February 7th, 1997

Normally, I wouldn't think or care to keep a journal, under any circumstances, but this is all getting just a little too weird. I think I need to write this down to remind myself how real it is.

A few days ago, this new really hot girl transfers. I make a fool of myself in front of her, surprise surprise, but here's the kicker: she ditched Cordelia Chase to come hang with Jesse, Willow and me. I really didn't get it. I was absolutely stunned. She dropped a sharp wooden object so I returned it to her, not really thinking a lot about it.

Then I hear her and the librarian talking emphatically about demons. They both seemed to completely believe what they were saying. I just stood there and listened. Again with the stunned. And again with the dismissing it wholly without question until I see her next running out of the Bronze looking for Willow.

Holy Mother of God.

Long story short, Willow and Jesse got kidnapped by vampires.
Let's write that again in slow motion.
V A M P I R E S.

They're real.
Can you dig that?
I can't. Jesus.

Buffy comes to the rescue and plunges that same sharp, wooden object she'd dropped earlier through some guy's chest.
He explodes.
He explodes.
He explodes.
I can write it a dozen more times and still not believe it.
He explodes.
What the hell? People don't explode!
This guy did.

…Okay, enough with the mental argument. I'll just mosey on over to the point.

Next morning, no Jesse. Turns out he didn't get away. Buffy takes Will and I to the librarian. His name's Mr. Giles. He's all right. Stodgy, stuffy and all the rest, but he's… smart. Knowledgeable.
Yep. That's right. I just used the word knowledgeable in a sentence.
He explains that Buffy's a Vampire Slayer. They actually have people who kill vampires for a living, only with no pay and no vacations. Really shoddy, when you think about it. Destiny and all that. But she's extremely strong, so that's something, right?

Plan made. Buffy goes to try and rescue Jesse while Willow and I find out what this Harvest thing is that Buffy's mystery stalker mentioned. I tag along with Buffy because… well, it's Jesse. He's my best friend. Buffy gets a little testy, yadda yadda yadda.

We find him.
He's a vampire now. Isn't that nice?

Buffy stops the Harvest, which turns out to be a whole deal involving an ancient vampire called The Master who's trapped underground. Cordelia almost gets eaten.
On the flip side, I plunge a stake through Jesse's non-beating heart.

No more Jesse. He's gone.

This is hard shit. But I'm not leaving Buffy's side. More than anything, Jesse's death has convinced me to help to kill every vampire on the face of the planet.

Sorry. Couldn't resist the evil laughter.