion, but he's always told me that it's never quiet when I'm with him. How am I supposed to take that he wanted a quiet night. I bet Granger is quiet.

Confidence built, Harry decided to seek out Voldemort.

Anyway, I said nothing.

He was at the doors, robes billowing behind him. Deatheaters that could only be Malfoy, Lestrange, Crabbe and/or Goyle stood with him as Voldemort began breaking the wards on the castle.

"Look, I'm sure you don't want to hear this, but Harry is only a teenager. As far as I'm concerned he shouldn't already be tied down to one person, even if you are simply dating."

"From what I heard, you were planning your marriage at this time," I reminded her.

She nodded. "That's true, but if Voldemort wasn't such a threat, I'm sure James would've waited to ask me. During that time, everyone got married right after school, that was the only way they'd know if they'd make it to the alter at all."

"I'm not asking him to marry me," I snapped.

"No, but you're acting like his wife," she said. "I'm glad that you were able to last an entire year together, but Harry is gone now. You still have another year of school left. What if you both meet someone new?"

I'm sure she wanted that so badly.

"Why don't you enjoy the time you have together, and at the end of the summer, if you still want to be together, blow up at him all you want. Until then, enjoy all the time you have with him, and don't waste it on petty arguments."

She smoothed my hair back and left quietly. It's so wonderful that my boyfriend's mother really doesn't care for me. But…she's right. Not that I'll ever admit it out loud. "Bloody-."

I will so be damned if I let Harry go so Granger can have him. Never mind the fact that she's dating Draco, but it's completely the principle of the matter. I was just running around the corner to head outside when I bumped into someone. Literally. I was rubbing my behind when I was standing back up and saw Harry standing there smirking.

Riding the wind, Harry quickly beheaded two of the deatheaters. Voldemort, momentarily distrated, locked eyes with Harry and Harry allowed Voldemort to sink into his mind.

"What are you smirking at?" I snapped.

He shrugged and made to walk past me but I grabbed his arm before he could leave. "Harry," I said softly.

He sighed and faced me. "What?"

"I'm sorry."

He scoffed and shook his head. "You always are," he said with a shrug and turned away again.

"I'm serious! I didn't mean to-."

"Never do, do you?" he asked as he turned the corner without looking back.

He was gone. He was truly gone. I'd finally pushed him over the edge and he was not coming back. Ever.

The love was practically tangible as Voldemort screamed in agony. Harry barely registered the crucio sent his way. As he was hit, Voldemort felt the effects as well.

I hung my head down and turned the corner as well. I gasped as I felt his hand forcibly lift my head up. He took advantage of my momentary lapse of comprehension and kissed me. Hard.

Weak, and gasping, Harry held the potion in his hand and considered the broken man before him. In a burst of hatred, Harry threw the potion at Voldemort's companion, choosing to plunge Gryffindor's sword through Voldemort's non-existant heart. To make sure the man was dead, Harry behead him as well.

"Always sorry," he whispered as he kissed my jaw.

"I am," I replied.

He looked at me. "Apology accepted," he smiled before kissing me again.

Finally realizing what he had done, Harry threw up on Voldemot's body and collapsed right next to the body of his dead foe. One thoughtrang through his head and blackness enveloped him: Aaliyah.

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